Whoah, that’s a really good point (35 Photos)

  • Simon

    #22 So emergency services can look for a baby in the event of an accident. Hmm.

    • SOhioChiver

      I believe it is an attempt to make others more aware of their driving. Please be careful, I have a baby with me.

      • Simon

        Emergency services do use it,I'm afraid, but the original post touched on the oddness of the sign in the first place. In theory, people are driving carefully enough as it is.

        It's a bit similar to the falling rocks sign and aircraft overhead sign.

  • Quasi

    Holy balls this one is funny!! Way to start my day, thank you!!


  • GuntherSquirrel

    #18 just made my day! lol (literally)

  • Wisti

    There needs to be more masochists in the world. Then stabbing is actually quite a pleasant experience ^_^ but NOBODY wants to zip their ball sack…

  • us3rn4me

    If any of these cause us to pause and think for a moment, wake up a little – it is worth it!! Thank you

  • dirtysteve

    #2 Or you could try real whiskey, not sugary Fisher Price whiskey.

    • a-nom

      Bulleit…try it with your friends!!

      Seriously though, one of the best bourbons for the price

  • dirtysteve

    #20 What about chemical lights?

    • Ivan

      Gotta break the glass inside chem sticks for them to work. His point still stands.

  • Hollaring

    #11 and I am currently leading in the number of testicals.

  • Thanh

    #4 Some people also kill themselves doing reckless things.

  • tv_paul

    #5 The only petting zoo I'd be interest in would be a one with P*ssy.

    • dirtysteve

      That'd be a whorehouse, or to use a more historical term, a 'Cunnywarren'

  • nola

    How does #32 fit with the theme of this post?

    • SOhioChiver

      the kid is pointing

    • Ivan

      Uhhh, the kid's pointing to where the bad guys are?

  • Stick

    #7 It's because dipshits can't be bothered to go get the things that make up the salad, or for that matter, the hamburger.
    You pay for connivance.

    • dirtysteve

      Do you mean convenience?

      I dislike paying extra for scheming food.

      • gimletmike

        I paid a lot for connivance – in the form of my conniving ex-wife.

  • justme

    #23 The worst 15 min of my life.

  • Aurelius

    It's only socialism if the govt forces you to do it. Otherwise, one can call it "helping your friends/family" or "not being an asshole".

    Just saying.

  • crazydog

    #3 #21 two more awesome pics for my desktop rotation

  • SonofEvolution

    The Best Point gallery!!

  • Turrebo

    #22 The "Baby on board!" sticker is meant to be read by divers when they come to rescue you after you drove your car in the river. Your baby is small and can float out of sight, behind a seat or something. When divers see that sticker they will keep searching your car until they find the baby.

  • RhuarcWoT

    #31 These books were full of great quotes, he needs to hurry up and finish the next one. But if he keeps trying to compete with Brandon Sanderson on who can write the longest book our children will never know trees.

  • kmotamed

    #13, as a Canadian, i can definitely attest to this!

    • bob

      this is merely a "normal standoff vs. canadian standoff"

      a mexican standoff involves a minimum of 3 people each wanting the others dead.

    • Sam

      Bull…as a Canadian you should know that this is no stand off…person B walks through the door that person A opens.

  • Syrin

    #29 And now we are all dumber for having read that piece of garbage.

    How many books have been read trying to teach people to say no? Saying yes and going along the mass of sheeple is the easiest path we can take. Being true to one's self in SPITE of what the masses do is much much MUCH harder/

    • dirtysteve

      Except on the internet, where calling people 'sheeple' and being and disagreeing with everyone is cool.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #32 Hogan and LeBeau are hiding in that shack. A grenade ought to do it.

  • Sichord

    #21 my adobe asked to be upgraded as i read this

  • Canucks_Rule

    #5 #11 #21 – all so true.

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 -> http://tinyurl.com/9l5xl2r

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