These gorgeous girls didn’t get this fit by accident (48 Photos)

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    [Exclusive 15 PHOTOS]<3 http://thechivefun_com/2012/10/emma-watson-top-10-photos/

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  • Jake P.

    #15,#19, #23,#24. All so gorgeous. All of these women are gorgeous but those are my favorites!

  • David

    #46 she's so hot, her mirror broke

  • PussyWhistle

    This is how all women should look

  • eatsleepnexercise

    love a woman that takes care of herself! #1 #4 #6 #24 #36 ftw

  • Anonymous

    what is #46 doing here?

  • Irewolf

    These women are beautiful. Seems like there are quite a lot of insecure guys out there, who know they couldn't keep up with an athletic woman.

  • Ron

    Who remembers #29s name?

  • Grizzle64

    Nice try #45, how did you get into this post? Get back to the gym now, and try again

    • Guest

      I feel bad for this girl! So many bad things said about her. She is not as fit as many of these girls. But she is still in good shape! I think some comments could be kept to ones self. Comments like these are going to make girls less likely to enter pics for fear of getting similar comments! She looks pretty proud in the pic so must have been feeling pretty good about herself to send in a pic. I couldn't imagine how she feels now after ready all those comment:(

      • Guest


  • zsakul_7

    #12#26#34 are very healthy i mean sexy kcco!

  • 32papers

    Yall's fatasses can sit behind your screen and say that these girls are gross or "manly", but truth is you couldn't pull one of these girls if your life depended on it. so chill. these girls are gorgeous. dont be mad cause they hit the gym and you are a fat fuck.

  • Mike

    Crossfit girls are hot. #17 (nice snatch), 20, 36, 37, 41, and possibly 27. Atta girl, ladies.

    • Mike

      #20, #36, #37, #41, and possibly #27

  • mkmkmkmk

    #45 must be the editor's sister or cousin or direct relative………

  • T Ray S

    #46 So Cute and Fit that she broke the mirror

  • guest

    I'm going to have a boner all day now…….thanks!!!

  • Johnny

    All these woman are beautiful……. some of the comments are retarded. Appreciate how hard they worked for thier bodies and don't put them down for it. I say good for you girls 🙂


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  • Conor

    The fat girls and lazy ass guys will always dislike this

  • Buddie

    #48 Nice work. MOAR please.

  • Nicholas

    Fit galleries are the second best. 17, woot woot!

  • accidental_find
  • Steve

    the hottest girl on earth…. it's a toss up between #2 and #48 !!!!

  • Atilla

    Even though I love me some fit ladies I really like the ladies with curves and are a little squishy. These women will get there because they will eventually look like their mothers and at that point come see me.

  • Murn

    #7. I would lick your ass and worship your private place until you told me to stop. Your body is bananas. You deserve pleasure.

  • Heather

    All these women are absolutely fantastic. Men who can't take a strong woman have never had good sex. These ladies would blow your mind.

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