Black is Beautiful (37 Photos)

  • John


    • saint stefano

      Why aren't there more Black is Beautiful threads?

      • James

        I agree there should be more

      • Blah blah

        Because 99% of black girls just aren't good looking (black guys only look at their ass). There shouldn't even BE these threads, just include them in the regular girl posts.

        • Fuhrer D

          99% of white women smell like bologna when dry, and a dog when wet; while looking terrible after 20 (though they never looked good in the first place).

          • Blah Blah

            You only think that because the only white women you've hooked up with are trailer trash or homeless.

            • Fuhrer D

              I've never hooked up with a white women. The ones you pant over in post everyday are the same ones that constantly try and talk to me (only to be turned down), those are my references.

              I even had a white girl confirm the wet dog smell. I was out one night, it was raining, she was running into the bar from out of the rain, I said "be careful, you don't want to fall, its only a little bit of water;" she responded by saying, "yeah, but I don't want to smell like a wet dog."

              • M the Mighty

                You two are idiots. Go back under the douchbag bridge that you crawled out from under and hash out your troll differences in private. Hot women are hot no matter what race. Morons.

                • Blah Blah

                  Hot women ARE hot, but ugly women are still ugly. It isn't trolling if it's private 🙂

              • Tommmyv

                Cool story bro…seems legit!

                • Fuhrer D

                  Is legit, thank, I thought it was pretty cool when she said it as well.

        • Sammykins

          For that first comment, you're an douche. But I'm with you on the just include hot black girls in regular girl posts

    • Romeo

      This trend is a reminder to go vote

  • craigmarchphotography

    #2 is yummy…something about those high waisters always gets me

    • skincolourwhocares

      Absolutely agree. And #10 looks like a sweetheart and #32 is absolutely bangin' and… oh hell, I love 'em all.

    • catfishblackbelt


  • Jmo


  • Guest

    Why aren't there more black Chivers?

    • trolltimeletsdothis

      this is a place where white republicans can laugh at the unfortunate with hollow insults

      • Blah blah

        Don't leave out the white democrats….we laugh the loudest at the unfortunate.

        • Trollollevel2

          well you can think whatever you like, but I think white republicans laugh the evilest

          • Blah blah

            Challenge accepted. I think a evil laugh-off should ensue. I'll start.



            • TrollTrueFormRomney



              • Blah Blah


                • wait

                  i forgot who I'm screaming for ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

                  • Blah Blah

                    Screaming *against* the unfortunate! Nice first attempt, next time with feeling!

                    • Oat Willie

                      In space, no one can hear you scream…

            • 1C451


              • Blah Blah

                Who invited the AFLAC duck?

    • Kenny

      I'm a black Chiver bruv. Snagged a Chive tee and a BFM a few weeks ago. One love!

    • Blah blah

      Because most don't have a white friend to introduce them to it.

      • ftlt

        I found theChive on my own…I still remember the day when I was googling for "demotivational" posters and found this site…and my life changed forever…kcco!

        • Blah Blah

          "Demotivational" poster searching is probably the most respectable way to come across TheChive at random. I was probably searching for tits.

          • Fuhrer D

            (Black buy) Binging "Underboob" brought me here. Was looking for a good underboob picture for my fantasy team.

          • weeeee

            I usually come across mind the gap mondays…

        • weeeee

          Black in need of DEmotivation?? whats this world coming to?

    • Gradaddy

      because most of us are at our JOBS, EARNING paychecks, taking breaks from working to make hardly enough money for ourselves after our tax dollars are taken and spent on those who CAN but WILL NOT work. why work when you're rewarded for not working? black "would-be chivers" are on their free obama-phones creating bookface names like "laquana-yo-mama-shaniqua so-hot-right-now" ugh… ok, off of rant mode and back to work. gotta pay for those 40's my neighbor drinks at 7:45am when i'm walking out the door to my JOB

      • LOL

        yeah i need my house pressure washed thanks redneck

      • Guest

        You sound like a white chic that's trolling

      • bigmoses9

        yeah because thats where every tax dollar goes to, black people drinking 40's. i guess i should think the same about my white neighbors who dont work but have enough to by their meth every week you effing idot. im sure you think obama invented welfare too.

      • @LosSaysSwag

        Try again.

      • George

        your tax money is actually going to support old white people.

    • LCR915

      I'm black. I'm Chive.

    • EazydoesitNYC

      I'm latino and my black friend introduced me to the chive. WORLDSTAR dot COM is more well known then the chive in NYC. Spread the word more. What man doesnt love FLBP or mind the gap. Thats all you can do is pass it on.

    • HamptonsWorld80

      I'd like to think I chive pretty fucking hard!

    • kittnkouture

      Black female Chivette here!

  • jag

    #5 That smile & squishy

    • mr jones

      Totally .. find her!

    • Bouff

      Miss, you should be made aware that you are the HOTNESS!


      Nani kane works at hooters in NYC

    • Deep Dish

      fucking gorgeous smile

  • Euhhh

    #19 without the '70s underwear would be preeeeety hot.

    • Zaedrus

      I'd say "Preeeeety hot" regardless.

    • John td

      I happen to love the undies. I would love to see that hump.

    • Blah blah

      If only she had two arms….

    • Dave

      love the french cut. ya know back when women had hips!

    • brownsugar

      I'm gonna say those are 80s, not 70s. And I think they're perfect for her shape, which is pretty yummy.

    • Swen

      duck face

      • Duck Love

        She's hot dude…go shit in your hat

    • peter

      Unbelievable that this comment got any down votes at all. That underwear is horrific.

      • Orukal

        Really…you're focusing on the wrong things.

