Black is Beautiful (37 Photos)

  • cbad

    Apparently black is beautiful if you're a fucking model. Lmao

  • Jon Johnson

    #5 #10 #29 are gorgeous

  • David

    I don't understand it. Black women are my favorite but I love all women but when I look at all the other beautiful lady posts I don't see demeaning comments….shame on some of the commenters

  • Trinitiger

    Wow…. awesome Post Chive!!! Amazing amount of beauty!
    Please have more of these BIB posts!!
    #29, #35, #31, #22, #8, #4, #2, #3

  • Smilin' in Seattle

    Wow. Ladies- who's in Seattle?

  • Cheryl

    Totally different from back in da day black is beautiful. First of all where is the natural hair ?

  • @ww_tyrell

    Find #30

  • Unite people

    No shit. SO much for freedom of speech huh Chive?

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