I have so many questions (35 Photos)

  • john


    • Mac the intern

      I still love you John xx

  • Yerp

    #14 because it requires more work.

    • misschris

      And they kinda look like penguins

      • chive is my drug

        You mean American's

        • You're retarded.

          Because Americans are the only overweight people in the world?

          • chive is my drug

            Have you seen the NJ mayor.

            • Draiden

              Wow. NJ Governor maybe? NJ is not a town.

        • Craigery

          American's what? Which American?

      • bigcityreem

        They look like deformed penguins.

    • heavyhitter

      they would rip the paper.

    • Kato

      They wouldn't be called stickman then if that's the case.

    • A2_tha_MFK

      The same reason they don't people draw uncircumcised penis's?

      • A2_tha_MFK

        The same reason they don't draw uncircumcised penis's?

  • sean


    Where i grew up there was one called munchkins….. the people where i grew up weren't particularly subtle

    • MylesofStyles

      Where I grew up, we called them "Shorty-McShort-Shorts". All of them. Like it was their name for real. Male or female.

  • Yerp

    #34 every guys dream, holy crappppp

    • El Pato

      moar moar moar moar

    • dave

      But what is the mystery?? Is that the mystery? Why is it in this album??!!???!?

      • msdawg81

        How old they are?

        • HaHa

          who cares!

      • heavyhitter

        Why are they not in my life? A question that deserves answers for sure!

      • Danno

        Why are they wearing clothes?

    • Nixem

      gay guys dream of them?

    • Testing

      Conjoined twins. Mystery solved.

    • Craigery

      I don't think this is Jerry Sandusky's dream.

      • chive is my drug

        Cus there girls.

        • NoodlumNad

          cause their older than 12

    • Ben

      Not EVERY uys dream. I would hate to be their father. WOW are they hot!!

    • Delvin


    • FUPA


  • Yuppp

    #29 menstrel cycle

    • hara

      No, that's when they dance and sing and play banjos. *minstrel

    • http://www.realsports247.com RealSports247.com

      Bingo! ??? is the correct answer

    • Megadick

      *menstrual….sorry I had to.

      • Yuppp

        Don't blame you. Damn auto correct.

  • WileEOne

    #6 I wouldn't touch that… might have germs on it.

    • yourmom

      i see what you did there

  • misschris

    #5 Easy – both! It's a great movie 🙂

    • nvi

      I would say before Christmas but after Halloween.

      • Old Crank

        It's the perfect Thanksgiving movie.

        • Jebus

          No – the last of the Mohicans is the perfect thanks giving movie…

          • Kato

            Are you nuts? Pocahontas is the perfect thanksgiving movie!

  • Anonymous

    #34 There is no question!

  • N2MotoX

    #34 Chive….THERE IS NO QUESTION! I believe I speak for most of the Chivers today!

    • Frost

      The question is who are they?

    • Frost

      Or maybe, which one first? Like the donkey that died between two bales of hay?

    • FUPA

      <14. Still FAP.

    • Kato

      The question is… do they do anal?

  • Jeff

    I'm taking a shit.

    • Yuppp

      Good for you Jeff, good for you..

    • MylesofStyles

      Pics or it didn't happen.

    • chive is my drug

      Pics, or it didn't happen.

      • Yeah

        So close…

        • chive is my drug

          I feel shame. 😦

    • Ryan

      Make sure you wash your hands.

    • Kato

      Nobody gives a shit Jeff.

  • Jobber

    #4 Oreo's what? Stop putting apostrophes where they don't belong.

    • Bob

      Stop trolling the Internet for spelling mistakes

    • Red

      No shit, it’s plural, not possessive.

      Fucking people need to pay attention in class.

    • NorCal420

      took way to fucking long to find this quote and now it is not as funny as it was in my mind originally.

      RIP Mitch!
      "I get the Reese's candy bar, if you read that name Reese's that's an apostrophe s. Reese-apostrophe-s, on the end of that name. That means the candy bar is his, I didn't know that! Next time you're eating a Reese's candy bar and a guy name Reese comes by and says, "Let me have that," you'd better hand it over. "I'm sorry, Reese, I didn't think I'd ever run into you! You're a fuckin' bully, man! Let me at least have a piece!"

    • reclaimer

      this is not english class people, let people be as stupid as they want to be

    • Ashley

      I went to school with this dude 🙂 his name is braden young and went to DSMS and HHS in scottsdale AZ. He's an amazing singer!

  • JimBozo

    #6 great. Now I have to go out and buy this book. Did I live my iron on at home?

    • Spelling Police


    • Professor Squeegee

      Yes, and somebody is crawling in of the window you left open.

  • tv_paul

    #34 Are they conjoined at their bangs or only during them?

    • ttyl hef


    • Duh

      They don't have bangs.

  • ian

    #34 The only question I have for this one is "why am I not between these two?"

    • Nixem

      cause you look like a turtle

  • sapientiamagna

    #20, same thing.

