Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • Davey


    I like you and I'm glad you recovered. But just to clarify – you broke your everything climbing a church?

    • tbone

      need those fancy bones names translated to english..

      • AllTacoMD

        Essentially, she broke her butt. The rami are regions of the pubic bone and the sacrum is the lower part of the spine, proximal to the coccyx (tail bone) -Med student

        • ps86

          what he said ^

        • Livin' Legend

          So… she broke her cockyx? *Uncle Rico voice*

        • Burrito-tim

          You can't do a cannon-ball off of a CHURCH! Everybody knows that. – Deducer-of-deducements

          • Chiving Dutchman

            Try explaining that to Altaïr.

    • Whoops!

      Sooner or later God will strike you down…..

    • spike

      somebody should tell her they have doors.

      And they are usually on ground level.

    • Sven

      She's an Assassin!!!
      Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted

      • http://twitter.com/mation Subject 16

        Animus desynchronized

      • Deep Dish

        She should've aimed for the hay bale.

    • Jimmy

      Congrats on healing up nicely! The top pic looks like you have a huge boner.

      • Craigery

        If you think that looks like a boner, that says more about you than it does about her.

      • Samantha

        To anyone who is interested, that 'boner', is an external fixator. Which held my pelvis together for 9 weeks 😉

        • Spike

          You are one tough hottie. Kudos to you. That makes you appealing on many levels.

          • mikey

            she's also a fuckin idiot

        • assman

          I want to climb on top of you and then disappoint you in about 5 min…and maybe cry a little.

        • john's friend Dave

          Rather look at the B4…you have a skin cancer in the 2nd pic

    • chive is my drug

      So you scaled a church, did all that damage to yourself, and while in the hospital you decided to have a sex change? I'm lost.

    • Los

      Natural selection?

      • mbns

        Exactly. More beauty than brains.

    • kujhawklaw

      Stop climbing stuff. You need to preserve your extreme hotness.

      • allison

        "Extreme" pretty dark in your basement, huh?

    • iain

      How about we stop posting all of our trips to the hospital. What's next, posting pictures of every cocaine nose bleed with captions like this, "This is me after I snorted 2 rails, than one rail, then a Hollywood…"?

      • chive is my drug

        Can you get me some coke?

      • FunKiller

        That's not a bad idea…..

    • Rebecca

      Did you see what GOD JUST DID TO US MAN?!

      • Raul Duke

        God didn't do that, you did. You're a fucking narcotics agent. I knew it

        • elliott

          Its Raol Duke brosef

          • Dale

            No it's not

            • Megadick

              This just in…you're a fucking idiot.

    • zackgonick

      One Halloween I decided to dress up as Jesus. I won $200 in a costume competition and the next night my alternator went out costing me $400. I hope we've both learned a lesson?

    • True Chiver


      • Chris

        That's Anderson Cooper

        • TChrisB

          I see what you did there.

    • Charles Darwin

      Lol what a dumb bitch.

      • Kristen


    • http://twitter.com/derrillg @derrillg

      No one said "where is your god now?!"

      I am disappoint.

    • brian

      (before pic) Would still do

    • Trevor

      I think she was try to pull an Alex Honnold. Maybe next time take a crash mat or something? (this is all coming from a fellow climber) Maybe you shouldn't do much more buildering.

    • Allen

      Religion kills
      Faith in yourself, Heals!

  • Paulson


    Thanks for the early dar, i needed that

    • :DDD

      Early? they probably didn't change their clocks.

    • OhioChiver

      And consider me perked! 😉 Nice work Chivette.

    • Notknowing

      What a beautiful end to the DAR. Now we need moar of her.

    • aosidnas

      perked up more than my monday

      • aosidnas

        and by that i mean my pepperoni sized nipples

    • Red

      Sweetie, it's not my "monday" that "perked up" looking at you….

    • Nutter

      I am pretty sure this is @violaciousgirl and I am also pretty sure that I am starting to obsess about her.

      Great everything. Keep it up!! I sure will!

  • back2worknow

    Got to love an early DAR on Monday! WIN!

    Oh and #45… <img src="http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c94/fatkid4420/ScreenShot2012-11-05at22142PM.png&quot; >

    • CheckEngineLight

      I thought u said u like it WOOF!

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Living the Dream.
      Hump On, Little Doggy.Hump On

  • dar!!

