Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • laura

    #13 these boots were NOT made for walking.

    • its_forge

      Pretty sure they're *only* made for keeping on your feet while someone bangs you so hard you both go braindead.

  • Longo


    • TebowsLoveChild

      AWESOME, WAIT WE CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS??? PROCLAIM BEING FIRST TO COMMENT ON A POST.. Fuck me right? My life has meant nothing until this moment.

      • joe shabadoo

        someone always takes the bait, lol

    • guest


  • PiratesFan

    #6 So many people, so few souls.

    • Chain Wallet

      would still bang

    • lol

      holy shit are they doing a real life version of that one southpark episode or what?

    • Mhens83

      It's "Redhead Day" in Breda, the Netherlands (every year!) this photo is from September 2012…

    • Josephanthony

      Held a rally for 10,00 people – and not a soul turned-up.

    • Irish-Man

      Love reds. Prefer girls though. LOL.

  • Moms

    Forty fifth fuckos!

  • Firstfag

    I'm not the first fag? Poo

    • Canadastani

      No. But you are a classless, ignorant loser who does not deserve the glory that is Chive.

    • MylesofStyles

      Nope. You're just a regular fag.

  • KiamichiBigfoot

    If they aren't Chivers, than they should be.

    KCCO East Coast.

    • Grammar Nazi N

      It's then, not than :).

      • ToughenUP

        OMG, Faith in Humanity Restored, lol, whatever. , Fucking New Yorkers. 3 days without their cell phones and their fucking stroking out. I saw a picture of mother fuckers dumpster diving after two days. I understand there are people that need help over there, but come on chive. I get what you're trying to say, the little acts of kindness matter. But come on.

        • _DoC_

          Seriously dude? Without phones, what the fuck do you expect people to do while taking a shit?

          • spicey

            well if it was new orleans the blacks would be looting everything after two days…oh wait they did that 7yrs ago

            • _DoC_


        • aaa

          You do realize that cell phones are still used as a means of contacting people via phone calls right? I'm no where near a natural disaster and if I don't answer my phone when my mom/family calls they think I'm in a ditch somewhere or in a hospital. So put yourself in their position, frantically trying to know if their families are safe.

    • Orukal

      Some may think, WTF, but sometimes it's those little things that can mean so much and end up being so important. Cheers to whoever left that out for realizing that it's not how much you give, but what.

  • hater

    #18. I've got to ask you about the "Penis Mightier," Trebek.

    • Sean C
    • SeanConnery

      Shuck it long, and shuck it hawd.

      • S.C.

        "I'll take the rapists for $400, Trebek"

    • Nick Cage

      Wait, wait, are you selling penis mightiers?

    • Bryan

      I don't care what they're called man you're sitting on a gold mine!

  • JJJ

    #28 – There's always money in the banana stand…

    • nevernude

      Arrested Development FTW!

  • myself

    #23 Cookie Monster knows how to get down.

    #13 Seriously, how would she walk in those things?

    • ImpressMe

      Those aren't for walking.

    • TacoCorp.

      Might be why she's holding on to the railing…

  • PiratesFan

    #13 Getting her undressed would be like hour long foreplay. I'm not saying I wouldn't enjoy it, though.

    • goatpunch

      needs some sort of break away flap so there's no need. That is my hope

    • chive is my drug

      How the hell can she walk in them shoes?

    • Mark

      I'm pretty sure Bob is into some sort of weird porn fetish

    • the credible hulk

      just jab her with a pin. the suit will pop like a balloon. problem solved.

  • Tony_zavala84

    #22 is so pathetic in the boobiest of ways!

    • chiver

      never mind, you just lie there, I'll take over the pushups…on top of you

    • Notknowing

      Not pathetic. Fun to watch. Need moar from this beauty.

    • Daniel Tosh

      I watch her videos with mute on, I also do the same thing with that Ashley from hug time.


    #22 Proof that Asians make the best television.

    • thechevron

      is misshannahminx

      she's American and Caucasian.
      but she's a Japanese student hence the writing.

      undousuru = exercise

      • basic

        and hot….

    • chopper

      I just "undousuru'd" in my pants.

  • Still_Counts

    #6 Never thought soul-searching is going to be this hard

    • adamh36

      That…. Is … F**kin' …. Funny!! Thank you for that!!


      I would bet Bob creamed his pants when he saw this.

    • TacoCorp.

      Now that's funny.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andersonjnj Nicole Anderson

    I'll take anal bum cover for 200

    • kevo

      I'm sure you would….

  • http://www.facebook.com/Betz.23 Brandon Betz


    • parkatola

      Took me a second. I wish I had more thumbs up to give.

      KCCO and enjoy the weekend.

  • Lisa

    #29 Still one of my favorite movies ever. Excellent job on the whole costume. Thanks. 😉

    • nice guy eddie

      Every dog should be named Falcore. And that's all I got to say about that.

    • 6655321


  • Noah

    I don't even need a full DMA I just need #27

  • Large Farva


  • MonkeyMadness

    #8 I see so many pics like this lately, Do trees not have roots anymore?

    • Tiber_Septim

      the ground gets so saturated with water that it can't keep the tree from being blown over at 70 – 80 mph winds

      • Jen

        Stan said something slightly intelligent and not obvious! HOLY SHIT!

    • I think it is

      roots break

    • Nova

      No roots are mainstream.

    • Canadodian reprobate

      Looks like he even had it pinned down pretty good with the fence post.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #29 It's the never ending bike ride.

  • http://twitter.com/saadzaf @saadzaf

    #22 she doesnt look asian. need a better POV #13 I wanna see her in action!

    • PFunk

      #22 is Hannah Minx. She's not Asian.

  • MattKL

    #18 Genius.

    • Jay

      "Your mother, Trebek"

  • Shiftycap1

    I work 3rd shift, alone. The DMA is essentially my DAR, and I need a shirt to show my loyalty.

  • harshwon


    • Notknowing

      I was expecting a S.C.A.B. but he nailed it!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #10 like a Boss!

    • : /

      what kind of boss stan?

    • Jen

      there you go again.

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