Moms that have kept their form in the face of ‘baby’ adversity (30 Photos)

For the record, I’m not saying that women should have to feel pressured into getting back into shape post pregnancy. Rather I just want to commend the efforts of these rare few that have completely rebuilt themselves after the physical battle known as “child birth.” Way to go ladies.


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    • Lucky Lucy


  • Dibbes

    I think its a great achievement to get back into shape like the ladies in this post did.
    I'm still not into the whole 6-pack thing on women though. Prefer a bit more round shapes… something I can hold onto 😉

  • Jarreytt

    Congrats to these ladys for getting there bodies right after having kids, But coming from a guy how was told he had a hot mom all his live I feel the children's pain they will grow up with. Not cool momettes not cool.

  • Jarreytt

    Congrats to these ladys for getting there bodies right after having kids

  • Filbur

    #26 looks more like a meth head than a gym rat

  • Daniel

    These are the real MILF!!!

  • readius

    I see a lot of strippers on here…

  • WestCoastPete

    Are you kidding me?! I'm going home and kicking my wife in the ass!

  • jake

    I feel bad for the kids. Your mom jokes wont even be funny.

  • h8people

    Stop working out and spend some time raising your children!

    • guest

      It IS possible to work out and still be an amazing mom, you know. When the kids go to bed, you work out, not sit on your ass.

      • SarahFx


  • BostonGeorge

    Congratulations to these women they all look great. All you need is a little hard work, those women who get fat and stay fat are just plain lazy. Get off your a$$ and get back in shape.

  • preggolover

    More preggo bellies!!!!

  • ITLStrength

    Some of these chicks are on so much Test and have such low body fat that they couldnt possibly conceive. I call bullshit on this one Chive, sorry.

  • MohawkJon

    I may be the odd man out but these women kinda freak me out.
    I'm worried I'm going to cut myself on them

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