• eric

    like the song i agree with it but dont like the 2chainz comment. he had a 4.0 in college so he dosent have to rap to be successful he has a brain to fall back on.

    • buttercup

      2 Chains was Tity boi. He sucked so he changed his personas. I don’t think his point was that he wasn’t educated, it was that they don’t have talent in rapping so they shouldn’t do it. Just like Gucci mane, soldier boi, lil B, and I’ll even put lil Wayne in this category, they all suck and need to stop. But record labels make money off of one hit wonders like soldier boy they don’t care so they’ll keep signing them.

  • Jimmy_Recard

    He's right. They do talk a lot of shit. I cracked up at the lint roller at 2:54.

  • McBeastie666

    Just find good shit to listen to, it's out there. Simple. Seems like a weak excuse to make a silly youtube video.

  • Brizzle

    #46 please, i had to keep scrolling up to check the ….number, yea i was just checking the number

  • https://www.facebook.com/michael.saveth Michael Saveth

    This is so true…just sad it had to take some random white dude to say it. lol

  • ryan

    very funny and lets be honest its true.

  • Anonymous

    F N hilarious

  • BetweenTheGap

    answer. a lot of gay shit

  • marcus hill

    there are still good rappers like eminen (even though he aint makin much music now) drake mgk chiddy bang childish gambino ryan lewis chris webby hoodie allen just look for them cuz for every chris webbys there is lik 5 kreayshwans

  • Kpan

    Anyone know where I can find that mets hoodie he is wearing?

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