Chivers do Halloween costumes right: Part 2 (93 Photos)

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75 4
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  • i want them

    #2 and #79 Hot luigi

    • Mmmotorboat

      And I raise you #10 for the win.

    • Charlie

      For the first time ever I want to play with Luigi.

      • Slim Jim

        #79, ill play with mario.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #10 hot enough to be saluted twice at the same time! Me and Mr. Septim jr


      #10 #49 god bless america!

    • @undefined

      Thank you :)

    • SOhioChiver

      I agree, she's hot wish we had MOAR! #10

  • Smile

    I love this site. It really makes me smile which can be the hardest part sometimes. I just want to take this chance to say thank you. Thanks to everyone that makes this site possible and to the following that makes it so awesome. Keeping calm can be hard, but I feel it is essential to healthy living. Anyone can do anything. The only person that limits you is yourself. Thanks again everyone for being you.

    • cockney geez

      Chin up, sunshine.

  • teslawasrobbed

    #26 I think that's what Charlie Harper would call a "sure thing".

    • Osgood

      Tesla wasn't robbed, he freely gave up his patent rights to Westinghouse so that Westinghouse could get more investors which was a benefit for both of them. JP Morgan came in and told Westinghouse he would sue him in court and Westinghouse didn't have the money to fight the lawsuits so he sold the patent rights to Morgan who in turn created General Electric.

      • goatpunch

        i don't get it. Do you really want someone to give a "cool story bro" that badly?

    • amigo

      The Crazy Musketeers

    • Just sayin'

      That's *you're* ladies. Good thing you're pretty….

    • SOhioChiver

      They're doing it right #26

      • Team C

        They even got their friend to stand on a chair so the picture had a downward angle that would be more flattering. High maintenance c*nts.

        • Unfkngblvbl

          Must've been the ugly friend.

  • Meertnnn

    #3 Are you selling those?

  • Kato

    #49 Alright guys, cut the shit out. Who is she?

  • Blags

    I don't understand Americas grasp of Halloween, aren't you supposed to dress up as something scary!!??

    • goatpunch

      keep in mind that it is both a celebration of the dead, and an end of harvest party. People are free to celebrate it in whichever capacity they choose. The best part is that you can be someone else, and the holiday is solely meant to be a party

    • jimbob

      In the words of the immortal Barney Stinson regarding Halloween.

      Ladies, SLUT UP!

      • Matrixx_19

        Barney is GOD :-)

    • TheNomad

      halloween – the one day you're not sure if it's someone dressed up in a costume, or a hooker who's dressed festively…..

    • carl

      says who?

    • pnutz

      No…. its for girls to dress slutty without judgement.

  • A_Yankova

    #43 I like this one lol ! :D

    • oobaka

      I believe this she's supposed to be Rosie the Riveter

      • marie

        Yes it's supposed to be ;)

  • What_Tha

    #49. Wow.

    • jimbob

      Real gun….lovely

  • AssClown

    #48 That's my boy!

  • kmotamed

    15, Dexter… Great show!

  • kmotamed

    #15, Dexter… Great show!

  • kmotamed

    #70, ahhh topical, i approve!

    • Jasper

      unfortunately has very little idea what he's talking about. Asshole owners.

      • Team C

        Riiiiight. Those poor millionaires getting paid to play a game. Really difficult to feel sorry for either side.

  • lat297

    #73 wow…

    • Notknowing

      Better yet, FIND HER!

    • TIM


  • Jason Dean

    #91 – Speaking of unzipping….

    • brandon

      somebody earned their red wings

  • Jaysin29

    #91….. FN nice.

  • Zandy

    #5 – my back hurts

  • Loki

    Woh! #37, well played sir.

    • rugerhoyt

      Favorite one I have seen so far!!!

    • Jim

      with a glory hole

  • Lyra

    Praise for all the amazingly creative costumes!!

  • Darksnipy

    #89 You're doing it right!

    • Onlooker

      Coppertone Tan girl…Old School. Note the dog pulling down her bikini

      • nathan

        ahhh. thanks!

    • nathan

      yeah… what is that? she dressed up as a chick in her underwear?

    • Machew

      Are they suppose to be anything other than hot?

  • Justin Lentz

    #85 thick in the good places. I like it

    • Harold

      Thick? Youre an idiot.

    • uplim

      Like not in the chest?

  • Coop


    • RooFeeOOO

      I approve of this costume.

    • Jenny

      He looks like the actual guy though. That's awesome.

    • April C

      The second I saw this I started the "rufio" along with a fist pump.

  • Tall Guy

    #1 I'd like to beat scissor with my rocks!

    • boy

      now this is dumb

    • J-ro

      You know your costume sucks when you have to label what you are!!

    • uplim

      Very good, creative, but I generally disapprove of costumes where you have to tell people who you are with a name tag. They aren't needed here, costume speaks for itself

    • MonkeyMadness

      They need someone to play Spock.

      • fnarr fnarr

        I suppose you will happily volunteer the lizard?

  • wtf?

    Larry: "I got a great idea! Let's dress up as fruit juice boxes and get laid!"
    Semone: "PERFECT!"
    6 hours later (after no lay ensued)
    Semone: "Next year let's go as straight guys."

    • fnarr fnarr

      "Here luv, get your mouth around my straw"

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