The Enhanced KCCO’s, BFM’s, and Hoodies are here!

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best kcco The Enhanced KCCOs, BFMs, and Hoodies are here!

Welcome to the big game, Chivers. As many of you know, last month we added a number of new enhancements to our KCCO’s and BFM’s including Gold Foil neck labels and QR Codes to the inside of the shirts. All in an effort to stay one step ahead of the massive KCCO fraud market.

Green KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

Bill Fucking Murray available RIGHT HERE.

And for the first time ever, KCCO Hoodies are available RIGHT HERE. Just in time for the cold weather, the inside of these custom hoodies are super-soft. It’s like wearing a hug.

And finally, the Portable KCCO Bag Boards have returned RIGHT HERE. Hand crafted by our dad, they are not only beautiful, but also the perfect tailgating game.


  • Olivier_S

    This Belgian Chiver scored himself at 5.15 AM , by pure luck, a green KCCO !

    Chive made my day!

  • wayneb

    If you want my business you will just take orders (even if you have to backorder) and act like a normal store. Otherwise I'll just buy a knockoff on ebay.

  • Andrew

    I thought I had myself a black hoodie, black & pink KCCO, green KCCO and a BFM shirt, but I still haven't received a confirmation e-mail. I'm nervous. I reach the Congratulations! order page yesterday afternoon!

  • scarecrowe420

    I understand the point of having a limited number so scalpers don’t get scalped with a fucking rusty spoon but can’t we at least make preorders so all the chivers can get their hands on what they want and you can take all of our money and put it to a great cause? Please chive we beg of you in the name of Bill Fucking Murray. Chive on!

  • scarecrowe420
  • JJJ

    I went through the process yesterday afternoon – grabbed a BFM and a green KCCO, went ot check out…it was slow…put in all of my CC information and was presented with a "congratulations" page….still…waiting….nothing….

    • Andrew


    • Matt

      same for me, a day later and still didn't receive the confirmation email despite getting the confirmation page. I guess I didn't get what I ordered. :%27(

  • Cerberus

    My first ten orders did this and I never received a confirmation or have my card charged. After about a hour my last attempt went through and my card was charged. Confirmation was sent to my email 4 hours later. I hate to say it but I don't think you guys got what you ordered. Sorry! KCCO

    • Andrew

      I think you're right. KCCO. I was so upset I didn't come on the site for a few hours … shocking!

  • Zech

    I'm thinking theCHIVE needs to do an emergency re-launch at the beginning of December.😉

  • Andrew

    I'm still waiting for the guys to address this…

  • jhill187man

    So, I made it through the checkout process as I have on previous orders… got a BFM 3D this time, but no confirmation and no charge on my credit card… should I assume my order never went through?

  • Kelsie Blu Cochran

    noooooo!!!! i never got an email or anything!! DAMMMMMMMMIT lol

  • Kango

    Just wanted to add I also had the same problem. Checked out but never got confirmation email. Credit card was never charged either.😦

  • Hoodies Gildan

    Black hoodie for me:)

  • KrissyOhhhh

    So what's the pocket inside the sweatshirt for??? Hmmmmmm

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