Not everybody is hiding from Hurricane Sandy (34 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

  • Euroranger

    #12 and #15 For the incoming hurricane freshmen, Darwin readies another lecture on "Undertow and You".

    There's a difference between "not scared" and "kinda stupid". Deciding to go swimming when a hurricane is coming ashore tends to fall rather squarely on the latter.

    • Simon

      Yeah, I'm all for having fun, but the radio's just told me of at least 13 deaths.

    • ....

      I totally agree. People for some reason aren't catching on to the fact that hey, shits getting fucked up everywhere. So yeah it's funny to look at pictures of these without context, but at the end of the day people need to prepare for the storm, to prevent any deaths that can be avoided. Asking for shit to happen to you is totally different than just having it happen. I understand the idea of the post, but the fact that in a few days thechive is going to be raising money is like uhh.

      • sandy astroglide

        What makes it far worse is when first responders have to risk their lives to save these douchenozzles. I hope they got out okay. Then got hit by a bus carrying evacuees.

    • Maytrix

      #15 Parent fail

  • EMT Phenom

    I hear thar sandy puts out.. people from their homes! ay oh!

  • EMT Phenom

    No JK KCCO east coast chivers

  • Tiber_Septim

    #33 KCCO Dude! You're doin it right

    • Donkey D 007

      Go home dude your drunk

      • Verbal_Kint

        The grammar fairy should be showing up any minute with her punctuation wand…

    • nvi

      Tiber why u no use Clear Skies shout?!?!?


      Drama, is that you?

  • Brandon

    It's good to see Gregory House is still keeping calm.

    • Kodos

      the wonder of Vicodin

    • Justin Ellison

      You beat me to it! Lol Right on

  • I likes mah dranks

    Keep safe out there all but enjoy some craziness too! Kcco

  • Jawbone

    #31 They're ready to battle anyone attempting to take their virginity.

  • libussa

    It's all fun and games until 10 firefighters have to come and rescue your dumb ass…When they could be doing something actually useful…

  • southsider

    #24 where's her cat?

    • Barney Kraft

      Is she playing to the bar and back?

    • dagleja3

      #20 – Right here

    • KatieOKCCO

      Someone had to take the picture

  • Sup Par

    Really inappropriate post Chive. Let's see your 911 joke post and your hurricane katrina joke post. Oh that's right, you don't have any. Here's an idea: do something to benefit the people in need instead of mocking them just to get views. Send one of your "editors" the children's ward in NYU, they are out of power and under water and could use some "cheering up". It's just so typical. Next you'll have a holocaust post. I mean why not? Why stop at weather why not go for genocide, that's great to mock.

    • Sup Par

      I guess we'll have to wait for when you're flooded with photos from the VICTIMS for a decent post from theChive. Shame your editors didn't wait.

      • Sup Par

        How about we see photos of the 16 dead, theChive. Do you have those photos yet? I'm sure you've probably looked at them already, haven't you? 911 comes to mind, theChive because the following day people made fun of the day also. You're just like them theChive, you're just like those people that mocked the victims of 911, there is no difference. You had this post ready to publish the day before the actual event happened, that's the only difference between those that mocked 911 and Katrina.

      • Blushy

        This is where you should have stopped.

    • Sup Par

      "not-everybody-is-running-scared-from-hurricane-sandy" that's the title of your article, are you aware of that? Are jabbing at the 16 dead? They can't run, surely you mean them don't you? Let's see the photos of the victims theChive. Let's see you qualify your absurdly offensive post the day after a national catastrophe. For every person that died let's see a funny title and full photo album from you. That's your gate. That's your speed.

      • Sup Par

        What about the fire fighter that died trying to put out a fire, are you going to mock his death and his families anguish? You certainly are already. You know who doesn't give a damn? All the wrong people, and now you're in their company, you've joined the ranks that are glad Americans died. Ask yourself why you find it amusing that people suffered a horrible death. I know the answer to that question, I know why you're amused at others anguish. Do you?

