Cat Saturday (32 Photos)

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  • Jason Brown

    #2 "grab me a beer, would ya?"

    • AllTaco

      That's the Mac version of a cat if I ever saw one.

    • jacob

      nice job on your chive stuff it is awesome

  • Snoop

    Fuck cats

    • Mitchell Adam Montes

      I agree

      • Okram

        Fuck you too

    • AssClown

      Exactly!! Fuck wet pussies!! #2

    • GUEST

      Don't bring that crap into my internet sanctuary!

    • OzWhistlerianChiver

      fuck you

    • pooty

      I agree. Fuck cats and their hair that gets fucking everywhere. Fuck the fact that they destroy everything in your house including parts of the house itself. Fuck litter boxes. Fuck the fact that cats won't leave you alone. If I don't want you around, go the fuck away. Fuck them trying to trip you everywhere you go, then when you're like "oh shit I'm gonna step on the cat, better move that foot to the left a little" BOOM, they move left just enough to be under your foot. fuck cats.

      • Stephanie Williams

        If you don't like cats don't bitch just don't look at the stuff you exercising your freedom if speech had no point but proving your a idiot who likes to complain please go jack off and cry softly about your life thnx bye

      • dogs suck

        Fuck you and your shit eating dog. someone needs to beat the shit out of u and rape u with a broomstick while i shoot your pitbull in the head


      I want you to take a big step back and literally…..FUCK YOUR OWN FACE!!!

      • ChristophersonofGray

        This is Les Grossman, who is this? "This is FLAMING DRAGON" Oh, ok…Flaming Dragon…Fuck Face…

    • the credible hulk

      They're nice and tight!!

    • ab dirty

      Whoa there kiddos! Lets have a lil kcco..

  • SeattleChiver

    #26 this cat is nuts.

    • PiotrXC

      I would never do that to her.

    • m_ad_04m_ax_

      wonder what she does to this cat when nobody is around beauty doen not equal kindness cat clearly does not trust her lesbehonest.

    • AlaricMorgan

      Actually, that cat should be lord of the universe. Could any other living creature resist a kiss from her? Not me

      • ♥♠♦♣♪

        I love Ariana she's awesome!

    • Kato

      So… who's the bird? She looks familiar.

      • Donkey Punch

        Ariana Grande.

    • Happy

      This cat knows shes got the herp-alerps on them lips

    • urgh

      That's probably the first time that she has ever been turned down. I, for one, respect that cat.

    • Legion

      I think this was the day he lost his nuts.

  • Dominic Matteo

    #5 kitty fury

    • nickb

      I think you mean "Nick Furry"

  • Alixx

    Chive on! Love cat Saturday. Meeow

  • yourmom


  • themisschelsea

    cats love halloween #4 #5 #6 #11 #12

  • Kodos

    MEOW dat ass!

    • Kiki

      Nailed it

  • goober

    Dat Ass!!!

  • Booblvr4life

    I like boobs.

  • C4UST1C


  • Justin Lentz

    #20 such a lucky cat

    • SmokeyTheBear

      World's best pillows, ever.

  • Dominic Matteo

    #8 kitty fury

  • DickFister

    When I die, I want to come back as your cat

  • Vinny

    #20….. Makes me love cars even more!

  • Marky

    # 11
    Catasaurus Rex.. Pusasaurus Rex? .. No Fluffasaurus Rex!!

  • Eddie Federico

    #32 welcome to the Faulkner residence

  • Mari

    #13 I don't. I never put my face under the spray, I hate the feel, just like I hate rain on my face.

    • Jean K. Jean

      That's weird. You're weird.

    • TheRealLomo

      I had a goldfish when I was a kid. I'm sorry. I just thought we were sharing pointless stories.

      • redwino

        Mr. Luther King had a dream. Dreams are where Elmo and Toy Story had a party, and I went there. Yay, my turn is over

  • Kodos

    Because I get funny looks when I lick myself in public.

  • Rob

    As always Mac, great work!

  • Dmx12

    Every cat Saturday I look forward to dog Monday!

  • dude

    fuck cats! evil little shits!!

  • Chris C.

    I think I watched #17 too many times, hilarious!

  • Extroidn8

    Another reason to be jealous of a cat … Incrediboobs! #20

  • TheSarMedic

    #22 You are beautiful!! (and i like your cat!)

    • Machew

      I'm allergic to cats but you are definitely beautiful

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