To put it mildly, I have a thing for Asian girls (21 Photos)

  • andrew2172

    #26 #34 #44 Drop. Dead. Stunning. Very sexy.

    This needs to become a weekly post

  • Dylan

    Glad to see this post return

  • Wolfgang

    YES!!! We need more Asian posts chive!!

  • 562chiver

    Fukk it I'll say it, me so hony now

  • redeagle

    I LOVE asian woman…. how is one supposed to pick one!!!!! God they are beautiful. xoxoxo

  • bigot

    can we leave the damn nips out of this

    • Johnny

      Bigot more like FAGGOT!

  • dude

    #13 Riko Tachibana – Google, you'll thank me.

    • Canucks_Rule

      ah, jav star. nice.

  • Dylan Bannan

    #1 Is just… beautiful…

  • Dylan!

    #1 Is just… beautiful…

  • Johnny

    #1 MORE!!!!!!!!


    • Canucks_Rule

      asian girls have the cutest fucking smirk.

  • kdbruceintx

    #2 and #30 both angels , but #12 i would never leve the be

  • TimCat

    I dont even know where to begin…wow

  • SoCalChiver

    #20 not sure if she's asian, but idgaf!
    #40 sexy

  • yeah

    I have a thing for middle eastern/Indian

  • preme

    #19 heaven must be missing an angel

  • yermon

    #26 – the fuk is this shit? this aint fb damn it

  • Matt

    Asian chicks are smoking hot while young but when they get old holy shit are they creepy looking.

  • Squirrelin

    #3 #4 #6 #14 Me love you all long time…

  • 20marcam11


  • Rey

    I was hooked at #1

  • javanpohl

    I have a thing for Asian girls too–it's called a raging hard-on

  • Ryan Neal

    I went to High School with #19. Natasha Yi!!!

  • DLH

    You keep posting this same pic of Jile, can't say I blame you…

  • Dr. Evil

    Just a word of warning, a lot of Asian girls can be … au natural down south.

    • Filbur

      Warning? That's a plus in my book

  • 3sixtyprod

    To be blunt …. I fuckin love women !!!!

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