• Hefe77

    Pretty cute I must admit.

  • Jon

    This made me smile. Thank you

  • Just Sayin'

    Why does this remind me of Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character in Radio?

  • Marco

    I went to look at the Wikipedia page for these little guys. Now I'm not happy with seeing one being a pet. Have a look for yourself and see how their teeth are cut off in order to be sold as a pet. Not cool. Maybe theChive shouldn't be popularizing this?

  • Doug

    This is incredibly sad. As one a few select group of people who can legally work with these animals(I am a Zookeeper), I am reminded how the greed and selfishness f the human raec knows no bounds. These animals are illegally harvested from the wild, have thei teeth pulled(thus all they can eat is wet rice)so they wont bite to defend themselves, and live the rest of their life in tini cages for human amusement. Most if not all of these animals are imported illegally for the exotic pet trade. This has them listed as a critically endangered species, they are protected by CITES treaties and are illegal to own. I've already reported the existance of this video to USFW services. They will investigate and when and if they can find the author they will determine the nature and origin of this animal and prosecute appropriately. Like many slow loris, this animal will likely be confiscated from its owner and given to a Zoo. Chive, it would make my day if you could find it in your ever generous hearts to do a little peice on the exotic pet trade. I have no problem with chive posting the video, it is cute but also so so sad once you know the cruel background.

    • TarteX

      you sir rock! keep up the good work and chive on

    • Tom

      In less time than it took you to write your spiel, I found the origins of the video. a quick search yielded this video is from japan and this particular slow loris was from a pet shop in Japan where it is legal to purchase a locally bred pair .USFW can't do anything, CITES treaty has many many many exemptions for Japan.

    • Tom

      Also look at the users other videos, this particular slow loris happens to have all of his teeth.

    • Peter

      You are fully of shit Doug, You didn't contact USFW or Cites administrators because you haven't a single nut in your body. Slow loris may be an endangered species but in many countries they are sold as a pet from pet stores. You haven't an inkling of a clue or your sorry ass would have realized this vid is from nippon where owning a slow loris is entirely legal.. get on with yourself book thumper. Fornicate far afield, or fuck off as your kind would like to say.

      • Stephan

        It being legal somewhere doesn't make it right. Just like whale hunting.

  • Tim

    One of my engineers in Thailand has a pack of these that lives behind his house. He puts out rambutans, lychee and other small fruits for them. It's awesome sitting in his back yard with a beer watching these little guys eat.

  • Mark

    The Slow Loris is now endangered due to videos like this

  • willow
  • wbake

    Well no wonder it looks so scared and sad, it's because its teeth have been pulled out. I thought it was strange that it was kept under a box in the beginning. Poor thing. :/

  • Anonymous

    Have you thought maybe this is a rescued loris? Everyone is so quick to accuse before knowing the facts.

  • Rave Kitty

    Was the skin/fur on top of his head moving while he ate, or did I have too much acid for breakfast?

  • NEchivette


  • Zac

    I don't think you can feed it after midnight. And I'd skip the baths.

  • svp

    "…and when the Loris looked into my eyes, I felt as though the world was a peace"

  • Anonymous

    Bad mogwa

  • NorCal420

    I want. But if not suppose to have, then i will replay every day

  • Beth

    Slow Loris' are adorable, but I found it CRUEL to keep it locked up in a small cage. It's reactions are slow and deliberate because it's scared…it's natural habitat are trees, and needs that environment!! Because they are omnivorous, I hope this person is feeding it more than just rice…it needs fruit, veggies, and meat!!!! Also, they secrete a toxin, and lick their fur with it, so I would say as cute, and adorable they are, you should NOT have one as a pet!!

    • Tim

      slow loris are cute in the wild, but you being a monkey cousin can't fathom a slow loris being happy living with it's brothers. many asshole cut it''s canines expecting it to be a model citizen, but there are those of us that attract the loris into our homes to feed and entertain them so that they may continue to exist(opposed to feeding them and entertain them for YOUR existence) sit behind your keyboard and do absolutely nothing for this world while species die for your bemusement.

  • SmashasaurusRex

    I… I think it's kicking in…

  • George

    Jesus – that may be the cutest thing I have EVER seen…..and I have an 8 pound mini dachshund that is adorable….

  • kbizzle

    jesus….. nothing should be this cuddly!

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    So cute that Mac didn't realize it wasn't a cat when he posted this…..

    Also, the Halloween cut shows the Loris stabbing the camera man after finishing the rice. How's that for a twist?

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  • cynic

    Who else watched it waiting for it to stab the guy with the fork in its right paw?

  • davie

    Slow Loris is plotting your demise

  • Tom

    A quick note after finding this vid on youtube, This is a Japanese bred slow loris from a pet shop in Japan. he does indeed have all of his teeth looking at the other videos of him. I don't recommend owning exotic animals, but this little guy is one happy little beasty.

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