• fendermallot

    So dangerous, it's not available!

  • nope

    What a bunch of fucking idiots. They deserve to have the entire parking structure collapse on them all for thinking that was a good idea… The heard of humanity needs VERY BADLY to have all the fucking idiots thinned out.

    • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

      The WHAT of humanity? Heard? As in past tense of hear? You may just be one of the idiots that needs to be "thinned out" of the HERD.

    • francis


  • Gnom Gnom

    Made in Korea

  • myself

    It's amazing how much groups of people can weigh and what can happen when they do something synchronized. People think if the floor is empty and it could hold 100 parked cars it'd be cool filled with people, likely not the case.

    If this was in California (ASu is Arizona right?) I'd just chock to earthquake requirements, the malls with 2 or more stories that are relatively new actually bounce a little during the holiday season. Way strange if you on the third floor.

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