Chiver builds insane TMNT costume piece-by-piece (43 Photos)

I was just told that the genius behind the costume was Derick Winsett. Congrats to you Derick, you are a badass.

Via Therpf

  • kcford

    Mother of God….how on earth did he find time for his girlfriend? ….oh, wait…nevermind.

    • TMNT

      Who needs a girlfriend when you are busy kicking Shredder's Ass and hanging out with mutant rats doing martial arts? RIDDLE ME THAT!

      • wow


      • kcford

        he needs an April O'Neil. Red heads make the world go round.

      • BigWolf

        What?! No pizza?!

    • Matt

      Don't think his wife would appreciate him having a girlfriend. Selfish woman.
      (scroll down a bit)

      • kcford

        wait….you're telling me he has a hot wife who supports him, a super nintendo, AND a TMNT costume?

        I've done NOTHING with my life…I envy this man.

        • Hara

          Chicks like guys who are interesting. If you aren't actually doing stuff, guess what? That's not you.
          The awesomest chicks like guys who do stuff.

          • Mind=Blown

            You don't say?

          • Daniel Tosh

            girls only want guys with great skills like nunchucks skills, bow hunting skill.

            • NDyn

              TMNT Costume building skills

    • Shawny

      He would've had a whole gang of girlfriends if he went as Leonardo

  • Rick McStick

    Wise man say forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.

    • eatsleepnexercise

      right on!

  • pedroanumber


    • TheBAMFinater

      You rang?

  • jbcrazylife

    Totally Awesome!!!

  • April C

    That's freaking awesome!!!!

  • Jason

    Why did he make a sai when he was making a Mikey costume?

    • Observationalist

      Guess he just changed his mind towards the end. He could just repaint the mask and do a Raphael whenever he wants.

    • matt

      He plans/planned on doing all four eventually.

      • Blake


  • ColoForDAYS

    I hope this guy got free drinks all night

    • Chiver

      How would he drink though in this suit? Also raises the question of how would he go to the bathroom in this.

    • turd ferguson

      how is he going to drink those free drinks… there's a serious design flaw here.

      • Johnson

        Man, I can't even tell how he breathes…or where where the sweat goes.

  • Bryan Vickers

    make jokes about not getting laid because someone accomplished something amazing and you didn't. Your worse than paula. just say first next time. You'll look like less of a douche.

    • kcford

      I don't see a single comment about him not getting laid. let alone anything that constitutes someone being compared to paula. kcco

    • MonkeyMadness


    • Endo

      Use "you're" next time when you're putting someone in his place. You'll look like less of a douche.

      • rawsker

        Seriously correcting someones spelling or speech is douche worthy …ur a tool

        • anomicbomb


          • ChiverLance


    • adMANistrator

      Great job on the suit Bryan.

    • Paula_


      Kudos on the suit Bryan, for realsies!

      – Fan testimonial: "you know why I love Paula? because every time someone tries to burn her with some stupid joke she makes them look like an ass, you'd think they'd learn. She is more clever and funnier than 90% of the ppl on here. – CanadianMedic"

  • MonkeyMadness

    Only that level of awesomeness can come from Oklahoma! 😀

    • KiamichiBigfoot

      Hell yeah, Thunder up!

  • Paul.C

    I would of gave myself a bigger cock than that!! #35

    • Bett

      *Would have given
      * Would've given

      Come on, people! ENGLISH!

    • Legion

      It's a turtle… it's retractable.

    • MoMeRob

      It's not a dick. It's the codpiece and the thumb from his hand/claw/whatever. I thought that too.

  • Zack

    WOW that is TOTALLY kick-ass. KOWABUNGA DUDE!!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #12 What was he making the sai for? Is he planning on doing the other 3 turtles?

    • Jimmy

      You know you are a virgin when…..

    • bigcityreem

      If you think about it, all he needs to do is repaint the ninja headband red and he's Raphael. Or, maybe he plans to make three more heads.

      • matt

        If you go to the link posted above, it's mentioned that it it/was planned to do heads for all four turtles

      • MonkeyMadness

        True, but I was just curious why he made a sai and then went with the nunchakus. Maybe he changed his mind.
        And about the virgin comment, I had to look it up to see which turtle had what color and what weapon. 😛

        • Miss Melanie

          I'm a girl even I know what color and weapon is appropriate for each turtle lol. I also have all the games for the original nintendo 🙂

          • just a little

            I love you.

        • Umbra Fractus

          I gave you a thumbs up just for spelling "Nunchaku" right. They're not f*cking "Numchuks" or whatever.

        • Lawrence

          If you read the entire post (pretty long, but its Friday and work is slow) he mentioned that he molded the sai as more of a practice run in order to get a good sense of the depth/size of the weapons. He was doing Michelangelo all along. Freaking amazing; almost took this kid a year to build….

    • TheSimonizer

      doing the other 3 turtles? you mean buy a purple, blue and red bandana? because that's all he need.

      change the orange for red riddon, and use the sai. done.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Weird. Double post.

  • zombinja

    Thats fucking amazing, shut up and take my money!

  • 617Chiver

    You just made 12 year old me so fucking jealous it's not even funny. #40

  • MonkeyMadness

    #19 I'd love to see his Iron Man costume also.

    • 1cpp

      1 comment per page. don't be a douche

  • At_ur_moms_house

    Totally radical dude! Mikey was always my favorite. Now, he just needs a kick ass van….

  • Hmmm

    Makes me wonder if the last "finished" pictures are actually of the costume. There is really no background or anything. Kinda disappointed…

    • Reckless

      look at the second to last picture. He hung a backdrop up in the house

      • Mattimusprime

        it actually looks like they were professional photos taken. black backdrop. lighting umbrella in the corner of one of them. its obvious he wanted to do quality photo images of his costume after putting so much work and detail into the quality of his costume project… would you cheap out on documenting such a piece of work?

    • Lawrence

      Look at the first post; the link is in there and shows him taking it out on the street and winning a costume contest. Pretty badass…

    • IamAwesome

  • Johnny

    This is so insane. I would pay him some decent money to make one for me.

  • andrew

    how did he drink in that??

    • 617Chiver


  • RazorChiver

    No drinks for that guy, no way he's taking a bathroom break with all that on.

  • Reckless

    That's not a skill you pick up the weekend before Halloween. I have a feeling he makes a nice dollar in the real world. I need to read some books or something

  • bigcityreem

    This guy has skills. I wonder if he's taking orders for next Halloween?

  • Boston Rugger

    This is insane, he is extremely talented.

  • Jana

    McAlisters & Hobby Lobby? He's got to be from around Missouri or Arkansas!

    • HatBomb


    • Quik04

      McAlisters & Hobby Lobby are in a lot of other southern states. Keep up the detective work!

    • MonkeyMadness

      Yep, more like Oklahoma. He has a Thunder NBA 2012 Finals t-shirt on. There are Hobby Lobbys and McAlisters everywhere around here.

  • southernbelle22

    This is why I love Chivers. Hot, funny, and creative. Boom.

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