Against all odds, a wedding (10 HQ Photos)

This is the story of two of our Chivers who got married under extreme circumstances.

On October 18th, the night before his wedding, Chad was driving on a poorly lit gravel road on St. James Island in South Carolina when he lost control of his car. His car flipped 4 times and landed upside down in a marsh.

The car began filling with water. Somehow, Chad was able to free himself and walk 70 yards back to the street. At the time, Chad had no idea how bad things really were, he was in shock, and all he could think about was missing his wedding. Chad didn't want to let his beautiful bride, Holly, down. Chad walked a mile and a half home to his house.

When the adrenaline wore off (no alcohol was involved btw), Chad felt severe pain in his back and called his mother to bring him to the hospital where doctors informed Chad he had fractured his L1 vertebrae. The doctors also told Chad there would be no wedding the next day. Chad thought about it for a second and replied,

"I'm sorry, that's not an option. I'm getting married tomorrow."

Somehow the doctors were convinced to have an ambulance move Chad from the hospital to a hotel room. Chad had an idea…

On behalf of everybody here at theCHIVE, I’d like to congratulate the newlyweds. Chad, it looks like you chose wisely. Get well soon, buddy.

  • Tim

    How fast was he going on a gravel road, to end up in the middle of a swampy marsh? WTF. I call BS on the whole shebang.

    • sean

      its real. im friends with the photographer- James Island is actually full of water and marsh areas- its basically built on/around a marsh, so its not far fetched. Come down to the lowcountry SC and you can see for yourself.

  • Jennifer

    #7, #10

    Ok, I know I'm a girl n' all, but I'm bawling right now

    • ...

      You could dry your eyes with a black kcco shirt live now if you know where to look

      • whos.mike

        I did.

    • Mark Kasapowitsch

      Dear Chive,

      How about we mobilize on this one and raise enough money for this couple to do their wedding over again when he has recovered (so that he can be a part of it) with all the same details. Have all the guests flown in on their anniversary. They have definitely demonstrated the KCCO oath.
      Also, throw in some Chive T-Shirts as wedding favours.

      -Mark from Nova Scotia

      • DoubleNickelJP

        Well that sure escalated quickly

    • Bud

      As someone who is currently engaged and planning a wedding I can think of the other reason he wanted to go through with it…. Weddings cost about a bagillion dollars and they don't give a shit if you were in an accident. NON REFUNDABLE.

      • Bubba

        So say yes and then party your ass off!

    • jessed

      Who the Fuck cares

    • socalmarti

      That's MAN and a thrue Chiver!! ❤ Congrats to the beautiful couple!

  • Winston


    All good, I'm a guy and there's a ton of lumber caught in my eye

    • The_Truth

      Ya, you're soft.

      • Double_Truth

        Agreed… If that made you cry, you're soft.

        • The_Truth


          • Tom

            Thumbed down because "fag" shouldn't be used, when you have so many other options… But, I get it. You're unintelligent and unoriginal. Do us all a favor, and the next time you try to insult someone, be more creative, and less ignorant, mother fucker.

            • boo hoo

              Lmao yeah, because "mother fucker" is so much more creative.

              • George Carlin

                Profanity is the literary crutch of inarticulate motherfuckers.

                • HIII

                  WHAT??? You just used profanity in the same sentence, fag

            • TOM be gay

              OMG don't thumbs down ME!!!!!! Tom's such a FAG

            • Findangle

              The only "Truth" is that you The_Truth are one cock in the mouth shy of two cocks in the mouth!

              Grow the fuck up!

        • kryvian

          thumbed up because I can take a bit of bashful humor. (ya dicks > : D )

          • bczu

            What did they do drain the marsh of water? Thought it was "filling up fast"…

            • SomeIdgit

              Um, low tide?

              • Paul.

                HAY!!! THE_TRUTH…..GO FUCK YR BROTHER!!:o

  • At_ur_moms_house

    Chive on bro

  • Andres


  • rob


  • Nick

    KCCO brother

  • ekim

    #10 Good Luck on your life together and your speedy recovery….KCCO!

