Something cool you might not know about Shawshank Redemption (15 Photos)

  • MOAR

    16th Fact — If Shawshank Redemption appears on TNT you will sit down to watch the movie even though you've already seen it 40 times.

    • ScienceLovr

      That is a fact!

    • professor

      yes, yes we will. because we have no idea to this day what those two Italian ladies were singing about. Truth is, I don't want to know. Some things are best left unsaid. I'd like to think they were singing about something so beautiful, it can't be expressed in words, and makes your heart ache because of it.

      • Jacob Hyatt

        who else read that in morgan freeman's voice? lol

    • Sanchez

      I'm the same with Hunt for Red October!

    • SOhioChiver

      and Star Wars, and Indiana Jones, and Conan the Barbarian and…

      • Cornrow Wallace

        Field of Dreams is something I'll always watch when it's on.

    • 29er

      Even if you have the DVD.

      • Steved24

        You're too lazy to put in the DVD, thus you suffer through the commercials every five minutes.

        • BigFatGus

          Even if your Shawshank DVD is already in the player, and the remote is in your hand. You will still watch it with commercials.

    • Lisa

      Legends of the Fall too. Dances With Wolves. Pearl Harbor. Independence Day. Jeremiah Johnson.

      See them on? Couch. Now. Watch.

      • TomWars

        No chick flicks? You shoot guns? Your a chiver? If your a gamer I have dibs.

        • Lisa

          I do like strong films. Most romantic comedies are just too fluffy for me. I also have a deep appreciation for those who are in the military so I like films with an emphasis on war. Yes, I shoot. And yes, I've been a chiver for almost 3 years.

          Sadly, I'm not into video games so if that's what you're talking about, sorry. I work too much to get into something that won't produce something tangible besides a high score. If I had the time though…{sigh}

          Ironically, I spend quite a bit of time here, and I don't have anything to really "show" for it, except for the friends I've made and the smiles I've shared. 🙂

    • Canucks_Rule

      so true. it doesn't get old.

    • Philip

      And it doesn't matter if its 10 minutes in or 60 you'll stop and watch

    • stevedampman

      was thinking the whole time "man, i love when it comes on TNT" hahah

  • ColoForDAYS

    Probably one of the greatest movies of all time.

    • Anon

      Correction…IS the greatest movie of all time!


    #13 so it's Alfonso's step daughter who Freeman is fucking?

    • Dan

      movie is awesome, your arguement is invalid.

    • andapaul

      proven to already be a lie go fuck ur hand

  • Bhodi

    Get busy living, or get busy dying.

    • 1C451

      That's goddamn right…

  • Trav1121

    #14 Me too, Mr. Freeman. One of the best movies ever made. Thanks for this!

    • TCSthesecond

      Fox411: You’ve been in countless huge movies. What are your favorites?
      MF: Working backwards, ‘Invictus,’ ‘Glory,’ ‘Street Smart,’ ‘Lean on Me,’ ‘Driving Miss Daisy.’
      Fox411: You didn’t mention ‘Shawshank Redemption.’ I’m a little hurt.
      MF: I’m sorry, it’s everybody else’s favourite, not necessarily mine.

      • Charles De Mar

        I read that same interview, broke my heart. Apparently, he didn't enjoy filming it one bit and has bad memories of it.

  • nobama 12

    #11 Gotta love the retardedness of liberal groups….

    • ThunderKCCO

      gotta love the retardedness of any extremist group, liberal or conservative.

      • Perkins Maxwell

        amen to that

      • Kodos

        real conservatives aren't extremists… they're just liberal about different things

    • Perkins Maxwell

      WTF does that have to do with liberalism? I'm a diehard liberal, Obama supporter, gay marriage supporter, women's rights supporter, left-wing and reading that item made me want to dine on roasted maggots in front of PETA headquarters.

      Those animal rights idiots are not necessarily liberal. Any more than hunters have to be conservative — many are but others (like myself) are not. The activity (hunting / maggots' rights lol) has nothing to do with politics.

      • m.c.

        totally okay to eat them if you cooked them after they died of natural causes. This also applies to lobsters and grandparents.

        • Great Dane

          It is not OK to feed a crow with maggots that died of natural causes. Maggots do not die of old age – they become flies. There is something wrong with that maggot, and to feed it to a captive crow is cruelty to the crow.

      • Barry

        Vote Romney.

      • guest

        I've never met an animal right activist that wasn't liberal. And I have met plenty hunters who are liberal.

        • Tim

          In Canada, there are not many liberal hunters, based on the fact that the liberal government is the one trying hard to hinder and stop hunters.

      • ghostofmlg

        Animals have exactly one right – the Right to be Delicious!

      • Jawbone

        Thanks for telling all the things that you are. Fucking typical liberal self-promoting douchebag.

    • RomneyRyan2012

      You said it brother. AHA was just on a power trip. It was never about the maggot.

    • Michael

      I'm a liberal, but JESUS…

    • Jr456

      Gotta love people who see the world in black and white: Liberal or Conservative, no in betweens or extremes

      • matt

        you mean idiots?

    • Jaygott87

      PETA= People Eating Tasty Animals

  • swtsxy15

    Shawshank is one of my absolute favorite movies.

  • smith0

    OK, now i really wanna play Theme Hospital

  • koop

    The court room scenes were shot in my home town upper sandusky Ohio. It was the most period correct court housethey could find
    And it still looks the same today.