    • Euhhh

      Duck face is unfortunate for sure. Would be a different story maybe if she was turned around.

    • Juan

      I love this!!! I need moar!

  • Irish Chive

    #13 Black hair and Blue eyes. Fantastic

    • Romney

      Colored contacts.. Fake like our president.. Funny how the chive thinks that this post will sway people to vote him back in…

      • Hip Hop Anonymous

        WTF Romney!? Go back to your binders full of white women!

      • Guest

        No they're real lmaoo that's Denise Vasi

  • Chiver

    how do you think Tyra Banks made a career…

  • john

    This should be c as lled mixed is beautiful

    • Shaking my head...

      Why am I not surprised that you are unable to type? Not every light skinned black person is mixed. Try to appreciate these women for their beauty rather than their "race recipe", you tool.

      • Chooch

        It was the Chive that separated them, you dope. John is just correcting the label.

  • mr jones

    more #8 & #22 find them

    • Guest

      #22 Christina Santini

  • April Ramirez

    These girls really are stunning but I can't get over the ones with blue eyes O.O

    • JMAKK

      I'm hoping my kid comes out like that, my wife has the brightest blue eyes.. *fingers crossed*

    • Chiver

      Contact lenses

      • Gaubqhh

        It's totally possible that they're real. She can have natural blue eyes if there's Caucasian anywhere in her lineage. Even like a great great great grandmother. The gene for colored eyes can trickle down until it combines with a second colored eye gene, then bam, beautiful girl with beautiful eyes.

        • Nargon

          do you suggest that we can't have beautiful black or well tanned girl without white blood? mind your manners my dear sir, how could you??? it's better if we say that god did it, screw your genetics

          • Gaubqhh

            They aren't *my* genetics. It's just how things work. The post is about black girls. Not well tanned ones. Nor do they need white blood. White is not a race. Caucasian is and it includes all types of "white" people while also including Latin and middle eastern and other cultures. Black is its own race though, I'm not going to look up the proper name to prove you wrong but natural eye color has everything to do with genetics.
            Also I am an 18 year old girl. Not your dear sir.

            • dirtysteve

              Technically, race is a construct, with very poor scientific backup.
              The whole idea of human 'races' is flawed, Caucasian isn't a race, and is a potentially offensive term, and is mostly discontinued, similar to Negroid and Mongoloid.

              The US census, which still uses race classification, can change it's definitions from one census to another.

              • Gaubqhh

                Everything is potentially offensive.

  • Bobby

    #29 Beautiful

  • BigAl


    FLBP and DSL – awesome!

    • J-MizzleYYC

      And she burned it, too. That's a sexy black woman!

    • Dan

      Too bad about her face.

      • Marko

        Don't care, would still add some cream to her coffee

  • Loon

    Good job and this one boys #22

    • John

      Christina Santini

    • Livin' Legend

      …Who you callin' "boy"?

    • jcrew

      …and girls…. 🙂

  • The Bandit

    #2 #20…oh yes! Moar please!

  • SOhioChiver

    #1 #3 #4 #5 #22
    I like these!

    • shane

      #3 is dyl gonzalez. she has and instagram also her twin is pretty hot too 😉

    • @SoCalChiver

      #1 her lips!
      #22 flbp

  • stfu

    …or Naomi Campbell. Idiot.

  • Anonymous


  • Ukulelemike

    #32 This girl is amazing! We need more of her.

    • Tommy

      Isn't that Jessica White? Old SI model.

  • blahblahblah

    Notice how you're getting voted down? Yeah, shutup. The Chive is a place where we can get away from all this political shit. Also notice how the guys who run The Chive don't ever post political statements? Again…shutup.

    • munyshot

      You really think this posting, today, is just a happy coincidence?

  • tpond

    #19 damn she looks good

    • John td

      I concur. Want moar. (hump please?)

    • rick ross

      HUMPPP. Def need a black is beautiful atleast once a week

    • K-Hass

      The name's Starshell, she's a singer

  • yum yum

    omnomnomnomnom… beautiful girls… #28 and #32 are my faves. 🙂 There should be more of these!!!

  • Blowbama

    Go away shitbag.

  • crazydog

    1. There doesn't need to be a separate thread for black women.
    2. Where is the pic of Kerri Washington? She's damned cute.

    • Lev

      Need? No. But by that logic we should get rid of redhead, blonde, brunette, large-chested, and recently single Chivette posts. People are so sensitive about pointing this sort of thing out, when really, women are just fascinating and men like to drool over their commonalities as well as their differences. We don't need threads just called "LOL CHICKS", it's fun to see collections where women are compared, contrasted, and above all celebrated. Keep up the good work, Chive.

      • Blah Blah

        Not true. By nature of cultural sensitivity, making a separate post it condones segregation of black girls. Separate posts for white girls with different colored hair *hardly* compares to racial segregation.

        • @LosSaysSwag

          Chill out. There are never these arguments in the Asian posts.

          • eeee

            thats cause no one cares about them chink eyed hoes

    • Dia

      right because theChive never highlights Asians, Russians, Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads (blondes and redheads primarily white), but no, focus on the black post. never mind the fact at in any of those given albums i listed, you see very few people of color. I understand what you're saying (I feel the same way about BET) but its nice when theChive mixes it up a little bit. But seriously, condoning the segregation of black women? As a black woman, I like to see an album just for us highlighting the beauty of color. But I also like the redheads and Asian albums. But let's just focus on these beautiful women and keep it moving!

  • Vote Master

    #15 #16 #23
    Not sure if Black or Asian…. Blasian?

    • crazydog

      You obviously didnt watch rush hour…that would be called blackanese

    • FunKiller

      #16 is Megan Good….smokin hot, she was on Californication last season.

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