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  • John

    king first, im a loser

    • F*ck Off

      I don't even understand why anymore

      • Jerry Houdini Shepardini

        Because of fuck sticks like you that take this shit personal. KCCO from my COCK

    • TheDoctor

      #5 Why I hate soccer

    • hpph00

      At least he knows he's a loser…

  • zoltan

    #31 Marry Me?


    #49 Marry Me?

    • Dave

      Hell no

  • Tyler


    • foul83

      Ha ha. Right in the schnoz.

      • Anonymous

        Home alone 2, nice

    • Slim Jim

      what about it?

      • someone

        It's huge.

        • Big D

          Could you imagine that in your ass while she was sucking your balls? Intense!

  • O.o

    #35 I have a sudden surge of blood flowing I need help!

  • Coop

    who is #56??

    • notawittyname

      Trebek: She is the cutest girl of the week and makes me feel almost giddy.

    • Just sayin'


  • Tiber_Septim

    #17 #21 #31 OMG so hot so good

  • grimotr

    #40 people with hiv read these pages – try and be a bit more tactful please

    • ted

      fuck off

      • Jon

        Actually, you fuck off Ted. The message is ignorant and spreads false information. Sex doesn't cause HIV. Unprotected sex puts you at higher risk. Fucking is perfectly fine. Go fuck yourself.

        • FML

          I think yall should go fuck each other, see who comes out the winner!

          • Jon

            After I get done fucking your mother.

        • Dan

          How many uninfected people have you had sex with? That's how many attempted manslaughter charges should be brought against you.

          • Jon

            You're a god damn idiot, Dan. Just a total fucking loser.

        • phoenixv8

          HIV is not once mentioned in that picture and, despite what most people believe is very different from Aids.

          HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that attacks the immune system weakening the ability of the immune system to fight off infection.

          Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is when untreated HIV weakens the immune system enough that an opportunistic infection (OI) takes hold.

          A person can have HIV their entire life, and if medicated properly can live without ever being a sufferer of AIDS.

          If you're going to be a dick on the internet, try picking up a book first

          • tralfaz

            …. and that's one to grow on.

          • Jon

            What makes you a fucking idiot is that you fail to understand the ignorance of the post. The distinction you make is actually correct (HIV/AIDS)…so that's just another level of ignorance of the original post. What' was originally called ignorant was the fact that the person made an assumption that fucking causes AIDS…which in my argument I corrected to HIV. So I was correcting two parts of the picture. Jesus, the level of stupidity to dive through is unbelievable. Also, your assertion that a person can live with suffering is also wrong. You read a book, d-bag.

            • Jon

              *without suffering*. Sorry to confuse those of you with shit for brains.

            • phoenixv8

              I understood the ignorance of the post just fine. Somebody attributed a high level of sex to contracting AIDS. You called them on it, I countered citing the wide spread confusion between the two diseases.

              If you want to get all bent out of shape by a picture you saw on the internet then be my guest, I however am going to step away from the "discussion" as I learned from a young age never to argue with a "fucking idiot" as first they drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

              Good day to you sir, and may I suggest you have a long tall glass of chill the fuck out

              • Jon

                That's actually not what you did, Phoenixv8. But why let facts get in the way!

            • Jay

              You're just plain wrong. Statistics show having multiple sex partners puts you at higher risk of HIV and STD's, plain and simple. Sorry, statistics and science do not lie. Quite trying to split hairs, it is what it is.

    • Paula_

      So do people with no sense of humor.

      – the one you love to hate

      • Jon

        You're the last person that should comment on anything, Paul. You are about as intellectually interesting as a turd.

    • someone

      Fuck off. It's just a photo.

      • Jon

        Fuck off. It's offensive and ignorant.

        • Anonymous

          You're offensive and ignorant

        • Just Sayin'

          Anyone else getting a South park MJ "nooo, that's ignorant" vibe off this guy?

        • lols

          jon has aids

    • Christine

      Defo not a chiveworthy pic to begin with!

      • lols

        christine has aids

    • QwertySauce

      Being offensive is allowed. 'Merica!

    • David

      Anyone remember back in the '80's when people were using the term "Anally Injected Death Syndrome"?

