Moms that have kept their form in the face of ‘baby’ adversity (30 Photos)

For the record, I’m not saying that women should have to feel pressured into getting back into shape post pregnancy. Rather I just want to commend the efforts of these rare few that have completely rebuilt themselves after the physical battle known as “child birth.” Way to go ladies.


  • whyme1973

    #1 #3 #12 #15 #25 These get honorable mention, but all you ladies look great! The hard work really paid off for all of you!

    • NorCal420

      those are some BANGING mama bodies! super mad props!

    • goodjobbob.

      bob's disclaimer under title makes him come off super super douchey….just post pics assbag…"rare few"….what an ass.

  • jim thorton

    Great work! healthy moms = healthy kids.

    • Mike Hunt

      = dad wants to bang you still

    • tom foolery

      Some of these ladies look a little to young to be pushing out crotch fruit.

  • Pedros_Rooster

    #3 #9 …for the Win

  • hot chivette

    This is so inspiring! I'm 8 months pregnant and amazed at what a woman's body can endure. People dont realize how challenging it is but these women are great inspirations

    • jim thorton

      send in your before and after pics!

    • Mama

      Hey sister! I'm 8 months pregnant too and have done my best to keep in shape and will continue after the baby too! I LOVE this post

      • Jen

        i have a 9 year old and i am in great shape. YOU CAN DO IT!

  • fucked

    #13 stripper mother, excellent

    • maybe

      she's probably still paying her way through medical school….?

      • Poop Stain

        #4 hope your boy turns out to be as manly as you

      • fucked

        that hadn't dawned on me, good thinking.

        • bin

          wooo. PEELERS.! wonder if her children are aware of their mothers profession?

    • BCbeaut

      I was thinking the same thing..some of these ladies don't look like mom material.
      Not to say that looks can't be deceiving but….y'know

    • Frankie Fangul

      If she has 2 daughters I'm sure they'll appreciate the hand-me-down clothes for their future jobs.

    • _The_Stig_

      Maybe she's just taking a class? Apparently learning how to pole dance is the new "Jazzersize." The local Y even offers a class.

    • Justin

      I am pretty sure among strippers there are a high ratio of mothers.

  • oclvtrek

    This thread gives me hope! Mama and I are having our third on Friday.

    • fucked

      You are having a baby with your mama? Sick.

  • Robert

    Will #3 marry me?

    • #Three


      • lat297

        But #13 will….

    • Isaac

      I don't think any of them are married. No rings I can see.

  • Swizzledick

    Fuck sake #8 is buff

    • Jr456

      The kids' friends probably ask "Is your mommy a monster?!?"

  • Jake

    Show me the ones that had a CSECTION and were able to get their bodies back. My wife is fighting that battle after twins.

    • Krystal

      That's a good point.

      • Yup

        My wife had 2 c-sections and bounced back. It can and has been done.

        • Yeah

          My wife just had her 2nd c section and 11 weeks later we ran a 5k

        • lat297

          you really shouldn't be throwing your wife in the first place…

    • EBB

      It's definitely harder to rebuild your abdominal muscles after a C-section but it's not impossible! She can do it; it'll just take a little more work and dedication! Support her, encourage her, and good luck!!!

    • tiborpickens

      had 2 babes in 2 years 1 c-section and one natural. In better shape after because I am more active. Just a lifestyle change. Plus the stronger you are the more fun roughhousing is!!!

  • Porkins

    Holy F*ck! If I were 17, I'd be this kid's best friend #14

    • Yup

      We need MOAR!!

    • panama99

      If she has a kid that is 4 years old an that is a "recent" photo why is there a crib in the background……my guess is the photo is two years old. She still looks great though.

      Come on haters send me your comments.

    • Frankie Fangul

      I would tongue-punch her asshole.

    • Mikey Mack

      2/10 would not bang

    • Justin

      Ya mama jokes would take on a whole new twist. "Ya mama so hot, I really want to sleep with her. That's not even a joke. She's hot and I want to sleep with her."

  • Joe_Mate

    i feel bad for your son.
    his friends are going to LOVE you.

  • Danielle

    I'm extremely proud of these women because I know how hard it is to lose the weight after a baby, but where are their stretch marks?! I've managed to lose all my pregnancy weight and more and I'm still terrified to wear a bikini because of my horrible marks! What did they do to get rid of them?