    #27 wow!!!

    • SmokeyTheBear

      How about you…turn on the light?

    • JohnD

      Now that, THAT is a gap!

    • repoman86

      Yeah…that is one stocked refrigerator.

  • dibdy

    #7 #12 #32 thank you thank you thank you

    • Solitaire

      #12 is just …. damn. not like, damn, i'm upset, but- DAMN, girl, you fine.

      • Bread

        I believe you mean, "Oh my dayum" as in this:

      • Melissa

        Thank you!! 🙂

        • http://www.realsports247.com RealSports247.com

          most girls have abandoned the classic red lipstick look but you rock it to perfection!

          • http://Www.twitter.com/Melissajstl Melissa

            Thanks! It's all about keeping it simple. Bringing it back! Haha

            • Kristen

              No, it's all about you being a whore.

              • Solitaire

                Damn, as in:
                Damn, girl, you're a bitch.

        • Solitaire

          I mean, you're welcome, but have you seen your face? Just pointing out the obvious, girl.

          • http://Www.twitter.com/Melissajstl Melissa


    • http://twitter.com/Mase_in_yo_face @Mase_in_yo_face

      I like her armpit!

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #4 is this not a perfectly reasonable place to park?

    • chopper

      #4 Well there's your problem, right there…

    • Craigery

      Must have been a WOMAN who parked there. RIGHT GUYS???

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Maybe the boulder is a hippy and saw the car getting ready to kill a tree and selflessly tossed itself on it just in time to save it…? No?

  • Smithers25

    #15 I guess you could say they had a …….shitty time!!!


    • NoFunAtParties


  • Jeffrey Lebowski

    #7 Smoking hot.

    • Pete

      Is that a third nipple?

      • 15Weight

        indeed it is, my friend.

        • eeeewww

          That or she was impregnated with a gallbladder stone.

          Either way, gross.

          • Moarpolice

            yeah…less of this.

  • That guy


    • chive is my drug

      You are what #6 is all about

      • Ron Kronston

        Actually, The Chive and it's users are what #6 is all about(yes, that includes me too). Deal with it.

  • A Guy

    #5 Burning Man shouldn't be included in these types of Galleries… sorry.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      But….but there's a sandy butt in the photo.

      • A Guy

        Hehe, yes there is, but you should go there and see the sandy butts yourself. You should go and get your own sandy butt, and maybe you'll make the DAR!

        • Unfkngblvbl

          Nobody wants to see my sandy butt.

          • John

            I DO! I DO!!!

    • Naked chicks FTW

      Burning Man has fire, hot women and beautiful scenery. it IS the DAR.

      • Mitt 4 President

        yep. they both cater to an audience of sexually starved, neck-bearded, moobed man-children.

    • Big Poppa

      goood to meet you I'm Sandie Bunns

  • Yuppp

    #34 damn that looks like a lot of fun.

    • Taco_Depot


    • reclaimer

      is this supposed to be the new planking?

      • SmokeyTheBear

        Dear God I hope so, maybe the underboob will be next…

      • guest

        I don't know about that, but a lot of fun could be had planking between the two cars.

    • Notknowing

      ….and there it is. A blonde looking for her car keys….face down, ass up…

    • Kato

      They are "expressing themselves"

    • SOhioChiver

      #34 WTF

  • brian


    Make it so.

    • Joss

      Buffy sucked

      • Firefighter23

        Your mom sucked

        • Joss

          Nope. I see you didn't disagree with me. Because Buffy sucked.

    • steve

      If Josh directs the next star wars, who will direct the next avengers. Let the man do one thing at a time.


      The dude wrote episodes for roseanne, he must be legit!

      • Notknowing

        That is useless information I didn't need to know.

    • its_forge

      And while we're at it can we have him beat up Abrams and make the next Star Trek too?

      • Kristen

        Fridge, you're a cunt. If I cared about you, I'd hate you.

      • its_forget

        Seriously do you really think anyone on this extremely laid-back slacker site, either the admins or the fans, really gives a fuck what you think?

        • Everyone who matters

          I sure as fuck don't.

    • Guest

      I don't remember signing that and I'd hope that any Star Wars fan wouldn't sign that either!
      Buffy, angel, dollhouse and the avengers…great track record….

      • zjh

        One word: Firefly.