  • Elise

    #9, #7

    That just made my day

  • oqsig99

    Its not even noon and you guys had to turn on the waterworks. #10 Congratulations and KCCO!

  • rAs

    "Ain't nothing gonna break my stride. Nobody's gonna hold me down. Oh no. I got to keep on movin'." Way to KCCO. Congrats and good luck!

  • JPPO

    NICE; Tears went out my eyes; that's keep promises.

    Congratulations to the happy couple.

    Chad, you are 4 real!!!

  • sdf

    One Word: Beautiful

  • dirtybirds24

    Congrats dude, good luck!

  • Tillman61

    #10 Chad, you're very lucky in many ways. Both you and Holly are awesome. I have a feeling this one will last forever…

  • HotDawg62

    Congratulations from a fellow South Carolina Chiver! KCCO!

    • ColaChiver

      KCCO From Columbia, SC!

      • Player

        KCCO from Myrtle Beach

  • The_Truth

    Don't know why postponing an extra day or two was such a problem. I'm sure everyone would've understood.

    But kudos to you, Chad. You won the popularity contest & made it to the Chive.

    • Coral

      I imagine it's probably pretty difficult to rebook the hall, photographer, officiant, etc.

      • Johnson

        Ya, picking up the phone is so hard.

        • Coral

          for a man who walked a mile and a half with a broken back, picking up the phone was obviously not the problem.

          • The_Truth

            As far as rebooking goes… It's as easy as pickup up your phone.

            • The_Truth


              • TheExperiencedTruth

                Spoken like people who havent gotten married. Later, when you're older, you'll realize how naiive you sound now.

                • meat.

                  Guaranteed he isn't married. And I'm pretty confident in saying he most likely never will be.

        • dickhead

          false. picking up the phone is very easy but calling the catering company, the banquet hall, the out of town guests, the flower people, the guests that are driving from hours away, the cake bakery, the church, the decorators, the limo driver, and her mother might be a bit challenging. dumbass

    • jjd

      you are missing the whole point

      • The_Truth

        I'm really not. I think you guys are the ones making too big a deal over it. The Chive posts these stories that they expect to tug at everyone's emotional strings, but this isn't sad at all. Ya, it sucks for him & his family that he got hurt, but the guy was obviously okay enough to walk 70 yards through shit to the street. He could've walked down the aisle a day or two later.

        But I guess that's how the Chive is. One minute kissing ass, supporting people for who they are & trying to do good for the Chive community. And the next minute posting scandalous pics of women and making fun of peoples misfortunes & choices.

        • J_Ace

          Why does this post need to be about pulling people's emotional strings? Why can't John post stories like this, just to share to the Chive community, without having people debate whether or not this was a sad story. If you don't like the post, move on the next one.
          I'm sure it's not hard, considering you didn't fractured your L1 vertebrae…

          • The_Truth

            Because the Chive contradicts itself often. It's annoying.

            Yes, I'm a cold hearted bastard.

            Bring on the scandalous women posts!!!! It's what I come here for!

            • Hates That

              Actually he's probably stupendously lucky that walking didn't complete the fracture and paralyze him from the waist down. The doctors would have forbidden him from doing as much as they could, for high risk of injury. Furthermore, you're being a tremendous douchebag….

            • meat.

              Then why bother clicking on this post and "wasting" your time commenting. Idiot.

            • latgirl33

              if you want scandalous posts, go look at porn; asshole. stop trolling around on here. you clearly dont have an open mind to anything other than tits and asses

        • Mike

          You obviously don't comprehend the compassion and commitment of the couple to at least not be a dick, and have clearly never been fortunate enough to experience the body's ability to manage situations far beyond personal perception. Walking home after the crash is an entirely different situation than the physical demands of what a wedding entails after the fact. The guy probably didn't put the tux on because he couldn't, but I guess then he's a vagina because he couldnt walk with a broken back.

          As for talking shit about theChive, their content has nothing to do with their political standpoints or public motives. If you haven't figured it out yet, they pick on just about everyone. At the end of the day John and Leo are entitled to post whatever the fuck they want and if you don't like it then eat shit somewhere else.

