Oh Sh!t (34 Photos)

  • aaa

    #27 and I thought the last cruise I went on was rough. No thanks.

    • KyleGamgee@yahoo.com


  • Hydelloon

    #26 – Find her

    • LordofEntropy

      Total uncanny resemblance to Amy, whom I knew and worked with for a few years in Montana. Completely looks like her(smile, height, and everything), but I just can't imagine it actually is her, *shrug*.

  • el niño malo

    Oh shit I’ve seen the dudes from #26 at school

  • justme

    #12 Please kiss it and make it better.

  • NitroKa

    #20 typical asshole drivers.. 1. Don't pass multiple cars. 2. Don't interfere with someone passing. 3. i got nothing.

  • Fappy McFapperson

    #2 RIP

  • kmotamed

    #17… screw YOU bike, im going home!

  • http://twitter.com/TXStrat @TXStrat

    Ask the folks in #28 Bastrop, TX how great the FEMA response to the horrific wildfire was.

    • Gradaddy

      Too many take-care-of-yourself kind of folks for FEMA "help"… if you know white I mean

  • Dar

    #18 Dafuq

  • sfb101

    #27 Watch it long enough and you'll start to get queasy.

  • _Bryan_

    #10 The leopard just wants a hug.

    • testudo321

      And a quick snack.

  • Hal

    #4 that moment when you realize all the bench pressing in the world means nothing now…

  • professor


  • Ranger Rick

    #27 OH SHIT!!!

  • Stubbsgirl

    #28, worse fire in US history but in Bastrop, TX we KCCO!

  • professor

    #28 you sure you turned the oven off ?

  • MeisterMon

    #28 I took that photo when I was in college at Chico State!! Aaahhhhhh the memories!

    • MeisterMon

      Opps… I meant I took #26, although I think I'd rather take credit for the other one!

  • erikhart

    #30 R. Kelly's dog?

  • Red

    #23 Quick grab your phone and take a pic!!

  • Tk171

    #5 So funny and yet so wrong. But mainly funny

  • Paul

    #5 was such a cuuute picture…till i saw the sign….

  • steve-O

    that is quite the raspberry you got yourself there!

  • Brooke

    #27 isn't a cruise, it's a study abroad program called Semester at Sea through the University of Virgina. I spent 110 days living on that bad boy. Although, I never had to experience those types of seas. I'm sure they KCCO.

  • Legion

    #2 It wassssssssn't me, I ssssssssssswear.

  • Volo

    Target acquired!

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