Detailed classic car models made from trash (59 Photos)


  • Tim

    these things are awesome.

  • whyme1973

    Wow! Those are amazing!

  • Randall

    Extremely impressive, would love to see some old Vette's

  • Ian

    Rick, any info on this guy? Website, blog, etc.?

  • Dyler Turden

    Positively stunning.

  • Brian Quillen

    Um, wow, just wow!



  • Sam

    Fantastic! Talk about recycling… The vintage feel of the car models make them look more classy.

  • Sue

    Amazing…such detail!

  • Just a guy

    Holy crap. Besides the odd oversized screw the detail is stunning. The diver suit sequence nearly broke my heart. I had to remind myself that it was a model.

  • dasboot

    German artist Martin Heukeshoven.
    Yes, he does commissions.
    Yes they are for sale.
    Yes you could buy a new car for that much.

  • Luiz


  • Classic car rental

    March 01, 2009· a lot of people imagine getting a traditional car as well as think associated with nipping out for the picnic within summer season inside a old-fashioned Morris modest, or even ripping down land shelves in a …classic cars

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