        • Sup Par

          The worst natural disaster New York City or the East Coast has ever known. Dead and dying still being counted, communication inoperable, mass transit shut down, electricity shut down, no food, no water, no heat, 30 degrees. The worst natural disaster the East Coast has ever known has just begun. Surely theChive can do better than mock the entire tragedy.

          • TxSt

            I assume you find war movies offensive as well, considering someone is profiting off the death and killing of thousands huh? Why don't you learn to loosen up and stop taking everything so literal? It is not like they went and posted photos of the dead or destroyed homes or the "babies" you are referring to. (Btw the babies are now safe at another hospital and were on battery powered equipment as soon as the generator went out.)

            • Sup Par

              Your pitiful attempt to demean the context of my posts is proof of your desire to mock and humiliate those that have suffered and are still suffering. There is no excuse for mocking tragedy, there is no decent cause for finding joy in the pain and suffering of others. There is no decent human being that would find happiness in the worst disaster a country has ever known.

              • JTW

                But the Chive puts up photos of soldiers enjoying themselves in a war zone. Yet people die and there is a down side to war. That doesn't mean that there isn't another side as well.

                Most of us know how to respect what needs respected and enjoy what can be enjoyed. But then most aren't working to be a super troll as our lives ambition.

          • Had to say it..

            Cool story bro.

            • Sup Par

              Had To Say It I have no doubt you enjoy the deaths of many Americans, and I have no doubt all those that are quick to mock a monumental tragedy are deeply happy when Americans die. This is a cruel world and when your brothers die there will be those quite satisfied with your mourning and quite pleased with the amount of grief caused on such a grand scale. '
              Had To Say It you are proof hatred breeds intolerance and ignorace, your assault to the senses of the unfortunate is easily unmasked as bullying.

              • Local8251FE

                Bullying. Looks like we've got a hypocrit on our hands Sup Par. Get off the Internet and fix the problem Sup Par. Unless all you know how to do is bully other people Sup Par.

                • Sup Par

                  Death toll now up to 85, Local8251FE. You're eager to bully the downtrodden and suffering. How long have you waited to post your opinion about the deaths of Americans during her weakest moments? No doubt you're quite used to expressing your joy at the anguish of a country, especially one you despise.

                  • Simon

                    Whilst the tragedy is indeed bad, you're coming across as overly-aggressive and irrational. This, in turn, is polarising people and not helping anything.

                    It's worth noting that whilst this is awful, it is not the worst natural disaster of your country. Thankfully, it's nowhere near.

                    • Sup Par

                      There is no difference in the amount of anguish suffered during the deaths of this tragedy in comparison to any other. Death does not distinguish or judge, instead death simply destroys. Your assumption is horribly inaccurate, this natural disasters is larger in scope than any other in the history of North America.
                      I would suggest you do some research before you attempt to belittle the post your commenting to.
                      At no point have attempted to polarize anyone in any way other than to express my view that this post and it's title are inappropriate. If you're not offended by it then you should not at all be offended by comments.

                    • Also had to say..

                      I'm pretty sure people on a Blog site don't give a fuck about your ranting and raving…yes it's a tragedy and theChive knows that and is trying to shine light on that fact.. If you really give a damn, get your ass off the interwebs and go volunteer!

                    • Sup Par

                      Also had to say, the title of the post is "Not everybody is running scared from hurricane Sandy' though 85 people have died so far. The title of the post suggests that those who died were shamefully afraid of the death facing them. The photos contained in this post are of people mocking a tragedy a day before it occurred.
                      The entirety of this post is in poor taste and deeply inappropriate considering how tirelessly people have worked to bring awareness to the degree of severity this tragedy is.
                      theChive does not offer any condolences to those lost nor has it at any time expressed sympathy for those experience loss of loved ones.

                    • bears85

                      SupPar go swimming in the Atlantic, right now!