      Kind of sad really.

  • Tim Harrison

    I'm sorry, but does the pretentiousness of the bitches in 13 piss anyone else off? Yeah they are hot but that costume just says to me that I wouldn't want to spend more that 10 minutes with them and then the fact that all 3 of them failed to realize that they misspelled you're on their damn cozy. I just…can't…

    • Tim Harrison

      and of course I misspell than.. good work me.

      • Dave

        Yep, you're still a douchebag


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      [Exclusive 15 PHOTOS]<3 http://thechivefun_com/2012/10/emma-watson-top-10-photos/

      Just Edit url ( _ Com) write ( .Com) Don't miss this


    • thorthechiver

      its halloween might just want to let it go and applaud a semi original costume. beats the shit out of the 9000000 gangnam style dudes roaming the streets this year.

      • jodi

        not original at all, you see them every year.

        • thorthechiver

          once again semi original yes i can promise you someone else has done it but still props for not just being the slutty nurse or the slutty teacher or slutty (insert random job here)

          • David

            Slutty Librarian
            My favorite!!!

    • someone

      And they're really not even that hot.

  • Logic


    Apparently that person doesn't have children.

    • QwertySauce

      I thought you couldn't remember the nights you had plenty of sleep because you were asleep. I never remember things that happen while I'm asleep. Maybe it's just me.

  • BWaecker

    #63 Where are the stairs gong exactly…?

    • Calvin

      The roof!

    • Murph

      they go up.

    • Allen

      Anyone know where this is?

      • Jan

        Cape Town, South Africa. Table Mountain in the background, waddup

        • Angus

          Bang on brother. Camps Bay – gonna be there for sundowners this evening. Here comes the summer

        • YankeeZulu

          That's not Table Mountain. That's The 12 Apostles.

    • Bill

      Camp's Bay. I'll be there in 2 weeks.

  • Tyler

    I wonder if a hot chick is gonna be the top rated comment.

    Not that I'm mad at it or anything….#65

    • Growl

      I really wish there was a version of that picture without the dude.

      • Mooch

        Save photo. Open photo. Crop photo. Save again. FAP.


  • Leo



    #13 God has a weird sense of humor

    • Chris

      And he can't spell

  • Yup!

    #1 I believe I can FLY!

  • jag

    #2 All day long

  • gameoverjc

    #31 is the type you want to take home to mom…

    and then tell your mom she is pregnant.

  • johnnystyle25

    #17 Post shower pictures are pretty awesome.

    • deluna

      My god! She uses Crest Toothpaste!!! I want to use Crest too!

      • What what

        She also uses anal lube

    • Slim Jim

      who is she?

      • rockstar_323

        Ciara Price

    • Chiver_Sammy

      During aint so bad either #65.

  • Bro

    #59 thanks for ending my week like that. 'preciate it.

  • Dave

    FYI, the girl in the right in #11 was tragically taken by Hurricane Sandy…….We'll miss you, Jesse ;'-(

    • Tragic

      So the space shuttle didnt work?

      • Anonymous

        Terrible joke, if this is true it is beyond sad, KCCO family and friends of everyone affected by that bitch sandy

        • John

          Because they had so little warning a super storm was coming. . .

          • Anonymous

            Warn them all you want, people still lost their homes and businesses even if they did evacuate.

  • Dave

    Also………FIRST BITCHES!~!!!!!!!!!

    • hpph00

      Npt even close baby.

      • thatGuy

        As a small child Dave was always late to the party. He never seemed to recover.

      • Dave

        I like it when u call me baby

  • mike

    #42 #46 #49 lets just say yum yum and yummy

    • lizzy

      #46 looks really anorexic.

      • its_forge

        There is such a vast world of difference between slim and anorexic.

  • eric

    #31 and #59. Good God almighty.

  • Nicker

    I love lamp

  • Hanson

    MOAR OF #31 !!!!!!!!!

    • hello google

      Thats what internet searches are for
      Ashley greene

    • Mark

      Ashley greene?

  • Look closely

    #13 You're

    • Dale

      I don't get it. There's no you're/your in to men from god.

      • Anonymous

        On the cup cozy things

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