theCHIVE’s Official Seattle Meetup was one for the books (51 HQ Photos)

First, I have to thank Tito's Handmade Vodka for sponsoring this event. They came to theCHIVE offices and asked us where we wanted to go. We immediately responded, "Seattle, before the weather gets super shitty."

Thanks to all the Chivers for coming out to play. It turned out to be one of the best times we've ever had. The Emerald City came to party, man. I made some good friends that night and we'll be back for more soon.

Thanks to Garage Billiards for being generally awesome. Any bar that has a fucking bowling alley in it is already awesome, but the staff there were amazing that night from what I remember.

And thanks again to the Belltown Pub for hosting the after party. I can't imagine what it looks like to see hundreds of wildly intoxicated Chivers steamrolling your bar at 1am looks like, but you handled yourself with poise and grace. I highly recommend the chicken wings.

I'm done thanking people now. No thanks especially to Mac, who was not invited and showed up anyway. His ability to elude security is legendary.

Check out the (very cool) timelapse video of the meetup below!

We always welcome your input on where to hold the next meetup. It’s time to announce the next offical Chive meetup will be held in Austin, TX, November 15th. Details shortly.

  • Goat Pizza

    Weather is always "super shitty" but we are used to it.

  • matt

    #35 the inappropriate poser!

  • nodon

    "They came to theCHIVE offices and asked us where we wanted to go." I get the feeling that "El Paso" will never be an answer to that question. 😦

  • Keither

    #14 Excellent! Nov 8 is my birthday, lets crash the internet again.

  • Mark

    #12 Hey…..nice.

  • Killjoy

    The guy in #36 thinks this is a burn bra post. His name is robert paulson

    • Jon

      rofl got'em

    • Bill Snickers

      The ladies be loving my large areolas. Lol

  • katie

    Nipple in #26

    • JMAKK

      This chick needs a plane ticket!

    • PiotrXC

      That's Marnie/Marny. She works for the chive. I talked to her at the after party and as with any chiver/chivette, she was a pleasure talking to.

  • boldspoo

    #1 Wow, I look a little surprised at the moose being allowed into the party… and that is my Chive legacy. That and my Chivette sporting the pink KCCO! #16

  • Robert

    Good times, great people! Let's do it again in Seattle. Next time we'll just have to start on the Jager Bombs a little later in the evening.

  • The Dude

    #35 John is my idol.

  • bob_the_cook

    MOAR of the girl in #14 & #23 (on the right) Holy smokeshow! get her a COTW post

    • Mac


    • Joney36

      She's been on the Chive multiple times. I know her, and she is super awesome! Agree on the COTW!

      • Kevrhutch

        She's a Country singer, Rae Solomon, She's really good, I down loaded her songs on Ituens

  • Dave


  • G_Had

    What the actual fuck Mac?

  • From_The_Hip

    #14 in Men & Women`s sizes? That's 4am around here.

  • VedHead77

    #22 – Matty, Y U no wear Chive shirt?

    • Clay

      He was wearing a black on black custom made one of one chive shirt. We all were a little jealous :/

  • URnotSancho

    So does Mac's facial hair grow in all white-trashy like that, naturally??

  • Jusby the Clown

    Oh, Yeah! It was definitely worth it. Thanks, Chivers.
    P.S. Mac is afraid of clowns (among other things).

  • SLy

    Montreal or Toronto

  • teight

    #17 far right needs her own post… do it for the Sandy victims

  • JohnnyGoodtimes

    Why you no come to Minneapolis?

  • Kiesa

    #26 whats your name ?

    • PiotrXC

      Marnie(Marny?) She works for the chive.

  • SOhioChiver

    #39 is a cutie! Please post! We need to see MOAR!

    • Jon

      that wasn't even from the meet up, I met her and took that picture at a Tritonal show a few weeks back. It was here in downtown Seattle though. she was hot

      • Jon

        and yes in the spirit of the chive we took like 2-3 shots of i don't remember cuz we were both pretty drunk by that time

  • GB58


    the one one the left or the right! #16 any of them! #12 girl not the dudes #22

  • Tyler Rauch

    #7 by chance you guys got that pic of me bowling the 189!!??

  • Bill

    How about a Canadian meet up??? Maybe…..Edmonton????

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