    • Hara

      cocoa butte the the whole pregnancy. Once you got em though, you got em. Sorry. 😦

      • Danielle

        You aren't telling me nothing I don't already know. I've got marks that are 10 years old that haven't gone away 🙂

    • guest

      Some women dont get stretch marks!

      • Danielle

        Lucky them 🙂

    • Matt

      Wear your battle scars with pride, they're beautiful and more meaningful than any tattoo.

      • Danielle

        I'm not ashamed of them by any means. I think it's more than a fair trade to have my wonderful son and have to tolerate some stretch marks 🙂

    • JLW

      Photoshopped them out

      • Danielle

        I believe that!

        • jim thorton

          Send in your before and afters as well. Chive can be the judge. I am sure you look great!

          • Danielle

            Definitely not brave enough for that!

    • ebb

      Tanning helps. So does photoshop.

  • jess

    most of these chicks have 6 packs..EW

  • I like sandwiches

    #14 is amazing

    • Baxpin

      All these kids will have Oedipus complexes

  • teslawasrobbed

    Quit trying to guilt me into working out, Chive.

    • Megan

      Tell it, sister!

    • zgl

      ur cute!

    • @gmo47

      Read the mission statement at the top of the scroll. No one is being guilted into working out. If you choose to not work out, thats on you. This post is to celebrate the ladies who have decided to work out and have received great results.


      it's inspiring to some and yet frustrating to others not having as much success. At the end of the day, if you're comfortable with yourself, then you're perfect. Judging by your pic, I'd say you have nothing to worry about. And good luck in Engineering!

  • blue_bronco

    #18 Stripper coke/meth is a wonderful drug

    • Omar

      I dig the naked chic taking the pic in the mirror though

      • Alaska

        glad I'm not the only one that noticed that

        • InLove

          Here, let me take a picture of you pulling that balloon of coke out of your ass!

  • TopDown

    #4 gets my vote just for the workout exercise alone

    • gymrat

      Locking your knee like that is a quick way to blow it out

  • Boobs

    Not so sure some of these "girls" have the lady parts to have children.

    • davo

      you're a dipshit

  • rtwfdsa

    Uhm wheres the proof? and how would you even know how old the kids are….

    • Gah

      You sound like a fun person…

    • mittens

      It's from Russia, and it's on the internet. It has to be true, right?

  • r00s7a

    #20 ka-POW!

  • rtwfdsa

    and #13 looks like a dude. Disgusting remove the used up stripper.

  • Betterblonde

    Yes yes but I'd bet their lady bits aren't nearly as toned… Babies wreck shop down there. Still, very commendable

    • dinnerfat

      that isnt true at all.

    • MILF_Huntar

      You'd be surprised, I've played exclusively with the MILF team for the last 7 years.

      Three Reasons why they WIN:
      1. Can't be tricked by Traps when you get verifiable (kids) proof the lady bits weren't made in China.
      2. Single moms beat fat girls in the sack. Single Moms… they've been thinking up new freaky shit to break out in that lonely bedroom when the lights go low and xhamster/pornotube turns on.
      3. Single moms that workout and look like this are very paranoid about the state of their lady bits. They do kegel exercises almost every waking second.

      That extra toothbrush in the bath tub isn't for brushing teeth. Those stress balls in her room weren't stress balls. That brush with the sticky handle… yeah. Half pickled cucmbers and crushed grapes in the garbage? Yup. They've been up to things.

      • Hara

        "Every girl under 25 needs three beers and a finger before she knows if she wants to sleep with you. Every woman OVER 35 knows NOW."

    • EBB


  • tv_paul

    #14#15 I wish I could make/spell that cartoon sound of amazement followed wolf whistle cause they all deserve it (Especially these two)

    • 29er

      But how many of their children are looking at this and saying, "That's a hot mom!" and in reality, it's their mom?

      • Jen

        im sure lots of "children" look at thechive.

  • William H Goulet Jr

    #13 does your kids care their mom is paying for callage with ones

    • JLW

      Wow! I'm surprised you used the correct "their"

      • socalmarti


    • @oplock


    • Yup

      Maybe your mom should have tried sending you to "callage".

      • Jackie

        Your mom goes to college.

    • Sam Sakura

      Maybe your mom should have been a stripper.

    • Sean1977

      From your spelling, it's obvious you did not attend college. Don't hate on the women because you cannot obtain them.

    • Hugh G. Rection

      Strippers are people too!

  • Entishee

    The number of "your mom's hot" these kids will have to put up with…

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