This is hands down the sweetest 3 year old who’s ever been born (Video)

As you may know, every year Jimmy Kimmel likes to do a contest where he asks parents to tell their kids they ate all their Halloween candy and have them film the reaction. This little girl, Madeline, had the best reaction of them all by far. Can I write her in for President? I’m gonna write her in for President.

  • Xena

    faith in the future restored

    • 16inchzipper

      Is that all it took?

      • Guest

        Ha….Yeh I always think that when people write things like that. They must be very weak minded people with a weak resolve where in this instance their faith in humanity I'm guessing has been destroyed, but a little girl that doesn't mind that her candy has been eaten restores their faith.

  • Manny

    i'm ashamed of myself i would have cried and belittle my mom till she buy me more candy

    • Spelling Police

      * " I'm ashamed of myself; I would have belittled my mom until she bought me more candy." * – stay in school.

      • Manny

        good thing your the only one who cared…

        • TexasChivette


  • Matt

    Kids cute, moms a bitch.

    • waryee

      mean joke but she's doing something right for her child to be that kind.

  • @scorpiontx77

    cutest lil girl ever, wish more kids reacted the same way.

  • Bubba

    That's the best kid ever. My heart melted a little.

  • Yup

    This is a cool kid. Mom is not

  • Baylor

    I'm 22 years old and I think this little girl handled herself more maturely than I would have

  • lat297

    Awesome kid – they're definitely doing something right!

  • myself

    That's an incredible well brought up kid. Parents are doing something right there. I know 30 year old people that would have pitched a massive tantrum. Some faith int he next generation is restored.

  • Brian

    That's crazy I'd be mad at my parents if they ate all my Halloween,,,, I'm 28 years old

  • airdance

    And that's how little girls can be big persons ! 😉

  • upandatthem

    Faith in Humanity: RESTORED.

    • Guest

      Comments like this are part of the reason why my "faith in humanity" is lost. I just imagine everyone on the internet are all mindless drones that continually repeat the same mindless things. "MOAR", "Faith in humanity restored", "If you look really closely you'll notice [Insert inane joke here]", "What was this shot with? A potato?", etc….

      • Guest

        It's an idiomatic expression, such as "that's so cool." You don't have to read so far into things. Just enjoy the video.

        • Guest

          "Awesome [Insert topic of conversation] is awesome"

        • upandatthem

          fuck off, retard. It's referring to the fact that unlike all the other spoilt little pricks in these videos, here's a child that's showing understanding and compassion beyond her years. Clearly the parent has done a top notch job at raising their daughter thus far. With all the negative attention on spoilt kids these days, it's nice and refreshing to see something like this.

  • joli013

    Sweet but in the beginning of the compilation-video there's these two girls that are totally awesome too.. almost unable to breathe due to crying but still stating they love their mommy 🙂

    EDIT: Found it:

    • Awsome Jenkins

      also, i think theres a young boy right before this little girl that is also just a bundle of joy and doesnt care that his candy was ate. I think he even tells his mom, "I just want u to be happy" effin breaks my heart.

  • @Jutenza

    awesome kid is awesome…

  • JoeNobody

    I’d fuck the mom sight unseen.. Damn southern accents…

    • TheFatBaker

      Live in the south for awhile. It gets old.

      • Meow Mix

        Northern accents are always attractive either, ass. A little souther drawl is endearing.

  • Splorch

    Wow what an incredibly well adjusted child. Mom and Dad are doing an amazing job with raising her. Not to mention the fact that she is adorable. I have great kids, and they would have been trippin balls if I did that to them.

  • scruffy


  • MITH

    how awesome is she! Mean trick by mom, but that little girl is AWESOME….!

  • Tiber_Septim

    what an incredible little girl, learning to forgive at an early age. priceless

  • WileEOne

    Awesome post… parents are doing a great job. Faith restored.

  • Canucks_Rule

    very well adjusted kid. impressive.

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 ->

  • LCR915

    That video just made my day!

  • iAmHuggies

    I cant jerk off to this…

  • Karl_the_third

    I wonder what her reaction was when she found out all her candy had not been eaten…

  • Mammy

    What an awesome kid! Way to keep calm and chive on. 😀

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