IT PERSPLODED!!! (32 Photos)

  • Anjin-San

    #31 da fuq?

    • TarteX

      Nightmare stuff

    • Gradaddy

      real baby

    • Kodos

      still made me laugh

    • bigcityreem

      Yea, that was creepy.

  • D-Rock

    #20 Trust me, I've felt like doing that a few times.

    • Collin

      It had it coming.

  • Dave on Wheels

    Basically, the same thing happened to my central nervous system. LOL

    • ZZZeb

      no wonder your comment is bullshit

  • Kansas Chiver

    Blowing shit up is fun.

    • Mike Hunt

      Blowing up shit is messy

  • i love beer


    • JeXeL22

      What? Its just water….

      • Dude Imbibes

        Yeah I'm okay with this. If it was a Guinness I'd call the authorities.

        • dawgbone98

          What? That's just bread…

    • chucklesclown

      What, did someone steal your idea for how to actually make Bud Light enjoyable?

    • crusher44x

      You must be Bear Grylls….

  • lulz

    Blowing up a bieber or one direction merchandise is a lot more fun!

    • Joshua Salazar

      Yeah, but you'd have to buy it and most of us just aren't up for that.

  • watchman

    can we try this with stan/etcrr/jchenabc/tiber_septim? they're all the same fuck.

  • gclark

    #14 What a waste of a good beeee oooo wait…. never mind continue on.

  • ZZZeb

    How about we blow up Paula?

    • TheDude

      I second that.

      • Joe

        Damn straight, fuck Paula, Paula sucks

    • Big Poppa


  • Dub_B_U

    #10 HADOUKEN!!!

    • FONZIE

      What was that?

  • marb

    Aka, the Lindsay Lohan vaginal experience

  • Meertnnn

    #3 Nooooooooooooo! The horror!

  • rickacha

    #29 The Eye of Sauron ?

  • Aushearer

    Where are the boobs….. Not that I want them blown up….Unless its with mega pixels;)


    #31 very disturbing

  • Jason

    Credit photographer?

    Disappointed this was blown up. Their can only be so many walkmans left on this planet.

    • DeDav

      He meant #8

  • Kcruz09

    #3 Ironically will do the same to your heart and butthole

  • LostBroncoFan


  • Hara


    • Johnny two-shoes

      HAHA. That was good.

  • Perkins Maxwell

    #15 I think that's Sauron in there

  • FrankFuror

    C'mon Chive, if you're going to make a photoset based off one guy's work at least credit him. The guy who took these is named Alan Sailer.

    • TommyD

      Thank you. I was wondering where this came from.

  • NoodlumNad

    #14 wasting any beer in my opinion is a sin, i demand this picture be removed immediately.

    • Ryan Brown

      Destroying BL is like weeding out the sick and lame of the herd, the overall health of the group is improved by its removal.

      • Jesse

        Fuck yes, Ryan Brown! I see no loss in the posted picture.

    • crusher44x

      No beer was harmed, only piss.

  • TXChiver


  • Ray

    #4 #8 #9
    What's with the light coming out of these objects?

    • CoprFox

      Photographer used a firecracker/m80.

    • donuts

      the explosion is the light

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