Girls who love to have fun are why the sky stays way the hell up there (48 Photos)

  • Nova

    #38 – Ghost Foot?

    • ShawnK1704

      my first thought as well

    • Chi

      She has feet?

      • Ditto

        Well, at least one foot. That's the point man.

    • ...

      Being sucked into the tv?

      • That Guy

        Jumping out of the TV.

    • foobie

      I thought the same thing

      • Nala

        Is that Ali Fedotowski?

    • BWaecker

      Legend has it her foot still haunts that TV…

    • gnocco

      pic is easily 10yrs old, ghost foot has been around forever

    • thekev

      Her name is Carlee Ranger

    • caliswag

      ghost foot and old picture look at that gatorade bottle

    • gotheem

      old photoshop glitch old photo can tell by that gatorade bottle

  • randall

    one long skinny unibrow!

    • wtf?


    • Slauterhause

      Looks like it, but it's just her ultra cool aviator glasses.

      • McSmizzle

        you mean ultra cool tits right?

  • Dads

    First fuckos


    #14 POV!!! That is all!!

  • Bone feeder

    #2, own it,bone it,and loan it…Those tits belong in the Smithsonian..

    • AstroMikeDexter

      You are a modern day Shakespeare.

    • pudge

      this girl has been tried to find for years,,,,she is like bigfoot only pic ever

      • emailhobo

        She has already been found. She is some Scandinavian model.

    • jojoleb

      this is from a music video by DJ basshunter. its on youtube called "now you're gone"

      • Cam

        Watched the video, didn't see her. Other chicks were hot, but the rack above was not found.

        • jojoleb

          oh yeh turns out its not that . but the settings looked the same for me πŸ˜›

          still cool video though πŸ˜›

  • whyme1973

    #44 They look like 4 times as fun as the rest.

    • Sure_Did

      I know the girl on the right. Her name's Lauren, from Denver.

      Also, I fucked her. Twice.

      • ...

        Just twice? How strange a comment. Props though she's hot

    • Boobs

      I bet they'll both suck your dick for fun.

  • jimctu

    #14 wow…very cute :)<img src="; width="1"/>



    • MonkeyMadness


    • Mego

      I could've sworn to have seen her before on here. But that girl is AMAZING

    • J_Ace

      Find her stat !

  • Vols fan

    #4 looks like fun…

    • MonkeyMadness

      Is she taking a shit out the window or mooning someone? πŸ˜›

      • Yuppp

        Girls don't shit. We all know that.

    • The_Truth

      Mooning is supposed to gross people out or make them laugh.

      This would just make me get a boner.

  • Bhodi

    #41 I Wanna Party With You!

    • JMAKK

      Hell yeah and #4 too!

  • Sam

    #47 sooo close!! #48 is stunning, gorgeous smile

    • I_Have_Road_Rage

      #47 is Amanda Wenk, google search is quasi-nsfw

      You're welcome.

      • hootie

        that hot little jewish princess has/had the nicest titties around! I heard she had a reduction 😦

      • SomeAFguy

        I was cruising this post and I stopped! I know those two! Win! And its not Amanda Wenk.

        • Shawn

          shut up dude. it's Amanda Wenk. I don't care if you "think" you know them.

    • kote

      these are the two the i was ganna comment on, 47 needs to lower it just a little bit more and 48 way too cute

  • Him

    #2 always gets me. Lets hope they're all as sexual as they are sexy. All show and no go is no fun for anyone.

    • jjjjjjjj

      she has a kid so she has put out at least once.

      • Mike

        This one has been around forever, don't know if she has ever been found.

  • Robert

    Might get lost between those things #47

    • Chiver_Sammy


    • hello please

      That would be Amanda Wenk, from internet days of yore. Warning – story has a sad ending.

      • SomeAFguy

        No… I know those two.

    • guest

      I am guessing that is not her first nor will it be her last pearl necklace.

    • MonkeyMadness

      If I get lost in there, give me 1 hour and then don't come looking for me.

  • Porkins

    Rock on with your bad ass fiddle you hottie! #22

    • Frostback

      Oh yeah…Lindsey Sterling. She's pretty damn cute. Check out her channel on Youtube. The Dubstep Violin is pretty awesome.

      • Porkins

        Thank you for the knowledge. I did not know this woman. I do now! She rocks!

    • NorCal420

      YES! Crystallize is a fantastic song to trip balls to

    • Awesomer

      And now she just made my who's awesome you're awesome meme!
      <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

      • Porkins


        • Awesomer

          Thanks! πŸ˜€

          • MissVega84

            I love her music and she is super cute πŸ˜€

  • Gun_guy

    Okay! You asked for it…

    • ps86

      she is NOT a whore, kinda

      • DaddyD

        She's only a whore if she will do it with anyone for a fee. If she does it with anyone for free, she's a slut. If she only does it with selected men, she's perfectly normal.

        • ps86

          i thought that was the definition for hooker, and that whore was just synonymous with slut

  • Kelowna Chiver

    #22 Lindsey Stirling amazing musician.

    • JessieBelle

      Devon SuperTramp's Girlfriend! Power couple! πŸ™‚

  • Kyle West Point

    #29 Gorgeous girl and beautiful hair =)

    • DAC

      hair? wait, what…where?

    • chiver

      and she has fun at the Home Depot…my kinda girl

    • pixelogre

      Goes by Vampy Bit Me, she's a cosplay girl. Real name Linda Le. Have fun on google, awsome costumes.

    • Hunting

      Honey… Asians were on sale again at the Home Depot, I hope you don't mind that I picked one up.

  • CowboyChiver

    I could watch #48 all day…

    • Conreeze

      google: soyacide

    • flyingzombies

      I want to stand behind her… very close behind her.

    • Frank M

      I don't know if it's just me but this looks like the animation was made with the liquify tool in Photoshop instead of her actually winking & smiling.

  • BWaecker

    #32 Never been good at this, but here it goes. If you were a library I would fuck you…… nailed it.

    • Slauterhause

      ROFL, that made me laugh.

    • Lugh

      This girl is smokin'

    • louis

      Now that was GREAT!!!!

  • twoedges

    #38 kinda cool how you can see thru her foot… can we get another pic of her with her top in front of that magic tv?

  • Chiver_Sammy

    #42 This is a great idea to help find the Easy Girls…

    • wilfred

      So easy a caveman could do it

  • Jeff

    Why yes #4, I'd love to have some fun with you!

  • Jon

    #28 Oh the dirty, dirty things the would do to me if i was a criminal.

    #3 Not only is she cute but has good taste in beer.

    • Csquared303

      Umm shock top is one of the worst beers.

      • p3king

        That's dangerously close to hatin' on a Me(a)g(h)an

  • Car Ramrod

    Mother of God…

    • Obviously

      she looks a little too young

  • shogun75

    BUY NOW.

    • adisar

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      • ps86

        add another zero, and you got a deal

  • Dea

    Silly pose + smile = fun ? Gotcha

    • ps86

      i don't think this site is for you…

    • Lame

      You are no fun, no fun at all.

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