    • whatsegregation

      Not all humans will back unjustified Middle Eastern war as a means to control what another country decides to allow for the civil liberties of their peoples…but a feminist sure will. Not all humans will bitch at work about lack of women equality whilst being payed the exact same as every other employee of the same job title.

      I fully support equality, but feminists…join the new millinia or go eat a dick. This isn't the 70's.

      • cbox73

        Ummm women still get paid about 80 cents to every dollar that males do for working the exact same job. A problem the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act tried to fix until it was voted down in Congress by Republicans. Which is one reason why 'feminists' still bitch about lack of equality. If you truly support equality maybe you should know the actual facts.

        • Whatsegregation

          It's funny you say thats a fact when you state that 80% of all jobs are fashioned in the same manner. Is that so, in all areas; in all countries this is the case? Worked a lot of years beside many a female employee as a tradesmen and in the military (in Canada mind you), and in both accounts this 'fact' of yours is not true. It is up to the owner and proprietor to set the wages…their is no rule or law stating that an employer must pay a limited wage to females. And when you take into account unions and human resource centres close proximity with a companies accounting department, I call pure bullshit on your 80%. Just another archiac gripe of a time past.

          • frankiej

            cbox73 – get a grip. Im an accountant. I want to work for the company that only employs female accountants because they only have to pay them 80 cents on the dollar – thus the organisation will never go out of business. This line of thinking is just complete BS. What organisation says to themselves – hey we have a person that is earning us a heap of money, is incredibly efficient and effective – but they have a vaj – and therefore we should only pay them 80 cents on the dollar and also, not promote them. Christ almighty – wake up and smell the BS. Just because your sociology professor told you something, doesnt make it true.

            • cbox73

              Whoa look at that- facts! Scroll down and you'll see exactly what I said, aptly titled 'Women's % of Men's Earnings'. Shows what I'm saying is true and not BS no matter how much you don't want to hear it. It's getting better with younger age groups but still not there. And it's not saying in every single job- of course employers pay how they see fit. Some are fair, some aren't. And they don't make 'rules' it's just engrained, especially in the older generation, that men work harder and do a better job. Facts say across the very wide board there is still a difference in pay wage. I'm not the one who needs a grip here. But of course I don't expect any of you who feel there is true equality to actually take the time out to look at the link….

              • frankiej

                cbox73, where do you want me to start. lemme break it down for you. Men on the whole work an average of 4 hours a week more than women and women are less than half as likely to work more than 50 hours a week. Men work in more dangerous and dirty positions than women do and they get paid better because of it. You know all those female coal miners and long haul truck drivers you meet?? Also, men risk more in terms of business and finance and are more willing to promote themselves at work. Did you know in Australia (where im from) – small businesses owned and run by women earn less than half than those owned and run by men? Did you know that never married women earn more than never married men? Read some stuff by Dr Warren Farrell (a former board member of the National Organisation for Women) or go to http://www.bankrate.com/brm/news/career/20050307a….

                • cbox73

                  Lemme break it down for you. First, try getting a source that is less than 7 years old and that is essentially focusing how women can make more in general (by taking jobs in more difficult areas like prisons or going for the hard sciences- of which I would know a lot about, my BS is in frickin' Chemistry), not how women are getting paid less to do the exact same job. Lot has changed in those past 7 years, anyway. And look, more research that proves my point with an exact quote- 'But as the scenario above shows, even when women and men are in practically identical situations, their earnings start to diverge just one year out of school. That’s true across most sectors of the economy.'
                  From the article: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-10-25/w
                  You can say what you want and pretend like it's not still happening or that studies don't take into account differences in hours and types of jobs but that doesn't make what you are saying true. And now I've shown you twice with proof from this year that you are wrong. Just plain wrong. If you continue to stick your head in the sand that's fine, there obviously isn't anything I can do to change it and that means I'm done trying. But I hope to God you act like less of a jackass and are more open-minded to any woman you date/marry (if that is your preference).

                  • frankiej

                    ok. so at no point did i say that women aren't paid less. Im saying they are. However unlike yourself cbox, i'm not treating women like children, treating them as if they have no self agency to change their own experiences. Im highlighting the actual reasons as to why they are paid less and what they can do about it, rather than blaming it all on the (ahem) "Patriarchy" and acting as if they can do nothing about it. It comes down to the choices that women are making. You see I actually respect women enough to believe that they aren't helpless little things that have no choice but to allow themselves to get thrown about by the "system". The reason the pay gap has been closing has had much more to do with the (awesome) fact that more and more women are CHOOSING to be the bread winners in the family and the dads are staying at home to look after the kids – and a lot less to do with recent government legislation. And by the way – my female partner earns more than i do – and when we have kids – if she wants to be the breadwinner, I'll be quite happy to stay home and play tiggy with the kids. Lastly, your studies mean less than nothing. There's so much research out there supporting my argument (good to see you've looked into the Dr Farrell stuff) that feminist BS is just looking more and more ridiculous. (And the crazy thing is – i'm left wing and an MRA – who woulda thunk it???)

