One of the awesomest dudes I’ve ever seen wants to go to space (Video)

Michael Oliveri has a rare, unidentified form of Muscular Dystrophy that destroys his muscles after they’re used. He’s been wheelchair-bound since he was 18, and his doctors told him he wouldn’t live to see 26. He’s now 28. But honestly, I’d rather let this amazing man speak for himself, because he’s way better at it than I could ever be.

Find out more about Mikey, and help him get to space, on his Kickstarter page.

  • NRabbit

    Hmm…I'm not sure I like the misrepresentation of what will be done with the money. The Kickstarter is to fund a documentary about Mikey trying to go to space…not to fund him actually flying. Regardless, seems like an awesome person & I sincerely hope his dream comes true.

    • Cynth

      FYI- the Kickstarter is to get him in space, NOT to fund the documentary.

    • panos

      If I read correctly is for both. Its pay for everything that Mikey and the filming crew need to get to space and film everything.

  • fuck this

    let me guess this guy is a "hero" cuz hes handicapped and in a wheelchair.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you (fuck this) have some respect

  • jam doe

    @ fuck this
    Fuck you he’s a “hero” because he is overcoming his handy cap. Plus how much have you accomplished in your fully able bodied life. Think about that wile you sit in your moms basement.

  • Aaron

    Pump the brakes on the anger homie! You might have a better time somewhere else.

  • HatBomb

    Stop posting these retarded comments.

  • RickyDubzzz

    close personal friend, haven't seen him since he moved but he knows we all stand behind him 100% MikeyWheels in space 2013!!!

  • Michele

    Beautiful man with a beautiful soul. I hope his dream comes true for him, he deserves it!

  • Jamo

    I met Mikey a couple of years ago and I really hope he gets the opportunity to show everyone that we all are capable of acheving our dreams . I hope he gets to space!

  • John

    I hate to be a total bastard in saying this, but not everyone has the luxury of having the time or funds to live life to the max. We have to work to fund our dreams and most of those will never happen. Who is funding his dreams?

    We all die, true, many of us will live hard lives where we work, we toil and we suffer and still never accomplish our dreams. I don't have a disability, I get no special treatment, there is nothing special about me because there is nothing wrong with me.

    I will get a lot of shit for this post, I know that. But I have to live my life on my own dime, no one is paying my way.

    • Cynth

      John, your questions are valid- but just to be clear, he merely receives Social Security.. and it's far from what is necessary to cover expenses that a person with his level of disability requires to live a secure life. He makes decisions every day, such as "do I eat… or pay for caretaking?" That's not a situation I would ever want to be in and I hope you don't have to make those types of decisions, either. He relies on his circle of friends and public transportation to fill in the gaps.
      Mike has more sheer will and determination to live independently than anyone I know and would chose to not have to accept help at all. He dearly wants to work but will lose what little SS assistance he gets by attempting to do so. It's a vicious circle that many are stuck in… able-bodied and not.
      Mikey is extraordinarily humble and proud human being who knows that he is living within a compressed life- and instead of sitting back and moaning about how unfair life is, he's attempting to demonstrate that with enough motivation and self confidence, we are all capable of extraordinary things.
      I hope he does not get pissed at me for speaking on his behalf, lol- but I do it because he is truly one of the most remarkable people I have ever met.

    • Panos

      John I'm with you on this. Its one thing to help someone in need that cant live a normal life anymore(see previous famous chive charity the soldier guy), and another to help him go a trip to space and come back just cause he would love to do so. This guy has already done more things that I will ever manage to do in my life and good for him. He has proven his point in my opinion. He is already an inspiration to all of us.
      Wanting to go to space though is an exaggeration on his part. What's going to be the message if he manages to collect enough money for this? No dream is impossible if u convince enough strangers to pay for it?

      I think he will convince enough people though..

  • Robicheau

    Get him to space! thank you chive for this one!

    My father has limb girdle muscular dystrophy, he started showing symtomes when I was 7. He was told he wouldn't live as long as most people but his still kicking in his late 50s! He lives off of a very small pension which was almost not given to him from his employer as they found out he had muscular dystrophy and wanted to terminate him before he applied for his pension. he also lives life to the fullest like Mike even on a small amount of money, and still finds funds and time to help others. Living life to the max doesn't have to be funded by money it can be funded by having good people around you and a good and positive outlook on life. It all depends on what your goal and drive is in life. My dad's is to inspire, love, and live his life doing everything he can from just getting out of bed without help to saving enough to get on a plane to travel 4,772 km to see the Rockies.

    He is the best dad and my greatest mentor, and he would be proud to see Mike go to Space. Not many people with muscular dystrophy get to have the sensation of having a moment without pain, and being weightless is a "cure" and I hope Mike gets to have that!

    Thank you chive!

    • Cynth

      Your father sounds like an incredible person-
      how fantastic that you've had this time to grow together.
      I truly believe that love and a positive life perspective define your quality of life… and it sounds like in your father's case (and in Mikey's), has had a much more profound affect on his health than mere medicine.

      All the best to you and your family !

  • jon

    you're a fucking piece of shit.

  • Derek J

    This guy should be an inspiration to everyone. I TRY so hard to wake up and be positive about my health, ability to move, see, learn, love, share, and especially eat. We have it soooooo damn easy and all to often we waste time and the ability to grow. A man with his will to love, being in a wheel chair or not is amazing. I promise we are going to see the most change in the fairly near future and it will take the will of all for us to get through. The economy, CLIMATE CHANGE, tensions between Israel and Iran, China being a super power, 7,000,000,000 people on the planet, dying seas, more natural disasters, food shortages, overwhelming extinctions, dying forests, and just the overall perception of life. It all needs to change and we CANNOT rely on the government. We must find the will within to create change in a positive direction. We must enjoy the simple things in life. We must appreciate each other for our differences. We must love, and i;m not talking about the hippy smoke a joint type of love, or the I wanna have a one night stand and screw all night love. I mean the love for life and the love for helping one another and seeing the beauty in this world. We must be citizens of this amazing Earth. Not consumers. We must BE.

  • dave on wheelz


  • DrMaTu

    This dude could be my new exemplar !

  • Daniel1556

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  • Eddie

    2 girls one cup…and never forget

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