• LeO

    Awkward but funny haha 🙂

  • fact checker

    dunno how I feel about this. "sent his audience home" but kept the crew and forced them to work.

    • Nate

      He didn't force them to work, they voluntarily stayed and worked! Jimmy and his crew r the best!!

    • 5061756c

      I seriously doubt he forced his crew to stay there.
      He probably brought the idea up, asked them if they were down.
      Which I'm sure they would have been. Tons of people stayed in New York, look at all the people in the building before he gets on the elevator.

      They all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

    • NOLA was Better Show

      I would stay too.

      1. Getting paid.
      2. Lots of Food going to waste
      3. Plenty of Showers and places to sleep.
      4. Chance to take obscene pictures on every set hosted in building.
      5. Get bored, wander into control room and watch satellite feed of BBC & Asian shows.
      6. Internet available.

      Going Home Pros
      1. Probably no power
      2. Not getting paid.
      3. Wife finds it a great time to "talk" and "cuddle" like you used to do.
      D. have to put up with kids
      5. No Internet

  • dr313


  • Jake

    He laughs enough at himself, he doesn't need an audience

  • Verbal_Kint

    What a great sport. Performing without an audience and their feedback has got to be grueling for a comedian/host….

  • cels0_o

    Reminds me of when I tell jokes. Knock Knock…who's there..FUCK YOU that's who.

  • J-Walk

    Letterman was better… Sorry, that sounded very hipsterish. But it's true.

    • Somebody

      Letterman is the worst late night host and generally just a terrible person. I'll never be a fan of that arrogant douchenozzle.

      • Silverstone

        Fallon's not funny and Letterman stopped being funny years ago! I'd rather watch the art auction network.

  • kmotamed

    I really enjoyed the awkwardness of it all!

  • not you


  • Sam

    I still prefer Ferguson.

    • Gradaddy

      turd ferguson

  • KoalasAreAlwaysCute

    I think he forgot he had no audience for his first punchline. funny as though

  • Alejandro

    That's why I love Jimmy Fallon!

  • VoiceOfReason

    Quite entertaining actually lol, wish I coulda seen the rest of the show

  • Dan

    While I'm not a huge Fallon fan, that took some serious skill to do as well as he did, with no audience there and the band cracking up.

  • Hanx

    They should try that with some comedy shows and then watch it back themselves and see how funny they think it is.

  • johnny

    for anyone who cant see it cause viddler is down, here you are.

  • dann

    that was honest and it was real!!

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