    • The Rolling Stones

      Dear Internet,

      You can't always get what you want. Faggots.

      The Rolling Stones.

      • what

        but you can get what you need?

      • hugh.m@rshall.us

        I never knew the Rolling Stones were homophobes. Awesome!

    • grumpy

      Two Joss Whedon references in one DAR! (#43 and #19) – Awesome! (My 9-y.o. was Dr. horrible for Halloween)
      And Buffy was cool, after the first two seasons. And Firefly ROCKED. And Dollhouse was better than it gets credit for.
      But I have to say, I'd still go for Chris Nolan to do Star Wars rather than Whedon. In this case it would just work better.

    • Kato

      Yes please!

    • Anaughtybear

      How about a Chive meet-up where we play the song from the end of return of the Jedi while a monster bonfire incinerates every copy of the prequels we can find?

    • James Mac

      Really, I'd kind of like to see Kevin Smith do it.

    • Kelly

      I couldnt agree more!! Bring on the Joss!


    #21 MOARRR… Now time to KCCO

    • Kristen

      WHORRRRRE!!!!…KKCO mix it up and you get COCK.

    • SOhioChiver

      you are very cute and have great personalities #21

  • Lolzor

    #14 Some say he's really desperate!

    • Craigery

      Not desperate, just ronery.

      • Jebus

        He so horny – he ruv you wrong time!

        • Dar

          He would do you Gangnam Style.

    • weaksauce

      But he live in korea!

    • Lulzor

      nah. he's really just a Chiver.

    • indominableman

      Other than living in Korea, this could be me. Except I didn't have the balls to post what I wanted.

    • John

      I would say he's just being honest.

  • Aang

    Very sad that the middle picture in #7 was cut off where it was. WAnted some gap or a smile there. Nice nevertheless. #16 mmmmmmmm.

    and then #39, goodbye awkward work boner. (Also, laughed too hard at that.)

    • PiratesFan

      That was Rikishi's finishing move!

  • Yerp

    #40 let's not, I fuckin hate doing laundry.

    • COCO

      Get a woman

      • Yerp

        I have a wife. She's always too busy in the kitchen though.

        • Yerp's Brother

          Sorry, Bro. I'll have her back to you before she can swallow.

        • Kristen


    • Hrdwood

      Get creative. White paint over the last word would make that room a lot more fun…

  • N2MotoX

    #18 That's a smart phone! I could never get that close to get that shot!

    • SOhioChiver

      Thank you #18

  • brian


    Pretty much sums it all up.

    • SOhioChiver

      Doesn't matter where you are from, welcome to the club bro!

  • GeorgiaChiver

    #15 "I though you said you'd done this before, dude!?"

    And #32 Damn

    • theAJ

      best blimp prank ever

      • NoFunAtParties


  • Trevor

    #26 that's the most awesome thing i have ever seen!

    • Poortrevor

      Well then you should get out more.

      • Trevor

        i can't, i'm a chiver. the sun blisters my man-tittes.

        • SmokeyTheBear

          There's no shame

  • Aaron

    #45 That dog has balls bigger than most men

    • Firefighter23

      What, you never fucked a tiger? You some kind of pussy, bro? Man up and fuck a tiger! DO IT NOW!

    • chunks

      that dog is fucking pussy

      • chunks

        i can't wait to touch boobies for realsies. high school is gonna be awesome

    • SOhioChiver

      #45 …and the dog says "challenge accepted "

  • Womb_Raider

    #18.It's become a much better day thanks to you.

    • OhioChiver

      Extra points for the neat and tidy room. Hey, some gals think OCD is sexy too . :p

  • baddbuzz

    #22 I need to get bumper stickers

    • socket2me

      yeah since when are girls getting hot and bothered about a chive sticker and an opened window ?

    • Truth Hurts

      I'm calling bullshit.

      First, chicks don't buy drinks- it's the other way around.

      Second, being a "chiver" makes someone "awesome" enough to get unsolicited donations to buy booze?

      Give me fucking break. These phony "I found these on my car" are as fake as "fwd this to everyone you know and fill-in-the-blank"


  • Lisa

    #20 is just evil…lol

    • COCO

      What is evil about this unless you do not have a life

      • tv_paul

        As long as it's just there hands that they're rubbing.

    • thatgirldownsouth

      what kind of lube lasts an hour. i need me some of this.

