To put it mildly, I have a thing for Asian girls (21 Photos)

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  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 #21 #26 #30 #41 – BY FAR my fav of all the chive threads. damn asian girls and their cuteness.

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 ->

    • pixelogre

      nice choices, also my favs

  • Ranger Rick

    #50 gorgeous!

  • kcco-pgh

    #1 #10 #40 #41 You have my undivided attention.

  • @SHDavies93

    #31 #30 #8 the best!

  • Eggdri

    Why did this girl take so many pictures of herself?

  • jerky

    More love for #1

  • NEP

    #1, #9, #18, #26, #30, #32, #36, #41

    I have a very 'healthy' appetite when it comes to Asian women apparently lol

  • Brandon Miner

    #1 dragged me into this collection and still came out on top.. its just something about goofy cute Asian girls that is just soooo.. yeaaaaah!

  • Rob Cherrie

    ALL very Americanised, hence acceptable to Western tastes. They're like re-arranged China dolls attached to a Hollywood set of knockers, (then really acceptable!)
    Just as the inter-marriage of Hawaians and the Chinese in the 19th century in Hawaii produced the loveliest women in the world, these girls are indeed lovely, by taking the best traits of two or more races. I think I would have to search a wide section of the US to find a group of women with Asian backgrounds, as stunning as the group presented here.
    However, it's an eyegasm in boring Western Australia!

  • Matticus

    My lip hurts after finally scrolling down this far.. i must've bit down too hard.. darn you OP darn you

  • mike

    come to Singapore.

  • <3 Gloves

    #19 Oh my…

  • Chris

    Wow..First one of these posts with almost no Korean girls in it. Whats up with that?

  • Chris

    Who can determine the Korean girl in this post?

  • Anonymous

    #1 #26 #29 #30 HARROOOOOOO

    more of 1, shes so cute!

  • Ling

    Could you post Asian beauties who didn't get eye surgery, jaw surgery, nose jobs or breast implants?

    • Filbur


  • chiver679

    #1 hottest one hands down, something about her…

  • JMcQuade
  • Houdini112

    please find #7 and ask her for moar

  • Twiztidct

    My girlfriend said to me "you have an Asian women fixation." Only because I like Naya Rivera, Olivia Munn and Maggie Q from various shows we watch together.

    This blog doesn't help that dispel that fixation. I can't find a bad one in the list.

  • ChukDee

    Dats Niiiiiice!!

  • NoUseForAName

    #21 #41 – Holy-fucking-perfect-10….

  • Kevin

    LOL, I know the girls in #35.

    Harmony, Amy and Ashley, nice to see them on the Chive!

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  • Antony Lockhart

    I like them all, but I cannot trust asian women until I see birth certificates.

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