Now it’s the cats turn to be shamed (25 Photos)

Via Cat-shaming

  • Bullwinkle

    Why do these cat bastards have such superb penmanship?

  • Dick


  • North

    Soulless little assholes. The lot of them.

  • Kick a cat

    Finally!! A photo gallery on cats that is funny!

  • george

    Fucking cats, useless cockblocking animals!!

  • steve-O

    trying to look through this during class and not laugh was one of the hardest things ever i had to do

  • Jason

    You'll notice in the dog posts, the dogs can sometimess be caught still feeling guilty. I don't see any of that here …

  • The_Ger

    I don't quite understand why people refer to themselves as their pets' parents. Caretaker? Yes. Parent? Impossible. I know I am most certainly not the father of an animal.

  • smith0

    In conclusion cats aren't trained and just shit anywhere they please.

  • Randyflagg

    #21 Did Mom use a typewriter?

    • f u kitty

      i would have killed this cat if it did it to me

  • adrfar

    people that call their cats children and themselves "mommy" or "daddy" make me want to puke.

  • jake


    Cats sign needs to read "I hate my disgusting pig of an owner"

    Seriously…clean your shit instead of making signs to put on your cat who is almost guaranteed a cleaner member of society than you.

  • cats suck

    fuck cats

  • ChivetteHeather

    So thankful I've never had any of these issues with my cat!

  • adorf

    all I see are furry mittens & Dachhasen

  • knaimoli

    Seriously Chive, how many times do I need to send in pictures of my cat to get posted? She's a loyal Chivette, and she is way more adorable than all these cats!

    • Dick

      You sound like a fucking creep

  • Brian

    Just 25 reasons to never ever own a cat!

  • adxasd

    My family had a cat that pissed all over and he ended up having kidney stones. Sometimes it's a sign the cat has problem. We had to give the cat distilled water and special food.

  • alex w.


  • sharon

    #17 My cat has eaten no less than 6 pairs of ear buds

  • Josh

    I didn't know so many cats knew how to write. Also, all of these felines have better grammar than 99% of humans on the Internet!

  • Jon

    #29 VegGie

    • Jon


      • Jon


  • AmishElvis

    anyone else think it's weird for cat owners to call themselves the cat's mom?

  • Jay

    You should get your cat to a VET!

  • had


    A 10 page "thesis" paper. You don't say….

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