      • The New Yorker

        i agree. you southern girls get drier than a bucket of sand.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Norte85 Josh North


      I once lived in a barracks with several guys who were very open about their personal habits and kept a communal bottle of lube on a shelf. One day a sergeant came in, saw the bottle, and gave himself a squirt saying, "Oh, good, sanitizer." He rubbed his hands together for a few minutes before realizing something was wrong.


    • It was...

      …diggin' into Shantaram yet? Kid holdin' up?

      • Lisa

        1 1/2 chapters in. Kid is okay today. She's going to vote for the first time in her life. #proudmom

  • Bone feeder

    #35, Ain't no thing like gettin "Roadhead"

    • NorCal420

      Try to be a better man and let her drive while you dive. The grapevine has never been the same

    • Guest

      I'd agree, with the exception that he's a db for driving with headphones on.

      Oh, and he looks like a dork as well, but that's another issue.

    • Craigery

      How about "not risking the lives of everyone else on the road by having your herpes-infected sister go down on your wart-covered dong while driving"? That's pretty cool, too.

      • Sausage

        but having your herpes infected sister go down on your wart-covered dong is the most chive-like thing anyone can do. chive on from a fellow wart-hog!

      • Kristen

        I'm against domestication, in all its' form…but I want to marry you.

    • MMK

      "Keep looking, babe. You'll find it eventually." -Caption

    • moose_nutz

      Gotta love gettin roadhead!

      • Kristen

        Nobody has ever sucker your cock…on the road, or elsewhere,

        • moose_nutz

          Hahahahahaha! Dumbass.

          • Kristen

            Hahahahahaha! Virgin.

            • moose_nutz

              Eat a bag of hairy, aids filled dicks you silly little troll.

              • John Says...

                *yawn* That was the best you could do? *Cue the mom jokes*

    • OH SHI-

      As awesome as it is, that shit is dangerous. Lost a close friend and his GF in college to an accident caused by roadhead.

      • Dale

        Did she bite his pecker off like in World according to Garp?

        • OH SHI-

          Nice reference, but not that I know of. Approaching a curve, the car drifted off the road, slamming head on into the beginning of a roadside barrier. That was back in the day before airbags and neither were wearing seatbelts, according to the newspaper. He died on the scene, she lingered for a while in the ICU.

          Ashamed to admit it, but even after losing such a close friend, I was still too weak to turn down roadhead on more than one occasion afterwards. The little head wants what the little head wants, especially after a couple drinks with a hottie in the passenger seat offering.

          • Bone feeder

            Ummm,this is brilliant.

            • Stick

              No, that's fucking awful. You're fucking DRIVING after DRINKING and getting road head?
              Just run someone over sober, it's the same thing.

              • OH SHI-

                Sounds like he liked the hindsight/introspection part and not the dangerous youthful indiscretion to me .

      • Charles Darwin

        LOL! Good. Natural-selection at it's finest. Dumbasses.

        • OH SHI-

          Don't be a dick.

    • imyourhuckleberry

      he looks like a tool and her body(from what i can see) looks smokin. if theres any justice, her fave is as busted as his

      • John Says...

        meh. i'd suck his cock and swallow his load.

        • Bone feeder

          One must not accelerate on the gas as they are about to let go..That is the challenge…

        • Tiber_Septim

          Leave some for me.

    • Zuke

      I know one thing better than gettin "Roadhead" (is the capitalization necessary?)…not looking like a bald rat with greasy hair and the inability to grow any sort of scruff without looking like a sexual predator, and I don't mean a naked guy who can shoot lasers and turn invisible.

      Also, not fucking crashing my car and getting horribly disfigured, then trying to make up excuses for my family as to what happened when it becomes clear to the doctors that the young lady in question was not in a seated position before the impact. "No you guys, I uh…I dropped something an uh…she was um, she was down there trying to pick it up for me cause I…I was trying to avoid taking my eyes of the road because I'm such a careful and responsible driver and everything…". Not to mention that that would be kind of an unpleasant situation; I'd mostly just be tense and afraid I'd spasm and end up swerving and having to step on the breaks, slamming her head into the steering wheel.

      Distracted driving is no good man, and when people end up dying or sustaining permanent injuries because two people decided to fuck around around in a moving vehicle it probably won't seem quite so awesome.

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