• eaglescoutzach


  • Tiber_Septim

    teasing the poor dog! but it is hilarious

  • BlueLizzardGame

    She should just put the bath under the bed.

  • mrmostlymittens

    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Fool me three or more times…I'm a dog 🙂

    • dumbass

      actually its shame on you the first time, then shame on me the second time.

      • sam

        @dumbass, you missed the point! he's a dog!

        • Annonymous

          @dumbass @sam I think u missed the point. Dumbass is a dumbass

    • sam

      made me lol

  • TheWizardofWoz

    Just take the poor guy for a walk already… he deserves it after that

    • :).

      that was his walk.

  • Joe

    Mike Vick got a dog recently… idk why that is relevant to this

  • HAM00

    You're a dick..

  • tim

    And people like to rave about how intelligent dogs are…

    • North

      He's smart enough to know what "bath" means and that he doesn't like them. But he knows he likes walks. Seems pretty intelligent to me

  • kmotamed

    And THIS is why im a cat person…

    • ok...

      If this was repeated with a cat the dumb cat would just sit there and have no idea what bath or walk entailed.

      • https://www.facebook.com/plangdon2 Paul Langdon

        Wrong…the cat would clearly understand both and give no fucks because there is no way in hell he would do either

    • JJabrams

      hmmm, i always thought it was because of your face

  • rickacha

    Stop that already…..I'll take take him for a walk ….you're cruel bi*** !

  • p1ll

    I hope he shits on her bed . Good dog owners do not tease their dogs like this 😦

    • KyleHeier

      My old man used to flick our dog in the nuts. Made the dog's getting fixed a lot less traumatic as I am sure he was grateful to never have to worry about where my old man's hand was when it was not in plain sight.

    • http://www.facebook.com/n.w.shepherd Nathan Shepherd

      The dog was trained to hide under the bed at "bath," and I'm sure every dog will eventually learn "walk." This is all one elaborate trick; you can tell because his tail is held high and moving so fast. All it takes is learning a little body language.

    • p1lla

      You're and idiot. This is hilarious. The dog loves the attention. Jackson will be fine.

  • Fido

    She's sincerely amazed that her dog both understands english and has a sense of humor. Well maybe she isn't smart enough to understand her dog has a sense of humor.

  • thesauceboss

    – how about "Jackson let's go for a walk to the bath."? yeah. mind blown.

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    "…her next of kin were later overheard saying 'but Jackson was always such a nice and easygoing doggie…I can't believe he did this'."

  • Hank Hill

    I bet you could make the owner act the same way. Just replace "bath" with "salad" and "walk" with "doughnut".

  • http://www.mixforsale.com Allan

    ohh man this is sooooooo funny hehehe, that dog is too funny

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