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    • ray

      nice, man

  • ray


  • gclark

    Goddamn mother nature is so OP!!!!

  • Zander

    that video kind of sucked

  • maboze1x

    On bikes in hurricane-you must be genius! Real Einstein! Dumb ass….

  • k4nt

    This video shows, bikes are the way to go if nothing else moves anymore. And damn Sandy you are an evil girl :/

  • Chief

    Who's the dumbass that left the Bentley?

    • Otter

      If he can afford to park a Bentley in Manhattan, then he can afford to replace it.

    • smart

      probably behind on payments, nice way to have insurance recoup your losses

  • Rastafella

    Ummmmm i-n-c-i-d-e-n-t….

    just a pet peeve of mine



  • Townes

    Cults song made the video..

  • Cooper

    Thanks for the footage but you guys are morons. That's like taunting death.

    • True

      Not the brightest of ideas, but at least they looked semi-prepared w safety equipment. I'm sure the guy stuck in his car was happy they were around, though.

  • Canucks_Rule

    unreal. only positive vibes for the folks in ny and nj.

  • michael B

    intwrests ing level of water flotage and the guy that owns the Bent ley might want this video… but tracking is tough…cool song neistat

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