    • bro

      cool story

    • Dave

      Better than lower Sandusky ba dum tiss

  • Leigh

    #9 how did I not notice this before?

    • adMANistrator

      You were probably distracted by your boobs.

      • Leigh

        Lol hmm I better not lie down while watching movies anymore!


      i love when they put little things like this in movies. things like this make it worth your time to watch it countless times

      • Jawbone

        Hey, realsports; fuck all the way off.

    • Dan

      how could you not notice?

  • tv_paul

    #3 Would have been good if the part of Red was played be either Peter Scolari or Wilson the volleyball.

    • melindu

      The internet has voted no. Sorry Paul.

    • MonkeyMadness

      I don't know why you got so many thumbs down, I lol'd!

      • Donkey Punch

        They obviously didn't get the references. +1 from me tv_paul!

  • gs425

    #11 is the perfect example of why you don't listen to anything liberal wack-jobs say

    • DarwinsFlinch

      If people could find the vocabulary to express their positions without insulting those with whom they disagree, perhaps America could come together start moving forward out of the hateful rift we've created in the last 30 years.

      • The_Dood

        If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have paradise in a few years.
        -Bertrand Russell

        • gs425

          And if I was as big as, run fast as, leap as high as and catch a football like Larry Fitzgerald, I could play in the NFL too.

      • gs425

        I prefer honesty to PC and simplicity to complexity. Thanks anyway.

    • MonkeyMadness

      I've always wondered what the hell they (animal rights activists) would do if they fed a bird live maggots? It's a bird, yes, they eat live bugs!

      • HobokenGuy

        Always seems like a long time to be wondering about that relatively small question.

  • Garret

    #8 When Shawshank premiered on showtime the deleted scenes were shown, they were great.

  • 617Chiver

    I would have suffocated and/or had a heart attack during #15….screw that, no tight tunnels for me.

    • kujhawklaw

      Well, that rules out vaginas.

      • moose_nutz

        Juuuuuuuuust spit out my coffee on that comment!

      • 617Chiver

        hahaha should have seen it coming. Touche sir, touche.

      • Dan

        i have to admit, that was my first thought too.

    • CanucksRule

      my stomach still does a lil summersault during that scene.

  • Rich


    • nice guy Eddie

      SO WAS RED

      • Pit_Boss

        Get busy living, or get busy dying…Thats god damn right!!!

  • Ahmed

    At #3 I was thinking that maybe it would have been an even greater movie if Tom Hanks had been featured, but then at #6 I realized that some things were just meant to be. A great scene that would have never came about had Robbins not been cast.

  • Overkill

    I was one of the 27 people who went to the cinema to see this!

    • Dan

      i saw this on a flight from Australia to England, before it was released on Aussie theatres. Go fugure.

      • Dan


    • red was here.

      and youre the only person on the chive to use the word cinema! kudos to you good sir.

  • AJ5133

    #6 I thought this scene was in the novella? If so, how is that improvised?

    • professor

      i remember it being in "seasons" with "the body" "apt pupil" and "the breathing method"

      • AJ5133

        Sorry, maybe I wrote that poorly. I mean that actual scene was in the Stephen King story (novella) if my memory is correct. I'm not understanding how that was improvised if it was.

        • truth

          Perhaps it wasn't written into the film despite the novella's addition…or Chive's fact checking is still on the fritz.

    • McBeastie666

      I think they are saying that Tim Robbins' acting choices during that scene were improvised….maybe?

      • Brick

        Sometimes i type "novella" just because.

        • Chooch

          Novella is my favorite chocolate spread. Wait, what?

    • Bob

      It didn't say it was improvised, it said it was improved.

      • Iggy Catalpa

        Allow me to clear this one up:

        Yeah a similar scene was in the story, but the part where Andy turned UP the volume, as the warden told him to turn it DOWN was improvised by Tim Robbins.

      • AJ5133

        Ah, yeah, reading is fundamental. My bad. Thanks for the clarification!

  • CallMeMaybe

    Fresh Fish! Fresh Fish!

    • a-nom

      He used the lord's name in vain, I'm tellin' the warden….

    • Dan

      The guy calling fresh fish from the fence when Andy is bussed to the prison is also Alphonse Freeman

  • Capone

    THESE are the people that have made the US a weaker country…….

    • Big Poppa

      i still love u 'Merica

  • Chad-Minnesota

    I've been to Zihuatanejo a dozen times, great place to vacation.

  • Dream_Weaver

    Maggots are people too!

  • Cat Taco

    Vanished like a fart in the wind ?

    • Pit_Boss

      All thats left is some rocks on the sill and that cupcake on the wall. Lets ask her. Hey there sugar briches, did you see where he vanished to last ngiht? This is a conspiracy!!!

  • @HeesesPieces

    Alfonso Freeman (Morgan Freeman's Son) is also the bloke, shouting 'Fresh Fish, Fresh Fish" when Andy Dufresne is entering Shawshank for the first time from the Bus.

  • professor

    crawled through a river of filth and came out clean on the other side

    • gs425

      It appears he crawled through a river a chocolate syrup

      • moose_nutz

        It gives a different twist on the phrase "fudge tunnel".

    • crustybubblechunks

      Why he chose enchilada night I will never know

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