I gotta get me a goofy girl (55 Photos)

  • Tim

    The first Goofy Girls post had about 10 mustache pics out of about 40. The second post, if I recall had maybe 7. This post has 3 out of 55. We are making great progress.

  • Darrell

    #31 #54 Need Moar

  • asdasd

    Chive, please stop with these "goofy girl" galleries… they are just drunk chicks making stupid faces. Stick to what you're good at… half naked drunk chicks making stupid faces.

  • truth

    I agree. Should be called something like "let's take pictures like we're in 9th grade and everything is sooo random!!!11!" Stupid gallery.

    • truth

      Well that was supposed to be a reply but this system fails on my non-hipster Droid.

      I did my best

  • Mark

    #22 Sally?

  • Quentin

    #29 MOAR and please find her for my birthday which happens to be today

    • ChiveLove_00

      happy late birthday!

  • Nick

    I need to be friends with #8 and #25 please tell me New Yorkers!

  • WTF

    Those green eyes are amazing in #26

  • steve

    Next girl I see with any type of stupid fake mustache (especially drawn on the finger) or fake plastic glasses is going to get punched right in her stupid cunt. So fucking lame. "Look how crazy I am, I do what I saw other crazy people doing." Shut the fuck up.

    • Donkey Punch

      That's a lot of anger over a mustache steve. Can't grow your own yet?

      • steve

        Hey… fuck you.

  • Pinmaster

    Excellent Jersey Turnpike #5

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    Silly, goofy girls? Yes, awesome!

    The fake mustache thing? MAKE IT STOP! #21 #41 #53

  • atti

    Hey I have an idea. Lets make stupid faces and hopefully get put in a really boring album on a Tuesday.

    • no name

      Are you just upset because you've never been featured in ANY album? I don't think being negative is a typical Chiver characteristic

  • Chiver

    Why is there so much hate towards this album? Isn't the Chive supposed to be a supportive community?

  • DJ Long

    I can only think of about one good thing and a few other hilarious things when I see #51
    …umm, yes, please…

  • Herr_Opa

    #1 wins because of the Motörhead shirt… 'nuff said!

  • CanadianPiper

    #40 hahahahaha

    • Sarah

      Why thank you!

      • CanadianPiper

        I gotta get me a girl like you who clearly has a warped sense of humor like me : )

        • Sarah

          hahaha. Slightly warped. I'm just an odd ball and I wouldnt be any to other way!

          • CanadianPiper

            Lol you're awesome. The only way to be, is to be yourself. Warped an all

  • deadpool

    Moarrrrr please 🙂

  • Jawbone

    These will be recycled into a "Some people shouldn't procreate" or a "Darwin's exceptions" next week.

  • Greg

    #8 looks really familiar

  • Kenny

    #50 I'll take the sexy chivette's every time…

  • chive

    I'd rather see them doing goofy things with their boobs

  • Josef_Sommer

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  • David

    #53 Keri?

  • tjo55555

    #5 Made my day

  • david

    #39 Margaret, is that you??

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