          • The_Truth


            • Jakemo_1

              Wow dude, for as much as you dislike this post, you sure have spent a lot of time commenting on it. Well done. Darwin has a special place for you.

    • hello?

      Clearly you've never planned, nor participated in, a wedding. You don't just postpone and re-book the church, the photographer, the hall, the caterer, everyone's travel/lodging plans for "a day or two". There's a reason people spend a year plus planning a wedding, because you can't do it overnight. You'll realize what you just said was a ridiculous statement someday, if you find someone as bright as you to marry.

      • Lisa

        The likelihood he is going to find someone who will marry his insensitive dumb ass is too small to hope he'll ever get a reality check.

      • John

        Well said. It's obvious he's young, considering he has no concept of money. He has no concept of marriage. He has no concept of friendship. He has no values. He has nothing, really. Which is why he has to come on here and make himself into a bad guy. He wants to be a bad guy because he wants to understand what it takes to beat and bully someone like his dad does to him. Truth, the CPS is there for a reason. Use it wisely. However, chances are he deserves the beatings considering the way he acts. Hell, I'm betting right now his family sure wishes he would have been aborted. Because I know I do, and I don't even know the dumb little douche-bag. I can't imagine having to be around this little prick.

  • Spoon

    Chad, Holly, you two are straight Bosses. KCCO get well soon. Congrats.

  • Porkins

    You will never bore anyone with your wedding story. Congratulations!

    • TheTruth

      Oh my god, I'm bored already!

      • Porkins

        Well, that's really your issue then isn't it?

  • Popowich

    Congrats Chad and Holly for KCCO'in through thick and thin! Many years of happiness is wished to you both from all of us loyal Chivers.

  • NoodlumNad

    chad just saying…you're wifes kind of hot. she should be on here more.

    • Roger

      *She should be on here MOAR!!!

      There! fixed that for ya! 😉

    • Jakemo_1

      preface: I'm a pedant… but it's "your" and "wife's." Think "wife is." That's the apostrophe. I'm trying to be helpful at the same time.

      Also, I agree. MOAR WIFES

      • NoodlumNad

        Weird to change my grammatical errors but leave wifes where it is supposed to be wives.

        • dawgbone98

          Wives is plural.

          • NoodlumNad

            And by him saying MOAR WIFES, is that not asking for multiple?

            Either way gramma police suck. All I was trying to say is. She's hot give us MOAR.

            • dawgbone98

              Haha… whoops. Didn't see that part. I thought it was referencing your original post.

        • Jakemo_1


  • Womb_Raider

    That's some real love right there. Congratulations Chad and Holly. Keep us updated on your condition and let the Chive community know what we can do to help!!

    • TheTruth

      Well, Holly didn't have much of a honeymoon . . . .

      • Dave

        I'm sure they just postponed it a couple of days, right TheTruth? Go back to making anti- tobacco commercials and leave theChive alone buddy

  • Ammons

    Great story…..Congrats to this unique and happy couple!

  • theapprentice10

    I'm willing to bet the photographer tries to sue for posting those pics on the internet.

    • Aaron

      Going to sue for all the free publicity? Chive didn't crop the logo, Richard Bell Photography just the best free advertising ever!
      That's a good woman to follow through with a such a great attitude! Get well soon Chad and go a little slower on gravel roads dude.

    • TheTruth

      I think I'd sue him for putting his fucking name all over my wedding photos! Who wants that?

      • RedHotChivette

        Wow, you are one sad lil fella, in so many different posts. Poor thing ❤

      • John

        You keep showing you don't understand shit. I'm always the first to criticize internet tough guys, but god damn do I want to beat the fuck out of you.

      • Obama's pronoun

        The size of the name is a bit much. Awesome story though.

  • Kato

    #10 Get well soon buddy and um.. err good job. The fact that she stood by you after that means a lot for your future. Well done!

    • Kris

      Anyone that doesn't stand by you after you get injured in an accident doesn't deserve to be with you.

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