Have fun sleeping tonight (31 Photos)

  • Jake

    #11 got me a little and I wouldn't be too upset wit h #14 lurking in my house.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      She looks 13! You need your own creeper post..

      • shhhhimhiding

        She's not, that's Allison Harvard, she was on America's Next Top Model, she's about 24 now and still looking like a 13 year old.

        • NoodlumNad

          i dont know whats worse, the fact that she's 24 and looks 13 or the fact that you watch americas next top model.

          • J_Ace


          • Shhhhimhiding

            I'll agree that it's the fact I watch Anerica's Next Too Model.

            • lols

              i know super hot chicks running around in their underwear totally shameful

    • sam

      you want to bang that thing? gross.

      • evad

        paper bag dude

    • Ant

      keep in mind, her mouth is sewn shut…

      • truth

        but she's not in the kitchen so still not worth it.

    • db3300

      I gotta agree with Jake. She doesn't look any more insane than the other girls I've dated.

  • ChivetteHeather

    AGH! Def not sleeping. Thank god I work a night shift!

    • _DoC_

      Have you never seen a horror film before? Think about that the next time you turn a dark corner at work or the lights go out for no reason.

      • SmokeyTheBear

        She's a wrestler, I'm sure Heather would kick some ass!

        • _DoC_

          Blonde girls always die first in the movies.

    • Name

      I'm surprised there's no gif from Aphex Twin's Rubber Johnny or Come to daddy videos… Those won't help you sleep.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #1 Bob Sagat doesn't need his face warped to freak me the hell out..

    • MattyDeuce

      Keep those cameras safely rolling! 😉

    • Livin' Legend

      You ever suck some dick for some coke?!

      • MattyDeuce

        now THAT'S an addiction!

  • ChivetteKellie

    #23 WTF

    • john v.

      Begotten – you can find it on youtube.

      • DemonIAm

        E.Elias Merhege is is brilliant monster

      • grumpy
    • Taku
      • Littlet

        reminded me a bit of "tourist trap"

    • Jake

      I have this movie on DVD. It's very expensive too. Someone made vids on YouTube using this with Electric Wizard songs. Look them up.

      • Jake

        What's fucked up is that this scene is God killing himself.

  • bigcityreem

    #29 Probably the creepiest.

    • jadedhero1331

      Fucking Slenderman!!

    • http://thelasthonestpodcast.com Scott White

      Slenderman is on my top 5 feared entities. After watching Marble Hornets, I always double check my surrounding.

    • Seabass

      It's SLENDERMAN!

    • meat suit

      just curious… is slenderman related to pedobear?

    • danharmonlives

      shoot that faceless bastard!

    • Slendy

      That was me…..I'm not sorry.

  • Kybs

    Not cool man.

  • dallas_oc

    #4 working out? Don't worry, I'll beat the fat back into you….muah..muahaha…muahahahahahaha

  • Cgyachilles


  • I_am_golf_c0m

    Fuck you Leo

  • marshal


    I don't see it.

    • MattyDeuce

      You gotta wait about 3.5 minutes…after that, Mac rides by on a Vespa in a cat costume whilst looking at the camera with the "tonight, you" look.

      • gee

        i just wasted 3.5 min of my life

    • Ace

      Maybe the paw/hand prints? I dunno.

    • Billy

      there's hand prints on the door….

  • Tom

    #17 I don't get it… I did however stare at it for a few minutes thinking it was a GIF

    • marshal

      Same here!

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Hand prints are sliding down the wall, idk not scary but whatever

  • Boobman

    #11 still scares me when someone looks threw a cracked door, Thanks to the movie "Black Christmas"

    • Yuppp


  • Porkins

    Epic Fail #21

    • newscot

      'Dem Newfies be crazy bye!

    • rAs

      I was still able to masturbate to this :-/

    • steph

      Go home, Marilyn, You're drunk.

  • Justin Cider

    #21 nailed it

  • Taco_Depot


    • Guest

      When you say "this post", do you mean your post?

    • Notknowing

      Why? Did it scare you?

  • fucked

    #23 what the actual fuck

    • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

      It's from the movie Begotten (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101420/)

      • mosko

        fucked up movie. mother nature jerking off dead god then artificially inseminating herself with his sperm.

  • ryan

    #24 very creepy

    • davo

      notice how the photo is taken to fit it in = fake

  • TX Chiver

    Not getting #17

    • ps86

      handprints sliding down the wall

    • boiler up

      Its the hand prints to the left

  • Joel78

    Thank jebus the gifs don't work on your mobile app

  • cjchiver

    #14 is she single???

    • Guest

      Too bad her lips are sewn shut.

      • Hunter

        you mean good thing her lips are sewn shut!

    • SmokeyTheBear

      she's like 13. wtf

      • Pedo Bear

        To old!

      • Al Bondigas

        Miley Cyrus

    • Lexie

      Allison Harvard from America's Next Top Model

    • onionsareyummy


  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    Yeah, hunting camp should be good this weekend.
    Fuck you for this picture, dammit.

    • Yuppp

      You will have a gun, just shoot them.

      • Barf

        I am deathly afraid of identical twins. Thank you Shining!

      • db3300

        If horror movies have taught me anything, it's that a gun won't kill the un-dead.

  • jadedhero1331

    #29 Slenderman gives me the heebie-jeebies!

  • zackgonick

    Anybody know what #31 is from? Looks vaguely familiar…

    Also, I find myself thinking #25 is singing the Freddie Kruger song.

    • ChrisDG74

      "The Gravedancers"

      • zackgonick

        Thank you! And just like that, I have the next movie I'll watch on Netflix!

    • blooster

      pretty sure they used it to advertise the resistance games on PS3

  • dnuts

    #17 has hand prints on the left side

  • https://www.facebook.com/stevenbbell Steven Bradford Bell

    lame lame lame lame HOLT SHIT!!! WHAT IS THAT!?!?!!? #11

    • HuskyOwner


    • KyleGamgee

      Yeah, this one bothered me.

    • jazz

      it's a horse

    • Sanny

      I think it might be a Furby.

    • adam

      its a furby lol.

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