                    • Simon

                      I can say for absolute certainty that you have polarized me. – I didn't make any assertions at what you were attempting to do, just what you were doing. Whilst I think it's a terrible disaster, I am standing absolutely nowhere near you on your ability to rationally handle the situation.

                      I am not offended by your comments – I am dismayed by them.

                      I was not belittling you, I was pointing out that other opinions might suggest that events like 1906 earthquake of San Francisco, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the tropical cyclone in Texas, 1900, the flu pandemic of 1918 (if you count that as natural) – amongst others – might be considered much worse. Not much research required, to be honest.If you grade it by a different system, so be it. I was considering lives lost, and I don't appreciate the manor in which you consider my opinion to be inaccurate.

                      I will reiterate that you are being extremely aggressive, and I will not accept that as anything other than detrimental to your cause.

              • Blushy

                Stop speaking!

                • Yeh

                  With your clear disdain for fun or humor… How did you even find out about the chive sub par?

    • JoeSchmoe

      +1 on the Holocaust post!

    • Daniel_Tosh

      Sup Par- No one values your opinion, and you are clearly too stupid for words. Keep getting mad about the internet having things that upset you, no one cares.

    • Thoridin58

      Sup Par
      This post in no way makes fun of the tragedy that has or will occur from Sandy. It just shows people who are trying to KCCO in the face of disaster. Some are also the people that are too STUPID to heed warnings about the danger that Sandy represents. These are more than likely the same ones that will ignore the need to evacuate their area, will stay to face the storm without any idea what they will face and then call 911 during the height of the storm demanding that emergency personnel come to rescue them.

      With all due respect, you seem to carry a great deal of anger inside you. Instead of lashing out at theChive perhaps you should turn that anger into energy and go out and do something to help your fellow man. And after that I would suggest seeking professional help to deal with your anger in order to not suffer a heart attack or stroke. Learn to KCCO.

      • Sup Par

        17 people from the United States and more than 75 from Central and South America have died due to a natural disaster that is currently ongoing. There have been many examples in this post that are insensitive to those that have experienced pain and suffering during this tragedy. Until I am unable to express my disappointment at theChive's lack of respect for those who have suffered I will continue to do so.
        This post is inappropriate, insensitive and abusive to those that have suffered through. This post and it's title "not everybody is running scared…" is an attack directly at those that have died and it mocks the final moments endured by the victims of this tragedy.

        • Thoridin58

          Sup Par

          I am originally from the NY/NJ area. I have family still residing in NYC (in one of the areas expecting severe flooding/damage). As of this moment I have been unable to contact my brother in NYC. I also have friends in NJ that are also in areas of danger. So don't you FUCKING dare tell me what is appropriate or insensitive at this time. Humor is a great way of relieving stress and anxiety/worry. If you can not understand that then I feel sorry for you and you can kiss my 54 year old ass you self righteous prick.


            Thumbs Up Button, Y U NO WORK MORE THAN ONCE?

            Chive on, Thoridin58.

        • Geez

          I think you're on the wrong website, please redirect your comments to CNN. The Chive isn't making light of the situation in anyway. You're the rude one assuming everyone viewing this album and those commenting are heartless. Way to read way to much into one sentence and create some scenario in your head in which you trying to convince everyone that Bob was in some way being malicious when he posted this album when you know that is not true. Like I said, if you feel the way you have described above, quit viewing this album and its comments and do something to help those you've mentioned above instead of sitting on the computer and looking through the chive. No one is trying to hurt anyones feelings here or make light of any suffering you or your family may be enduring, I can only do some much from my office that is on the other side of the U.S. and before you attack me (as you are everyone else who comments here) I've already donated in every way I can.

        • CHIVER

          Well, that escalated quickly!

    • morebeer
    • Euroranger

      The storm isn't the only thing that's Sandy about this post…

      • Aaron

        I see what you did there!

        Also, +1 to morebeer

    • JimBozo

      Go home Sup Par…you're drunk.

      • Donkey D 007

        I dont care who you are. Thats funny

      • ab dirty

        Well played sir! Hookers and blow are on me this weekend.

