These photo-realistic drawings will blow your mind (27 Photos)

All if the works in this gallery are hand drawn or painted in extreme detail. It's hard to distinguish many of them from a photograph or work of art.

  • Dom




  • thenomadadventures

    #27 – gets me everytime – original picture, re-produced painting – she's AMAZING!

    • Dead Lilac

      What's even more crazy about this picture is he only used 8 different colored Bic pens.

      • Dead Lilac

        I take that back. For this particular picture he only used 6 different pens. Google the artist Samuel Silva.

  • MOAR

    $30 for a hat? WTF, Chive?

    • bh4q

      Come to Canada, that's just the brim

    • Guest

      You're not just buying a hat. You're supporting the efforts that make this site possible.

      • Unfkngblvbl


      • MOAR

        I thought I was supporting the site by visiting the site (pageviews) and wearing their shirts and telling friends to visit. Advertising pays their bills, hat revenue is a drop in the bucket.

  • NJF

    Holy shit. Amazing work.

  • _DoC_

    All that talent and no nudes? Shit, I can only draw stick figures but bet your ass they have some bare ass boobies!

  • 95blackz26


  • Kyle429

    #6 What in the actual fuck is going on here? O_O

  • cDubya

    Does being drawn in pencil make them NOT works of art?

    • Dave


      • cDubya

        The post says "It's hard to distinguish many of them from a photograph or work of art. "

        I took that to mean that they didn't think this stuff was art. Re-reading it I see what was meant. My bad.


    Hi I'm an artist. I can do all the things a camera can do.

    • MylesofStyles

      Can you draw my penis lifelike, but only bigger?

    • Wingender

      Can you draw your ego? Or do they not make a canvas big enough?

  • Alicia

    #2, #3, #16, and #27 are so realistic! These are all simply amazing.

  • Solitaire

    "hard to distinguish many of them from a photograph or work of art"

    Are photographs not allowed to be art too?

    #26 is awesome.

    • Adrian

      Leave it to the art crowd to over react and get butt hurt over wording. Pretty sure they're referring to the difference between a drawing and a photograph.

      I'm sure your parents are very happy with your works of art. It's ok.

      • Solitaire

        Never was a great artist, but at least i've made an attempt to create something more than a couple knuckle children like yourself. I bet your palms are proud though, so its okay for you too. 🙂

    • Sam2000

      <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

  • P-Shopper

    Must have went to the Art Instruction, Inc. Take the Turtle Test.

    • Spelling Police

      *gone – Stay in school.

  • Verbal_Kint

    several are actually not that hard to distinguish, but amazing artistic abilities none the less… I wish I could draw/paint like that.

  • BFM

    This is humbling to the point of making me depressed.

  • DrakeFriedman

    Beautiful work.

  • Anal Vortex

    I could do that. I just don't want to.

  • @undefined

    Check out painter Chuck Close's earlier works before his accident. Photo realism that kicks ass, plus he did many of them using fingerprints instead of pen and paper

    • @undefined

      forgot to mention too, that they are HUGE scale too

  • cmf

    he should tattoo

  • Sade

    #16 ♥
    All the drawings are sooo great. That's talent!

  • Cooper

    He needs to learn to tattoo and then give me a sleeve

  • Embadman

    #27 Find her? looks so real… gorgeous

  • salt

    I have a hard time making a turkey by tracing my hand.

  • Mari

    now this is talent!

  • Bob

    #27 he is highly skilled but I don't see the point in copying photos exactly the same way. Artists shoud show originality and expression.

    • Dandan


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