I’m electing FLBP for president in 2012 (53 Photos)

  • AmericoPolk

    #5 please wow MOAR

  • woody

    #24 where can i find the video on gifnet

  • Helmut

    Its too bad on this mechanism they fail to teach women today to apologize for listening to mens compliments the wrong way, they don't instruct them to say, I'm sorry I listened to your compliment about my breasts and cleavage the wrong way, my overreaction was inexcusable, will you forgive me. Thats what millions of women should have been saying throughout the entire world instead of passing judgement.

  • J.C.

    Millions of women who take our compliments out of context are a disgrace. When I look at them all I can tell they are lying to my face. It's too bad none of them learned to be truthful and see the light. Maybe we needed to have an end to this imaginary fight. Tearing us down is not the solution. Your minds filled with more pollution. Look now and hearken. Stop living in evil and your hearts do not darken.

  • Sinner Diablo

    I'm disgusted with women in the U.S. who think they got the right to insult men who compliment their cleavage and bosoms by calling the cops having them wrongfully banned from seeing them at a mall, store, etc. threatening them with the intimidation trespass threat, which is not a promise, it's threatening words. I wish someone would tell Baruch Obama to do away with that deceitful, satanic,diabolical,useless, judgemental law called "sexual harassment". Lets bring our country and world back to God and Jesus who should be the Lord of the U.S.A. not Lucifer and his demons.

  • Len Stewy

    If you women really loved us and would have lived in peace with us, how we said our compliments or even the words we used should be a non-issue, the only thing that shouldd have mattered is that we were trying to say that we love you, which is what we are trying to convey in our compliments when we say you are beautiful, your breasts are pretty, etc. but you listen to the Author of Confusion instead who is planting those seeds of doubt in your heads to question it instead, to question our integrity, thats how the devils works, he kills,robs and destroys. One of the ways he accomplishes this is lies, telling lies about mens compliments and actions.

  • John Robert

    #24 is simply wildly hot. the definition of sexy is this girl. Wow. Well done, Chive.

  • yesPlease

    Yup #37 – still amazing!!

  • http://twitter.com/TheGreenMalice @TheGreenMalice

    #7 Such beauty. Please submit MOAR.

  • Dizzy

    #39 is Jenna Marbles

  • C.S.

    #16 can come kill zombies with me anytime
    #23 awesome. motoboat for days
    #24 perfection

  • Ian

    Hey Chive, has anyone found #10? If not, please do!

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