Join theChive’s fantasy football league for free and win $400

  • Larry


    My name is Larry and I work for draftstreet. If anyone has any issues/questions please email me directly at and I will help you out.

    Good Luck!

    • Jason

      Hey Larry maybe you can tell me why there's no Vikings available to draft?

      • tbaynes

        Vikings play on Thursday. This freeroll starts on Sunday

  • Andrew

    As always, "Sorry, this freeroll is exclusive to a DraftStreet partner site"

  • mischlecht

    Hi Larry,

    Where do I find TheChive's league to join?

  • mischlecht

    Hi Larry,

    I was wondering where I find TheChive's league to join and compete in?


    • Eric

      Yeah I'm want to know as well.

  • Chris

    Awesome!! Thanks DraftStreet. I won $75 last time the Chive did this. Got the check in the mail 4 days later. Just click on the Sign up here link and create an account.

  • Neberoom

    After you create a Draftsheet account, follow the link in the confirmation email to join Chive league. Unfortunately, Louisiana state laws won't allow any online gambling, so I'm out. Btw, Larry responds to emails freaky fast, hit him up.

    • TheTamara

      Same in Arizona. 😦

  • Zeke

    is anybody else having trouble loading the page

  • Jeff

    it wont let me sign up keeps saying its for a partnership site..

  • mick

    does anyone know the league ID?

  • drew

    I won the first ever Chive/NFL draftstreet , still have the $$$ in my account played some baseball with the $$$ I won and did ok.

  • sandy astroglide

    If your fantasy team has Ben Roethlisberger or Tom Brady, but not Jessica Alba or Scarlett Johannson, you already know how I know you're gay.

  • andulamb

    Once you click on the link in your confirmation email (I guess), look on the right under your name and balance, where it says Private Leagues. A league with the id "TC" will be shown there. Click the Draft Room link to get in.

  • tycoffin

    If you want to dominate your Daily Fantasy Football league check out this blog:

    You can also enter the DFSC FREE ROLL for another chance to win REAL MONEY for FREE:

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