theCHIVE’s Official Seattle Meetup was one for the books (51 HQ Photos)

First, I have to thank Tito's Handmade Vodka for sponsoring this event. They came to theCHIVE offices and asked us where we wanted to go. We immediately responded, "Seattle, before the weather gets super shitty."

Thanks to all the Chivers for coming out to play. It turned out to be one of the best times we've ever had. The Emerald City came to party, man. I made some good friends that night and we'll be back for more soon.

Thanks to Garage Billiards for being generally awesome. Any bar that has a fucking bowling alley in it is already awesome, but the staff there were amazing that night from what I remember.

And thanks again to the Belltown Pub for hosting the after party. I can't imagine what it looks like to see hundreds of wildly intoxicated Chivers steamrolling your bar at 1am looks like, but you handled yourself with poise and grace. I highly recommend the chicken wings.

I'm done thanking people now. No thanks especially to Mac, who was not invited and showed up anyway. His ability to elude security is legendary.

Check out the (very cool) timelapse video of the meetup below!

We always welcome your input on where to hold the next meetup. It’s time to announce the next offical Chive meetup will be held in Austin, TX, November 15th. Details shortly.

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  • kazinvan

    Ran into the Chive crew at the Seattle airport the next day. They looked good all things considered. Wish I could have attended the party, looks like a lot of fun.

  • Caitlin

    A Denver meetup is definitely in order!!

  • Wil Alexander

    Can we get a sacramento meet up. Never met another chiver besides my friends.
    Not one chive on's, just "is that a bill Murray shirt? Where do people get shirts like that?"

  • Canucks_Rule

    #34 – way to hold it down seattle!!

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 ->

  • M3DBlue98

    Totally bummed I missed this! You just had to do it on the night of the Seahawks game…

    Next time!

  • Irish777

    So….this KCCO flag? When will this be available?

  • Tayo

    Nice! Wish i couldve been there

  • Rooster 0-6

    When's the Denver meet up?

  • jerky

    MOAR #44 please

  • anotherchiver

    How about phoenix az

  • Admanc


  • Calem

    # 26 ,…… WTF is going on with her arm. ???

  • Kris-ATL

    These meetups look so calm and civilized……

  • liza minelli

    Really sad I couldn't make it 😦 had to work 😦 plz come back to Seattle soon so I can make it!!!!

  • Bubba

    #25 Moar from the blonde on the right!

  • derp

    i like the drunken progressiveness in the photos

  • Red

    How about a Detroit Meet Up!

  • Dave

    Hmmmmm, looked like a sausage fest to me

  • thenomadadventures

    #12 – the blond in the middle and #44 – find them both!!

  • rob

    if u want some warm weather come to jamaica …chivers and chivettes here would love that

  • _LG

    So much for the Boston meet up….

  • James

    DC or Baltimore!

  • LostBroncoFan


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