                    • cbox73

                      Now you are just moving the goalposts of the argument. I stated that women still make about 80 cents to every dollar that men do for the exact same job. That was my original statement. You said that you wanted to work for an accounting firm that only employed women so it could pay them 20 cents less per dollar because the company would never go out of business, etc. etc. And you told me that line of thinking was BS. Sounds like you were being wonderfully sarcastic and saying it's just not true they pay people with 'vajs' less. Then you tried to throw out things about how men work more hours and do harder work. Not the point of my original statement at all because you knew (and admitted in your last point) that my original point was true. So you have nothing to stand on anymore but to say your original argument wasn't 'women don't earn less'. Uh, yeah, it was.
                      And I'm not treating women like children. I'm pissed off that women are still discriminated against in the work place, paid less for the same work and some men are stupid enough to think it still doesn't exist or isn't a problem. And then 'feminists' get ragged on for wanting equality where it clearly doesn't exist. How can you say you support women trying to improve their situation in the workplace and then call it 'feminist BS'. Pure hypocrisy there. And I'm sorry, I don't give two shits about what 'argument' you are talking about finding research for because it has changed three times in the course of three posts here. Mine has been the same throughout- women, on average across the world of employment, earn less than men when working the exact same job. Fact. And it fucking sucks.

                    • frankiej

                      dude im not going to argue with you anymore. If you truly believe that women earn less for doing "the exact same job" then you're a moron and this is confirmed by the logic of your last post. Also, don't look into anything that might challenge your world view dude – its probably a little too scary for you.

                    • cbox73

                      And yet I'm the one who has provided actual evidence to support my position and you haven't. Or, evidence that is more recent than 7 years old. Glad to know that makes me the moron. Or you just can't realize you are wrong when presented with cold hard facts.

                    • whatsegregation

                      You gave two citations, one of which is biased by who they are (check the Catalyst website of who they are) and the other does not address counter opinions…check the comments on the article. You have two options….go to post secondary and learn how to cite, or go out in the real world and see how this bias may be true in certain cases, but as a whole, is total bull. Your position makes no logical sense when taking into account the entirety of the North American work force …but hey, society says its cool to me a feminist and everybody else must therefor be sexists, so who needs logic, right?

        • Tom?

          Yeah? Well, theoretically, if we're both on a Titanic, I have to stay on the sinking ship while you women get the leave with the kids!

  • The Stig

    #1 Is most likely the alarm for a -80 degree (Fahrenheit) freezer. Micro-biology labs use them to store cultures/samples.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      When I hear a bell ring I either have a strange urge to sit in a classroom or run for the doors like a chicken with its head cut off…

    • mrmostlymittens

      I work at a blood bank. We have a bunch of freezers. When an alarm goes off it turns into a game of "which freezer is dying"…

    • Guest

      Wouldn't opening the door to check on it make it worse?

      • mrmostlymittens

        Industrial freezers usually have external temperature gauges…like a digital readout

    • Hez

      We have these on our walk in fridge (4 degree). Its linked to an emergency switch inside the walk in that you can use if you get locked in. They also have an axe in there – but its been made clear that the walk in is more valuable than our lives.

      When ours goes off it usually means one of the undergrads or new grad students was trying to find the light switch inside…

    • Ensign Jensen

      It could be a "trapped in fridge" alarm. Some walk in fridges can open from the inside, even if they're locked (see Short Circuit 2) but have this alarm in case the door becomes blocked

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #15 Kill them with Fire!!!!

    • tv_paul

      Oh, bah ewe.

    • nuff said


    • sixdeadelves

      out side the apple store

  • tv_paul

    #2 How Macabre

    • sfb101

      I don't know, I have the weirdest boner…

    • Hrdwood

      Wells shucks… that's funny cuz it's corny.

      • tv_paul

        Well there is a small kernel of truth to it.

  • BCbeaut

    #23 …I want to comment but there are just no words

    • http://twitter.com/Dishwater @Dishwater

      Kill it with Fire comes to mind. I kid I kid,

    • reclaimer

      looks like Eve fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. and busted up her grill.

    • jt1120

      I beleive the word you were looking for was <hurl>.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #34 Where are their wings, cause clearly they are beautiful angels

    • Capone

      ha. that was very lame, my friend.

    • Llort

      Sweet poetic words have no place in today's society. Shame on you!

      (but seriously, why the hell was he thumbed down for a generally nice comment?)

    • sixdeadelves

      conjoined twins

  • PCHannon

    #5 Gremlins too! (Not Gremlins Two… well, maybe Gremlins Two too…)

    • PCHannon

      I just made myself picture a gremlin in a tutu

      • mike


  • PCHannon

    #34, what's "WTF"?

    • UhHuh

      WTF='what the fuck'

      • PCHannon

        UhHuh.. that's right! I guess what I actually meant is what is WTF about this picture?

        • socket2me

          what what, in the fuck

  • Swank

    #11 Philosophical questions from Fantasy Novel Villains, I'll buy it, also my favorite character from the series.

    • Acula

      I'm glad someone else knows where this is from.

  • ChivetteHeather

    #5 both!

  • kmotamed

    #1… I'm SO curious now!!!

    • Jimmy

      Walt Disney is in room 324.

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