Goosebumps give rise to a new level of sexy (46 Photos)

  • James

    if you like goosebups check out this tumblr. NSFW though

  • Christina Lynn

    ! #46 Ha!

  • @undefined

    This just became my new favorite category!

  • cadaver

    Find them…. damn you…find them all (not #46 for obvious reasons)

  • jbcrazylife

    #17 I want MOAR!!!

  • Tbert

    It gave me goose bumps on my nut sack.

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    love this post. a perfect example of a reason to turn the thermostat down…


  • BRAD


  • tv_paul

    #2 #20 Thank you, I needed that today.

  • Hunter

    This is a stretch Chive, these pics would be just as sexy without goosebumps

  • Darth_Vader

    #37 honestly didn't notice there was a face in this pic til down in the comments. True story.

  • bigjohn

    Definitely need this in Hi-DEF! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  • lbChiver

    #2 Holy mother of hump bumps.

  • T.White

    Moar of #15

  • what

    is number 12 a cartel member?

  • andrew2172

    #45 I can look at that all day

  • @undefined

    #2 #6 #32 #37 #45, Goosebumps… right

  • kmotamed

    #6, this one makes me give the natural response of "oof"

  • MIKE

    MORE OF #2 & #15

  • sam

    i have a raging goosebump

  • Rusty_Dreams

    #2 Beautiful!!!

    #15 Nasty fuckin' tats.

  • 93lowgmc

    I feel sorry for everyone who doesnt know about thechive

  • bz1

    #37 & #45 for the WIN! WOW!

  • Iloveboobs

    There were goosebumps in those pics? I didn't notice.

  • wannaknowher


    Santa, can I have this for Christmas?

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