Chiver builds insane TMNT costume piece-by-piece (43 Photos)

I was just told that the genius behind the costume was Derick Winsett. Congrats to you Derick, you are a badass.

Via Therpf

  • scott

    Good Shit man….great work

  • Dan

    His finger look liked like a penis in #35.

  • Coop

    OMG…SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! where do i send it!

  • @chive_crazy

    Well done sir. Well done indeed

  • I Eats Bacon

    Hollywood is calling

  • Ugo

    Totally awesome! And very talented. I bet the artist know those like John Chamber and Stan Winston…

  • ShaggleROC

    Come on, dude. You can't be that awesome AND have abs. Not fair.

  • chiver

    I'm thinking he'd sweat like a pig in that thing

  • Firebird09

    This is absolutely amazing! Very well done!!

  • adonisallan

    That was Cowabunga, dude!

  • organix85

    Wow! Amazing work… if this guy doesn't already have a job doing something in this field, he should have one shortly.

    • MonkeyMadness

      He's not much of an improv actor. lol

  • Andy Valentine

    #22 – Dude, what the fuck happened to your toes?

  • ryan

    Bad ass I want one

  • Im an asshat

    That's crazy, that dude came to our neighborhood Halloween party, and I thought it was just some rich guy who bought a costume, man I misjudged that guy.

  • OK1
  • Jonathan Collins


  • Dale

    He is from Dale, OK! So cool!

  • Cooper

    It must be so fucking hot inside that suit

  • voonoo

    cant even imagine how hot that was and only one question…. what did you do when you had to piss?

  • Schm0ss

    But will it blend?

  • pepito115

    Cowabunga! That is one fleeping dope costume.

  • tophernator


  • Ray

    I would really like to see a video of this guy wearing the suite. Is that the model he replicated or him wearing the suite because it looks like he never allowed himself vision. (those aren't human eyes) 😛

    • bipolargnomes

      eyes are under neath the headband

  • Peter Des

    Was NOT expecting him to be hot!

    -a gay chiver

  • Jonathan Searer

    thats fantastic

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