Daily Afternoon Randomness (52 Photos)

  • WileEOne

    #9 if it can make a decent pot of coffee, it's hired.

    • 0331

      How can it? It's waiting for Dog to call.

  • Unfkngblvbl


  • FrankieTheWop

    #25 DIBS!

  • Rob

    Downey Jr did a great job as Chaplin, but I swear the guy looks just like Cillian Murphy.

  • BRAD

    #12 #16 HOLY WOW!!!!

  • thrannix

    #52 Oh James, you suave, magnificent bastard.

  • Hazel

    Oh how badly do I want a Curmudgeon (grumpy) Cat. #11 I want one so badly – I would hug him and kiss him and call him George

    • whale hntr

      The pissed off cat from last week's DAR…….. is still pissed off

  • Applefish

    #24 Rock on!!

    • Michael

      Great bikini, but that doesn't make it metal.

  • Pinmaster

    #1 Sweet Ak47 Mr Reagan

    Ahh Thanks for being so sweet #8

    #41 little more lift please K? thax

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #29 They still haven't found any fucks.

    • http://www.twitter.com/coralmonster Coral

      what am I looking at? what are THEY looking at? what am I looking at them looking at….?

  • dahcj

    #21 OMG YES!!!

  • Jeff

    #12 is a must find for god sakes!!!

  • robsterling

    Is that Brad & Angelina's plane?

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #39 makes me sad #50 makes me hungry #16 makes me…never mind, done

  • Ribsta

    #50 Dammit I just went to the store but now I need an ice cream sandwich.

    • eh.

      Reminds me of Homers hell… the one with the donut machine.

  • Sillyputty

    #36…I know I always put on make-up and style my hair right before bed.

  • Notknowing

    #38 This girl has a HUGE ego.

  • pimpninjaa

    #24 #41 well hello beautiful

  • Abbas2

    I feel so teased. I have a BFM, BFM 3D, KCCO sticker, and BFM sticker all ordered, payed for, ready to be sent yet you guys won't send them! I want to wear my BFM! I'll ride down to theChive office to pick them up if I have to

  • BWaecker

    #52 Totally thought that was American Psycho at first…. Also Skyfall is going to be sickkkkk

  • josey

    #15 – exactly what the $^@& im thinking!

  • cDubya

    Fuck yeah.

  • Chiefs420

    #12 Mother of God

  • Rebecca

    #52 like a sir

  • txbncntr

    #3 Dammit I love this girl

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