User submit: another cute Army gal (5 Photos)

  • Freddy

    Very petty thank you for protecting us!!

  • whyme1973

    #4 #5 Very pretty! Thank you for your service and for submitting pics.

  • MrCCG

    Beautiful and deadly… I'm okay with that. FIND HER!

  • jokerz4fun

    Very beautiful and thank you very much for your service! :*

  • _The_Stig_

    #3 – willing to be she's ROTC. I remember those white cinder block walls from when I lived in on-campus housing as an undergrad.

  • Doc

    i think its called a barracks cuz i live in that shit hole and we have the same white cinder blocks

  • Mattas

    Me Gusta, tu eres muy Hermosa! Thank you for your service!

  • dan

    Thank u for ur service to our country!

  • Jeremy E


  • ILoveGifs

    Mother of God….. Gotta love Amurica!

  • ILoveGifs

    Also, Find her!!

  • Warriorforge2013

    Shes definitely in ROTC, I hope I see her at LDAC…

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  • sam

    name tape on wrong side

    • Turner

      must be a camera effect, they're backwards when read

      • Tex3408

        How bout that she could be looking in a mirror while taking the pic.

  • ZinnNasty

    So HOT… Want to touch the highinie!

  • Baba Booey

    Can you say morale gear?

  • kimohoyo

    Moar and thanks for your service

  • jeffrey

    That is my woman. =] shes all mine fellas sorry haha!

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