Lingerie, mans greatest invention (43 Photos)

  • Mike Eudaily

    #10 we have buuushhhh!

  • CBZ

    Lingerie and cameras mans greatest combination

  • brettlee478

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  • irussadai

    #37 #40 MOAR PLEASE

  • John

    You are all amazing beautiful ladies

  • B-Jammin

    All R fucking hot but #17 & #41 jus took my breath away!!!

  • Jack

    #42 So damn sexy

  • Alex
  • 'Chard


    The chive: making your shitty weekend of Friendzoning bearable with half-naked chicks.

  • scruffy

    #43 you are stunning! for the love of everything moooooaaaarrrrrr i can not stress it enoughhh!!

  • Jackie Moon

    #14 is HOTT, but did a bomb go off in her room?

  • inked1992

    #14, #26 and #30 for the win!!! WOW AMAZING!! MOAR

  • Sancho

    So, you want girls to burn their bra but you love lingerie….huh?

  • lost in time

    it's like i keep looking at the same post, same females over and over. the only thing that seems to change is the title of the post. this has gotten old.

  • Chazz_B

    #31 more please, what a gorgeous lady

  • Dave

    #42 MOAR!

  • @undefined

    Umm, yeah there needs to be more high quality pics of #26…

  • ランジェリーは人間が発明した最高の作品だと分かるセクシーな女性たち【42pics】 | Guy DO

    […] via […]

  • gopats74

    Thank god some genius came up with the idea of putting a camera in a cell phone!! To think they used to only make phone calls. I guess people who call them the good ole days have never seen the chive.

  • Maximus_Titus

    Could #34 and #41 be the same girl?

  • Maximus_Titus

    Besides the 2 above, want MOAR of #1, #2, #5, #14, #20 So much sexy all around…

    • hmm

      im pretty sure that 20 is a guy.. something is just not quite right.

      • Maximus_Titus

        Really? Dammit

  • Datguy

    #3, I'm a huge sucker of the lbd

  • team x blades

    #42 you have made my night…. Moar

  • Lingerie fetish

    Lingerie is just a way to signal that women give to men to say you know it's on! start unwrapping 😉 lol

  • JMcQuade
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