The debate continues… Blondes versus Brunettes (17 HQ Photos)

 The debate continues... Blondes versus Brunettes (17 HQ Photos)

  • CanadianPiper

    #3 be the girl for me

  • just me

    def… blondes

  • wowzer12

    #17 For the win!!!! OMG!!

  • Sean

    No contest, brunettes all the way!

  • neal

    Only two were actual blondes on this post though and the rest were bottled. I say that brunettes took the cake this time

  • sam

    brown eyed brunette and im putty

  • sohc

    #17 Unbelievable…

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  • Mormons of Utah

    It doesn't matter because….boobs

  • Aaron

    I'm all about #15

  • redeagle

    A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman !!!!! I don't care what color her hair is… nough said!!!

  • James

    Brunettes for the win
    #14 she is stunning

  • troy

    #3 does it again gorgeous

  • 20marcam11

    #4 brunettes take this one

  • Patrick.

    …or dirty (dirty) blondes.
    But I must say you have impeccable taste in the blondes you choose!
    KCCO, eh!
    -Vancouver, BC

  • james4581

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  • smobokk

    i go by taste!

  • Digdug

    #4 brunettes. No doubt about it…. add some Olivia Munn and Claudia Sampedro…. Gorgeousness


  • Gary

    There was only a couple that were true blondes, the rest used bleach. So brunettes win out.

  • Terry Morell

    Blounds please

  • jerky


  • Chorel



  • SierraGolf

    I would commit suicide immediately after an all day long bang session with Airanny Celeste if she were down for it

  • Brenden M

    The answer is simply … Redheads

  • kmotamed

    #15… wins by a landslide, according to my pole… errr poll!

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