Sit back, take a sip of your coffee, and enjoy some humps (58 Photos)

  • CowboyChiver

    #24 Now 'ass what I call perfection right there! Spectacular…

    • whyme1973

      Simply amazing. She needs to be a regular on hump day.

      • JDY

        Now that is a bubble I would like to pop!!!!

    • FACT

      either shopped or just disproportionate. great legs, etc. but the ass is just huge..

    • Im_B4TM4N

      ass is shopped

      • Wickedshifty

        not shopped. She used to post on reddit all the time under the username irishflow. She stopped when she couldnt take all the assholes and people posting her pics elsewhere and finding pics she didnt want posted.

        • PNB

          I think you are right that it is Dylan/irishflow and she does have an amazingly hot ass, but it is shopped. I know that ass well and she has some bounteous glutes, but not quite that bounteous. And if you look closely, I think you can see the distortion lines around the left side. And, by the way, you can still get regular doses of Dylan at

    • Big D

      Is it strange to want to motorboat dat ass!

    • HAH

      Awesome ! And AWESOME!!!!!! And then MARVELOUS

    • hamid


  • David Marissink

    Ill take a #14 please

    • Kiesa

      i hate budweiser but i love these girls!!!!

    • Northern Guy

      ..and a side of #1… make that to go! haha

    • The_Truth

      #20 is my new dream girl

      • 1911

        There's a lot of nice ones, but my vote goes to #20 this week.
        Fantastic Hump!

  • redman12

    Ass.. ass.. ass. ASS EVERYWHERE!!

    • brian

      And #12 is absolutely perfect

    • SOhioChiver

      Thank You Chivettes and Thank You Chive! You came through today!

  • BigSchem

    #1 Every nerd can appreciate a gamer ass! Love it!

    • SOhioChiver

      I thought gamer ass was when you have been logged in for hours and you can't feel your legs anymore. I like this gamer ass much better.

    • rugerhoyt

      She wins, none of the others matter.


      love the nerdy sexy girls

    • Fog Ducker

      This is a classic ass from a hump day post many moons ago. Good choice on bringing this one back.

    • matt

      Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, B, A, START

  • Machew

    Lunch humps make me happy!

  • Kiesa

    Chuck Norris's daughter lost her virginity. Chuck found it and brought it back unharmed.

    • That Guy

      And chuck wouldn't let his daughter show her ass and face to the world like this. I bet lots of dads are thrilled.

    • Bluto

      Chuck Norris got his ass kicked by Bruce Lee. End of story.

      • Josh's

        Then Bruce Wayne showed up and beat both thier asses

  • I Eats Bacon

    #10 #24 #25 #46 just earned a special place in my heart.

    And yes, that was a euphemism.

    • whyme1973

      #24 and #46 are just unreal.

      • Im_B4TM4N

        that's because #24 isn't real….shopped

        • I Eats Bacon

          Who cares!

      • AMMO

        I really get depressed that these girls aren't in my life


      i love me some girls with curves, enough of the girls with legs like twigs

  • greg


  • person

    #26 At least you're pretty.

    • Jb Van Camp

      Being you're from the Show-Me state, I think you should show me more!

    • Shiguy

      Your awesome.

      • SOhioChiver


        • Shiguy

          Um…..I know.

      • Bordertown

        I didn't even notice there were words in the picture. All I saw was squishy.

    • GrammarPolice

      Not pretty enough to excuse that typo.

      • TheGnome

        you're gay so keep your queer comments to yourself. spell check that punk.

        • AP76

          And you must be 12.

    • _wayfarer

      This girl has it all, the looks and the goods. And she works out for it (running shoes). Congrats!

      • TeamVenture

        She has it all…as long as you don't include grammar.

        • DoubleNickelJP

          Life's too short to care about grammar. Try enjoying the pic for what it is, a beautiful lady from…. oh, I'm sorry.

        • Ummm

          You can always tell when theChive adds captions…

    • Kevrhutch


    • nphotoblue

      There's a pretty solid reason that real modeling work involves keeping one's mouth shut. And most of us will never nail a real working model.
      In the meantime, let mistakes like these 'typos' serve as reminders – she's hot (enough) and willing to show off her ass for the internet…we've got a chance.

  • Jason
  • FuckUSD

    Thank you for getting me through the week Chive. And for #1

    • brian

      on humpday, nintendo plays with your joy stick

    • absure2

      a perfect butt moar

  • WTF

    #39 🙂

    • whyme1973

      Very nice shimmy and shake she has going on.

    • MrE
  • WTF

    I mean first!

  • yeager

    #58 that's some live action

  • Gonasiphaherpalitis

    #52 My fav. of the bunch. MOAR PLZ.

    • RedHotChivette

      agreed! comfy sexy ftw!

    • TheAndychrist

      This woman's beautiful.

    • RYan

      OH MY GOD….MOAR would put me in heaven


    #13 White hot, #49 Legendary.

  • Machine head

    14, soooooo hot…. Want to touch the hiney!!!!

    • SOhioChiver

      Like this #14

  • Jb Van Camp

    #24, #49 Humps of epic proportions..I like!

  • Bawk bawk

    Swag bro

    • Austin

      Go kill yourself.

    • Wolfgang

      oh shush, swaggot

  • N2MotoX

    #48 There are 2 ways to floss in the bathroom!

  • Dustin

    Oh yeah! The highlight of my Wednesday right here

  • Verbal_Kint

    #24 Oh fuck… WAY more of this one please….

    • Im_B4TM4N


      • Kmart

        Not shopped!

        • Shopper

          And you know this because…

    • Yup

      Yes MOAR! Bring her to me !

    • PNB

      Shopped, but she is amazing without the modification. You can see more at She is also a humpday regular. Just search for Dylan.

  • justChive

    #3 might be a stunner

  • FunKiller

    #11 AZ FTW!

    • Savage308

      makes me miss Phoenix… but only a little. 🙂

  • Machew

    #50 good lawd!

    • Womb_Raider

      Yup. Look at that tone. She takes care of herself about as well as I would. Giggity. 10/10.

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