WTF Auto Wednesday: not your average Police cars (80 Photos)

  • lannen302

    way to keep it interesting Chive !!

  • Slaughter

    I can't believe you forgot the ClayCo GA Sheriff ZR1. It used to be yellow before it was seized.

  • Justme

    #4 Richard Hammond is one of the main reasons I watch Top Gear BBC. 🙂

  • Justsayoyvey

    #18, #67 California; Capital of Tech and bad ass cop cars.

    • Chris

      #67 is the Sonoma County SO and Santa Rosa PD shared APC, that's the corner of brookwood ave and 2nd st in Santa Rosa. It's pretty freaking cool.

  • that guy


    Unlimited technology (and apparently funds) still has CB radio…. awesome

    • North

      Nope. That's a regular police radio.

  • Truth

    You all know the California highway patrol are the lowest forms of life right?

  • JohnB

    Most of them were British!

    Police cars round here are normally little 1 litre fart boxes… somewhat underwhelming.

  • steve-O

    I guarantee you that i will catch you! Just down make any turns though….

  • Duncan

    Fucking right mate!!!!

  • ben

    Subaru police cars are common standard in great britain and switzerland too. Some 924 porsches were used by the german police in the 70s and 80s. Now they use V8 beamers that just kick ass.

  • DCchillen

    I was waiting for the Nissan GT-R undercover cop car…great post.

  • sfb101

    #16 Barrio patrol?

  • Offchk

    I want to ride in #48

  • nenad

    You forgot Mad Max Interceptor, as standard 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe. Nice car.

  • PaleRider82

    could we please have a KCCO law enforcement shirt made. Chive it would be greatly appreciative from your loyal LEO Chivers

  • Brent

    Drew Carey is looking terrible these days. #36

  • andrew2172

    #19 and #48 are the best rides shown guys………….ahh ok bad joke

  • Alex

    #18 #31 #38 #55 #56 #63 Camaros for the WIN!!!

  • myles

    #32 top left hand corner kill girlfriend gotta laugh

  • ALex

    #27 My home Panama City Beach

  • Ugo

    Whatever car police have_ that does not make them good driver_ just maybe fast normal moron police driver _ which is more dangerous than anything!

  • Matt

    #37 #41 #43 Subaru FTW! Wish my STi had a light bar 😀

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  • MohawkJon

    #48 and #74 look like the best rides to me.

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