• Dads

    Giants all day!. Start making plans for another parade down market street.

  • BobBX542

    2 things, 1) as if pitching a perfect game isn't impressive enough and 2) imagine how powerful his pitch really is when he isn't just tossing the ball like in this video.

  • cdt59

    I'm just not sure how this is impressive. That's not hard to do at all. Also, that guy is waaaaaaay too excited.

    • Bob

      Alright, you go do it and post the video. Good luck!

  • Cooper

    I call bullshit

  • BRAD


    • Dads

      Shit is fake??

  • Macro

    No way that was real, anyone who believes otherwise is delusional.

  • Mikey

    It would have been funnier if they tossed one of those children in the air…

  • ush

    Soo… was he kidding them or not? He never answered their questions

  • ScooterLooter

    Tory's reactions are hilarious

  • twobulls

    teaching children to lie

  • Jason

    How may takes before he got them all?

  • Bi*#h please

    The pizza box changed from when it was laying on the ground and wen the girl picked it up. Also the exit hole was on the wrong side for the way it fell and landed.

  • Confounded

    Are you guys serious here? I've never posted "fake" to a video in my life, but this is ridiculous. If you toss a hardball at a pizza box flying in the air (with the pizza inside no less), you really think the ball explodes through it like a bullet? And their reactions are so phony it's ludicrous. "Oh my god, oh my god, what else do we have!"

    • Bob

      I just don't think the Mythbusters would fake something like this. And yeah, I think an MLB pitcher could easily throw a baseball through pizza crust and 2 thin layers of cardboard. I see nothing fake about this video.

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    That is so FAKE awesome!

  • Reckless

    Fake? Really guys? You don't think it's possible for a guy who was given $127 million, whose job is to throw baseballs, to hit a watermelon from 20 ft away…come on

    • Confounded

      Of course he could hit the watermelon. And I could hit the stupid pizza box. It's what happens when he "hits" at least a couple of those things that is clearly fake. Bi*#h is 100% accurate on the pizza box: "Also the exit hole was on the wrong side for the way it fell and landed."

    • Confounded

      And that is one perfect pizza for having been thrown up into the air and landing vertically on the corner of the box. I can't image what my delivery guy must be up to.

  • Dewd

    The targets kept getting bigger, doesn't it seem like it would have been more impressive if the targets got smaller?

  • svp

    they seem a little too excited…… if you're a pitcher in the mlb i'd hope you'd have this good of an aim anyways

  • TheRealLomo

    That awkward moment when this video was playing…

  • Itsaatrapp

    Excellent, Kari Byron is awesome.

  • Thomsss

    Aim at their heads ty.

  • JohnnyDingo

    bet he can't put a Rowntrees fruit pastille in his mouth without chewing it.

  • heyisTi

    Chive, Karie is hot!!

  • Crazy_Jake

    The pizza probably is real.. The guy probably throws at 100mph in a game.. So I think he can toss a ball doing what.. 30 , 40mph with no effort..
    I doubt he did them all in one take though..

  • ezp

    I need to start watching myth busters?

  • Grizz

    I love the authentic laughter.

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