    • bears85

      theChive is showing how people are handling the storm in their own way : with humor. Some people cope with disasters differently than others. I am sure 95% of the people in the pics are shitting themselves b/c they are worried about their community/loved ones. But instead of sitting around cryign about it, they head out and have fun..something you should try.

    • Donkey D 007

      dude you sound like the religious fanatics that are saying that hurricane Sandy is the result of homo sexuality. No one cares what you have to say. look at all the dislikes you have. Its the Chive. Keep Calm or move on. Go home Sup Par your drunk!

    • JTW

      Srsly? YOU compare Sandy to the Holocaust and then talk about disrespect? What, is this the practical app portion of your tirade?

      Show some respect, oh, wait, you are Sub Par, you are right on target for your moniker.

      • Boom

        People wouldn't die if they would fucking leave when they are warned about a hurricane. Oh, " im gonna ride this one out" yeh right to your grave idiot

    • Random

      To the credit of the chive. Thank you for showing the lighter side of all this. People who are enjoying what they can.

  • Zarpazo

    #34 reason over all

    • Jim

      Kid that they were yelling to looked like the "Wapahhh!" surfer

  • Fire medic

    That SubPar guy really took this post over the deep end.

    Wooooosah dude.

    • Sup Par

      I somehow doubt as a FIRE MEDIC you are overjoyed one of your fellow first responders lost his life while on duty rescuing people last night. I further doubt people like you are motivated at all to help those in need and are satisfied knowing Americans died.

      • Surf's Up

        Sup par, listen carefully: SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. No one cares about your whining, you self-righteous hypersensitive douchenozzle.

      • Blushy

        Your name is spelt wrong, it should be sub par.

  • alex

    #6 I've played golf in worse weather

    • Surf's Up

      Cool story bro. Tell us more about how brave and tough you are.

      • Big Poppa

        hell that's summer in the UK

    • Adam

      As BFM said in Caddyshack, "I don't think the hard stuff is gonna come down for a while yet."

  • Fletch

    #26 Go home Mac, you're drunk.

  • Henry the Chafed

    #7 Later that day…

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

    • Canaduh

      so yeah the sandbags in #19 did a lot of help there eh

      • Henry the Chafed.

        I messed up.. The picture I posted was Atlantic city…the kids in Ocean City. Same concept though..

    • techno_viking

      Hopefully the fucktard in #15 who put his kid in harms way got out ok. For the sake of the kid, not his dumbass…

  • evil J

    Weren't any black people out there during this shit except for maybe Al Roker.

    • Sup Par

      Hatred breeds ignorance and you're way beyond third generation. Welcome to your second home, you're no doubt always welcome at theChive.

      • Had to say it..

        He was implying the black people weren't dumb enough to be outside in that… you stupid piece of shit.

        Hows that for hate?

    • johnny

      Reporter Ollie Williams

      • Who want dis dog?!

        With your Blaccuweather newscast

  • Surf's Up

    Nice bottom turn! At least some people can turn a negative into a positive.

    • Badtastejoke,iknow

      Introduce me to your wife I'll show you how well I can turn a negative to a positive 😉

  • 412chiver

    You’re right Sub Par, we should just live our lives as miserable fucks since bad shit happens every day. People did die and that is awful, I never wish death on anyone, but did you ever think humor helps people cope with tragedies?

    • Sup Par

      412chiver your inability to control your hateful and harmful tendencies towards others during traumatic episodes is no excuse for assaulting others . Your indecent and reprehensible constitution is proof that intolerance lives and breathes in this forum. There is no excuse for causing pain and suffering to the already anguished and over burdened. Bullying is the excessive harassment of a weaker subject. The tragedy suffered last night by a nation should be viewed as such by the nation.
      There is no post on TheChive offering sympathies to the victims. 412chiver your words mean nothing but serve as a reminder that diligence is needed quickly.

