A beautiful bevy of naturally big breasted girls — that’s yer trailer right there! (10 Photos)

See the rest of the gallery over at Coedmagazine

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  • chiver

    As I scrolled through the first half of these beauties I was thinking that you never show Sophia Vergara enough, then you redeemed yourself when I reached #28 thanks Chive!

  • kuyouygggv

    so many milk cannons…

  • tora

    And the winner is: #34

  • CanadianPiper

    #30 #31 my goddesses

  • Notknowing

    #4 My vote is for Kat. BTW some of these women are not 'natural'. Just sayin.

  • RobboJohn

    Pretty good list overall. I wonder how Ashley Greene makes it over Kelly Brook but overall good.

    Now let the search for NSFW pictures begin!

  • Isaac

    OMG! You finally found #26!

  • Roy


  • Jim

    #1 AMAZING!!!!!

  • Yak Surfer

    #12 I've never seen this woman before. Just beautiful!!

  • Pedroski

    Don't get me wrong, I love boobs (an natural ones especially) but what's the fun in a post of all "celebrities" and all identified? I prefer REAL Chivettes that we have to wonder who they are…for what it's worth.

  • WestCoastPete

    #6 #18 #23 do it for me

  • Wendy 4 Lover

    No Wendy Fiore? (Wendy 4 from Sports By Brooks) She dominates every one of these women!

  • Gradaddy

    there's just something about anne hathaway #21

  • NoMoreShay

    Shay Marie is old news

  • Guest

    Not the best pic of Eva Green, but holy crap! I fell for her hard when I saw Casino Royale when I was deployed to Iraq – those eyes and that black dress….

    Even better when I saw her in The Dreamers, (funky movie BTW).

  • Realio

    Most overrated chick since Kim K? #3

  • bkibbs

    #13 Katniss does not suffer from flatness

  • wise

    All you did here chive is make me waste two hours on google. Thank you.

  • Aaron

    bag is not amused.

  • Cooper

    #33 I thought they were supposed to be natural?

  • Simon

    #27 FTW!

  • 562chiver

    I'll take a chivette any day

  • thenomadadventures

    how do I choose just one….dear lord that was a fantastic gallery – well done chive

  • Chive Junkie

    Went down the whole list just waiting to see the lovely Gemma Atkinson…..WTF?

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