• imdowngetme

    Dogs are the best!!

  • Cat

    Dogs are awesome.

  • tv_paul

    Smarter than a lot of people and more polite.

  • JSJ

    Smarter than my girlfriend

    • Mike

      that comment was hilarious lol

  • imdowngetme

    Dogs are such amazing animals

  • TM2

    Maybe the dog can be trained to clean the filthy walls and door?

    • knotmee

      I too was thinking through watching this what a dirty shithole he lives in.

  • Swizzledick

    If that dog could make a sandwich, I'd kick my gf to the curb

    • jim thorton

      uh, you can use your gf for other stuff though, don't be too hasty

      • brajette

        Yes, but dogs do love peanut butter…

        • kryvian

          XD well played

  • http://twitter.com/kolby182 @kolby182

    Let's your stupid cats do that, Internet.

    • Internet

      Human, my cats do this for me all the time. BTW.

  • Jim G

    oh yeah?? well my dog can pee and poo on command… just sayin..

  • Jason

    What kind of dog is that?

    • U.B. Hotch

      its a blue heeler…ive owned 3 of them

  • J_Ace

    Makes me wonder what have i been doing with my dog this whole time

  • Cat h8er

    That dude has patience. I was able to train my black lab to fetch a beer can in a koozy out of the fridge door, but all of a sudden she caught on to what we were doing and just stopped progressing. I said fuck it too and started giving her fist fills of training treats for the hell of it, she had a good run.

  • MylesofStyles

    This dog is smarter than half the people I work with. Now if only he could be trained to pinch a loaf on the toilet.

  • skeet

    "Go get me the peanut butter…………good boy"

  • ChivetteKellie

    Damnit, I need a smart dog. I hate my chihuahua.
    Edit- Not really, she's just dumb.

  • bubba

    What kind of dog is this and where can I get one?!

  • Vuutarros

    This is why I prefer dogs. And my roommate can't even figure out how to get his cats to stop pissing on the floor.

  • Lyrex

    So the guy loves his dog and had the patience to train it and obviously made it a rewarding and fun experience for the dog too. Seems like a Win-Win to me.

  • rob

    Dogs are great!

    Taught my Labrador to retrieve beer from the fridge. Only problem, sharp teeth and aluminum don't mix, now he likes beer.

  • thekujo

    i enjoyed that vid, sure miss my dog. all they want too do is please you. dogs rule!!

  • DDD

    Hey! That's how I close the frig door too!

  • true

    Smart dog, but smarter guy … I love his note on the fridge " Stop U.S. aid to Israel " totally agree.

  • Canucks_Rule

    just another reason why dogs rule.

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 -> http://tinyurl.com/9l5xl2r

  • OregonChivette

    That’s awesomeness at its best!

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