      • Blushy

        Is this Paula cuz I am hating you

      • t-dogg

        One question for you. Do you think that people who have suffered directly from this event would be going to The Chive looking for reassurance and compassion? Scrolling through posts like this and HumpDay, etc because they're looking for support and empathy? Perhaps if they're visiting this site it's for distraction, humour (yes, I'm Canadian) and a laugh to help them through a difficult time? Thumbs down if you have been affected by this hurricane and scrolling this post made things WORSE.

  • a-nom

    Sandy's last name must me Kardasian because she blew the entire east coast…

    • Sup Par

      Do you know how many dide?

      • Had to say it..

        died? dumbass

      • Salt

        Died from a Kardasian BJ?

        • guest

          No one…she is not that good. Have you not seen the video.

    • Blushy

      Truth is, that's some funny shit!

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    Don't even know what do say, on the one hand I am happy to live in a country without major natural disasters but seeing these guys keeping calm think I would witness at least once this and feel the true meaning of kcco if that is possible before a hurricane. Good luck and the only thing that may be losing their belongings.

    • amrith777

      There are NO major natural disasters in Brazil? o.0

      • Lucas_Schmidt

        Only if corrupt politicians are considered natural disasters. But no, we don't have hurricanes or earthquakes or something that can cause so much destruction.

  • Bob

    Sup Par, I gather from your comments that you are not from the U.S. If you were, you would understand that we are a nation that pulls together when things are tough. We laugh, we cry and we live as brothers and sisters. When others are down, we're the first to lend a hand. Around the corner, around the block or around the world, we are there with resources and compassion. Nothing in this post was mocking or disrespectful in any way. No doubt we'll all grieve for the lost, comfort those who have lost all, and move ahead together. Despite the storm, the Star Spangled Banner still waves, 'ore the lane of the Free and the home of the Brave!

    • Sup Par

      …except for anyone that is offended by abusive and inflammatory editorial essays. According to your perspective of the United States of America Bob, people like me should not express their disappointment when assaulted by insensitive narrative. theChive offers no means to her readers a method to "offer a lending hand", instead theChive hosts a special section where her guests are welcome to ridicule and further torment the agony of those that have suffered through this tragedy.

      The people that died were not "running scared" as theChive suggests, instead they died honorably as Americans and should be honored as such by Americans.

      • Subparisanidiot

        dude. shut up. you've repeated yourself in 20 different ways, and you still sound like an idiot. have you ever seen what theChive does for war vets who are wounded? or quadriplegics who pass away? or babies who are going through chemo-therapy, or how much money they can raise in an hour to fight (insert anything here) breast cancer?
        theCHIVE is in no way being offensive here, you sir, are an idiot. so please KEEP CALM. but stop chiving on

        • LACHIVER

          Couldn't have said it any better sir! Cheers to you and KCCO to everybody up in the Northeast!

  • Darrell

    I live in Buffalo and people are complaining that school/work wasn't closed even though the roads are about as dry as they are after a light rain, and surprise, surprise, the sun is out!!

    KCCO. Best of luck to the REAL victims of the storm, and not a bunch of spoiled college-age suburbanites looking for a free day off.

    • Euroranger

      I have a day off. I live in GA but my employer is in NJ. Servers, VPN and databases been offline since 9:30 last night.

  • spike

    They are all dead now. RIP.

  • b0ing4


    Hurricane winds approaching.. Stacks loose cinderblocks and concrete pavers in front of house. Genius

    • Dan

      I wonder how many of them went through the windows? And likely every other house in the area got wet but was otherwise fine.

      • jjjjjjjj

        you realize hurricane winds aren't going to pick those up right.

  • Me.

    #3 Wait, That clearly says Tropical Storm Hanna… get it together Bob!

    • Smitty

      That one makes me wonder how many of these are legit Sandy pics.

      Reminds me of the Creepy Abandoned Amusement Parks post they did a while back. One of the pics was actually Six Flags over GA during the '09 flood… the park re-opened less than a week later.
      Yeah, real legit.

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