• Moe


    • BlueLizzardGame

      I probably wouldn't believe a story like this if someone told it to me at a bar.

  • johnny

    thats pretty sweet

    • Guest

      Fuckin dirt ball smoking a dart and flying hahah love it

  • magman007

    Cool of him to do that, but pretty risky for a toy.

    • JustKidding

      the magnitude of the fucks not given by that dude were felt across the globe. seriously though, I reckon he knew what he was up to

      • Dude

        Fuck'n trippin', fuck'n trippin'!!

  • badass

    Greatest post in a long time!! Can they help set up my Christmas lights??

    • leafsfan2005

      I love when a comment make me spit my coffee out onto my damn keyboard. Well done sir. Well done 🙂

    • p1ll

      I 2nd that

  • Strawberry Kate

    fuckin A' that was awesome!!

  • Moe

    faith in humanity restored just a little bit more.

    • ChiverLance

      Amen Moe, there just might be hope for us after all.

  • C-N

    Faith in humanity: Restored

  • N2MotoX

    Very Cooll!! I wanna get an RC plane just to crash it on purpose when I see a heli and do the "I need help" wave!

  • ReverendE

    FTW! Like a boss.

  • kfraz43

    Where are the boobs in this video? I looked and looked…

    • Shawn

      If you look really hard you can see the "boob" . His name is kfraz43

  • Big_James

    That was pretty dope.

  • madfiction


  • tv_paul

    Awesome guys in the copter. That RC guy better have got their names and send him some good for that rescue.

    • Wade E. Pinner

      The Instructor Pilot (left seat) clearly says he's "Timmy" and "runs the helicopter business out there". The guy that first came up to the helo asks if "that's down by the (audio garbled)". I'm sure Tim will receive many beverages of his choice.

  • Mmmotorboat

    Dude sounded like Jimmy Buffett.

  • Nick

    somebody never got his mouth washed out with soap before.

    • oqsig99

      Fucking a right. And soap doesn't work on hands.

    • Ivan

      Fuck, dude. This ain't nothin' compared with some of the (military) aircrew I've flown with…

      • Ivan

        To elucidate further… With some of 'em, almost every other word was the F-bomb.

  • 2Dogs

    faith in humanity restored

  • t money

    i like that he was smoking a cigarette

  • Sixty

    That's bad ass.

  • Tyler

    "Them guys are fucking tripping right now." Haha that was great.

  • ChiverLance

    That is pretty badass, those guys were on cloud nine. Respect.

  • Electric Boogalo

    Risk crashing helicopter and killing 2 to save an $800 toy? Fuckin-A.

    • balls

      you're going to die anyways might as well be while you're doing something interesting

      • thatguy

        As a helicopter pilot I can say that anyone with over a couple hours can do that in their sleep, really no risk other than to make sure to clear the tail which he did, and like everyone else is saying, faith in humanity restored.

        • russ reed

          roger that!

          -Bo-105 CBS was my 1st fight…

  • MOAR

    Nobody is ever gonna believe those guys on the ground when they tell that story later.

  • Steve

    Awesome, It would be cool to see the video from the guys on the ground as well.

  • enjoimark

    Holy shit that was awesome. The pilot seems like a pretty bad ass dude

  • BigDave

    He's what my mother always called 'good people'.

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